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National Gratitude Month & International Men's Day
The month of November is National Gratitude Month and during this time of year, we reflect on what we are thankful for as well as giving back to those in need. As an organization, we embrace gratefulness as a necessary component of our organization and encourage you to let it be a part of your life as well! "...gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder." -G.K. Chesterton

On November 19th, International Men's Day celebrates worldwide the positive value men bring to the world, their families, and communities, highlighting positive role models and raising awareness of men’s well-being.
November 2023 Newsletter
The Gala will include live entertainment by MILLERTIME Band and DJ Dion Da Butcha, a silent auction, dinner, drinks, and the opportunity to learn more about our mission and vision: serving families through parent education, support, and accountability.
Celebrate good times, Come on!
Please join us as we commemorate 5 years and celebrate our founder, Dr. Latina Lightbourne, on achieving her Doctoral Degree in Education.

Purchase an advertisement in our gala program either to congratulate her or for Cleft of the Rock Foundation celebrating 5 years while promoting your business and/or services.
Voices of the Village

Wisdom is defined as the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight. "Voices of the Village" is utilized to showcase wisdom from wise and wonderful parents.

"A liar will become a thief and a thief, a murderer. They all start by lying, so always be honest!" -Maria Hall
I was Raised by the Village
Ryshae Whyms
University of Alabama-Birmingham
Upcoming Events
Rise Up Summit, presented by ISEE Group
November 18th & 19th, 2023
Join Us on Giving Tuesday!
Tuesday November 28th, 2023

What are you doing on Tuesday, November 28? That day is Giving Tuesday—a global day of giving where people all over the world come together to support their favorite nonprofits.

Here's how you can get involved:
• Add Giving Tuesday to your calendar!
• Donate to Cleft of the Rock Foundation

Your kindness and generosity will help us develop our programs and foundation to better support our participants. We're only able to reach our mission and vision because of your kindness and generosity.
Give back on Giving Tuesday!
9-Week Parenting on Purpose Video Series by Dr. Bob Barnes
 We all know that children don’t come with instruction manuals, and with today’s barrage of seemingly opposing information and uncharted societal issues, parenting can seem overwhelming. The 9-week Parenting on Purpose Video Series seeks to help parents make sense of all the information, through proven and practical parenting solutions created by Dr. Bob Barnes. Dr. Barnes has a doctorate in counseling and received his education at Maryville College and Florida Atlantic University and he presents seminars and conferences on Parenting and Marriage throughout North America.

9- Week Video Series

Current Sessions

October 20, 2023, Fridays at 5:30 PM via Zoom
October 24, 2023, Tuesdays at 7:00 PM via Zoom

Upcoming Sessions
January 8th, 2023, Mondays at 7:00 PM via Zoom

See what this recent class had to say about the
Parenting on Purpose Series:

"I didn't think I needed this class as much as I did, but I am grateful that I was asked to join. This has been an eye-opener. I have learned so many things about myself and my parenting skills that need improvement. I am going to continue to implement all that was taught and enforce them in my day-to-day life." -Ashley

"I loved this experience and the conversations we had." -Shalonda

"God bless you all it was a great program, and I appreciate the teachings. Thank you all." -Mr. Pinder
Book of the Month
This book details the writer's personal journey, the pain, anger, hurt, and disappointment felt by growing up fatherless. It is written to help individuals who have experienced the void of absentee fathers and who have been left to deal with the aftermath of insecurities, emotional difficulties, and deep fears of rejection and abandonment. Let us journey together on a path toward discovery, healing, and freedom.
Conversations on Parenting 

If you would be interested in hosting a Conversations on Parenting meeting with a group of your friends and family please reach out to us. We would love to have one of our board members facilitate a meeting and continue to grow the awareness of the importance of parent education.

Upcoming Sessions
November 18th, 2023
December 16th, 2023

Parenting on Purpose
Support Sessions

Cleft of the Rock Foundation, Inc. has officially started our Parenting on Purpose Support Sessions. If you have completed the Parenting on Purpose video series we invite you to participate. We are committed to supporting each family we encounter. We recognize that in these times, as parents, it’s incredibly difficult to plan ahead or fit self-improvement into our already jam-packed schedules. From commutes to our destinations, extra-curricular activities, work and/or overtime, or a million other time-consumers, it can seem impossible to keep your head above water, much less commit to getting somewhere. Even if you will leave that somewhere fulfilled, refreshed, and better equipped to parent deliberately. The good news is, we can schedule time for a Parenting On Purpose Support Session (POPS), led by Brenda Williams, a wise and amazing mother and grandmother who is committed to growing families. Reply to this email to schedule your session today.
Calling All Volunteers
COTR is moving! Move with us!

Cleft of the Rock is looking forward to even greater things in the coming year. We have been able to accomplish a lot over a short five-year period with the help of volunteers just like you! We are moving! Move with us! Helping doesn't have to be complicated. Just use what you know how to do to help. That's called volunteering! We are always in need of new volunteers and would greatly appreciate your time in any way that you can contribute. If you have teenagers and they need hours for school, any time they volunteer with us can count towards their goal.

Volunteer today. Click on the link below to fill out the form, and we will contact you:

Partners in Parent Education Program

The Mission of Cleft of the Rock Foundation is to help abused and abandoned children and struggling families improve their circumstances through education, life coaching, proper shelter, nourishment, and work. Through the Partners in Parent Education Program, you can partner with us to raise awareness of the need for parent education, be able to offer more parent education opportunities to more families, and build communities where families are strong and children are safe through the love and support of deliberate parenting.

We have a Major Gift Society Giving Circle that consists of 5 different levels to meet your budget and your desire to partner. These are yearly amounts that are tax-deductible. The end of the year is near, take this time to make a difference and support Cleft of the Rock Foundation, Inc. to help parents and children!

Please click on the link to join your circle, and become our partner. We are excited about the success we are having so far with the initiatives that we are engaged in, and we welcome your partnership.