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Heading Out

15" x 22" Watercolor & Casein
by Bill Hudson
With custom frame ...... $1,550
Noyo Harbor in Fort Bragg, CA is 130 nautical miles NW of San Francisco. It was established in the late 1800s as a logging and fishing port. The traditional catch is salmon, groundfish, crab, and sablefish.
Also in Fort Bragg is the Skunk Train which began in 1885 hauling lumber from nearby redwood groves to the coast or inland to Willits.
Watercolor Skies
.... by Bill Hudson
Years ago, I began painting with oils. But I realized that no other media capture the luminosity of skies like watercolor. For that and its spontaneous nature, watercolor became my primary medium.
Most of my paintings are seascapes. Because water is highly reflective, it follows that sky representations are of high importance to me. Skies set the mood, the tone, and color for entire maritime scenes. Therefore, I typically paint the sky first. If I don't like it, I'll simply start again without having invested significant time.
Before starting the painting, I practice my sky approach. I want to avoid surprises and mistakes while yielding to the magic of watercolor wet-in-wet techniques. After a few tries, feeling optimistic in loosely controlling the independent nature of watercolor, I'm ready to begin the actual painting.
Personal Preferences/Recommendations
Visual arts have few rules limiting creativity. But we all have preferences. As a maritime painter of realism, I’ve settled on only two personal absolutes for painting watercolor skies.

(1)  Never paint a uniform sky. Even a cloudless sky at high noon has subtle variety in color and value when looking up and down, or east and west.
(2) Never use granulating colors in the sky. Skies should be soft and transparent. With few exceptions, I use Winsor Newton watercolors with unique WN names for each. Other brands may have similar names for the same color, but the important common feature is the pigment. Pigments are either organic (derived from living things and contain carbon) or inorganic (do not contain carbon).
   Many inorganic pigments are mined from minerals. They are heavy and tend to concentrate in the hollows of the paper. This is referred to as granulation and/or flocculation. This can be a highly desirable effect producing visual textures for structures and landscapes. However, for me, granulation is highly undesirable for skies and smooth water. Granulating pigments include: Ultramarines, cobalts, many earth tones, and iron blacks.

   To guarantee transparent soft skies and glassy water, I depend on WN Indanthrene Blue rather than any number of granulating blues such as French Ultramarine, Cobalt or Cerulean Blue. A visual comparison of Indanthrene to French Ultramarine and Cobalt Blue is shown. Each paint was applied to damp paper in three increasing concentrations. Notice how consistent and smooth Indanthrene Blue remains compared to the granulating blues.
  Other transparent, non-granulating WN colors that I use in skies are Quinacridone Gold, Permanent Rose, Indian Yellow, Winsor Orange, and Payne’s Gray.
  Granulation can be decreased with any pigment by using smoother paper (e.g. hot pressed) and distilled rather than tap water.
Discovering Value and Purpose
by Bill Hudson
Released June 3, 2021

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Thank You !
I want to thank each of you who purchased and read my recently published book. A special thank you to those who provided reviews and recommendations. It has been received well and is available as either a paperback or eBook on Amazon.com.
If you are a baseball fan, who experienced the '50s...you will enjoy my book. If you lived in Parkville or Bel Air, Maryland...you may be in the book !

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