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The Science of Agriculture

That Impacts Soil and Water Health

“The state’s waters are connected in ways scientists are just beginning to understand."

Park Rapids had to pay $2.5 million for a new water treatment plant in 2015 due to nitrate contamination. 

The Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy recently petitioned the EPA indicating that state agencies are not adequately protecting residents from agricultural chemicals in the water in the southeastern part of the state.

One of the water advocates said she had, 12 years ago, been a proponent of the ethanol marketplace as a way to reduce fossil fuel reliance. But now she realizes the impact this is having on soil health and water quality.

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Two Myths About Crime

Involving Teenagers

For 26 years, Kristin Henning has represented youth who have been caught up in the legal system in Washington, D.C. In all that time, only four of the youth were white — even though teenagers of all races and classes were acting out the same impulsive behaviors.

"There is a growing body of research documenting the extraordinary psychological impact on Black and Latine youth of being under surveillance."

Involving Mental Illness

"We are focused on mental illness as being key to violence prevention — but it accounts for only five percent of the violence."

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Worthington is one of the cities we are focused on.

Worthington School Board Votes 4-1 to Remove LGBTQ+ and Puerto Rico Flags

Board member Erin Schutte Wadzinski asked for the reasoning behind removing the two flags, to which superintendent John Landgaard responded, “They are deemed as a potential controversial topic."

“Why not have these flags up? Or these posters on the walls? What’s wrong with them?,” Schutte Wadzinski said. “I think there’s more good than harm being done to have something on the walls saying ‘everyone is welcome here.’”

“The appropriate flags should be the United States flag and the state of Minnesota flag,” Board Member Stephen Schneider said. 

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excerpted from the Worthington Globe

Legacy Series

This week marks 51 years since Roe v Wade was originally decided by the U.S. Supreme Court — before the institution reversed that decision in 2022.

If you missed our coverage, the June 2023 issue was focused on reproductive justice, including our deep cover story "One Year After Dobbs, Minnesota Abortion Providers Speak."

MWP is uplifting select pieces from our 39-year archive with a focus on longstanding issues.

Will Unionization Improve Childcare? (1990)

When It Comes to Child Care, You Haven’t Come Very Far, Baby (1998)

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Muna Abdulahi:

"The truth is, to be a woman in a space that was not built for you is to know how to build space with your bare hands, to demand the attention of any room you step into … to be a walking figure of change, of growth, to know how to rise and rise again."

Junauda Petrus, author of "Can We Giving Policing to the Grandmothers?"

Deneal Trueblood-Lynch, playwright, "Secrets"

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