Suzanne McCombs, Ventura Water Commissioner
We must invest today to keep our water and wastewater systems affordable in the future
Rarely do we think about the value of water. We turn on the faucet to fill a glass without considering everything that is required to bring safe, reliable water to our homes: 385 miles of water lines, 290 miles of sewer lines; nineteen pump stations, eleven lift stations, ten wells or all the treatment processes required.

Ventura’s water and wastewater systems are vital to our community’s health and well-being and allow our local economy to thrive.

Approximately every five years, the City must evaluate water and wastewater rates to ensure rates that are fair for all City users and to generate sufficient revenue to maintain and operate our existing systems and invest in improvements and new facilities. 

Results of the most recent rate study being finalized show that an annual rate increase of seven percent for water service and six percent for wastewater service is needed in each of the next five years to secure our water supply, replace and repair aging infrastructure, improve water quality, and meet legal and environmental regulations.

We can no longer afford to defer critical investment to maintain our water and wastewater infrastructure, as it puts us at risk for loss of service and more expensive “repairs” in the future. Responsible investment now allows Ventura Water to address needed projects proactively, not reactively—and keep the cost of water affordable for current and future customers.

My colleagues and I have asked hard questions, explored various scenarios, and considered input from the public. We have carefully considered the impacts of rate increases on low-income residents, our business community, high and low water users; all while seeking solutions that are fair to all customers.

The Water Commission has worked diligently to make responsible policy recommendations. I hope you will join me in supporting necessary investments in our water and wastewater future. Read full article.
Last month, the Water Commission unanimously voted to approve the proposed five-year water and wastewater rate increases. The recommended adjustments include a maximum annual rate increase of 7% for water service and 6% for wastewater service for the next five years. For the average homeowners, it is anticipated that this adjustment will amount to an average annual increase of $7.76 to a monthly bill, for the next five years.
“Ventura must continually invest in our water and wastewater systems to ensure safe and reliable services,” shared Ventura Water General Manager Susan Rungren. “It has been nearly three years since Ventura Water has increased rates. As a result, Ventura’s water and wastewater rates have remained relatively low compared to our neighboring communities.” Read full press release.
Wastewater Bug of the Month
Microorganisms are the heart” of the wastewater system. Ventura Water will be featuring a bug of the month to highlight the important organisms that help support the wastewater treatment process. February’s bug of the month is the stalked ciliates, otherwise known as the “love bug”. These organisms often grow in colonies that resemble a bouquet of tulips- how romantic!

Stalked ciliates are a type of protozoa whose presence indicates a stable and healthy wastewater environment. Stalked ciliates use cilia, small hair-like structures, to trap bacteria in the wastewater. Our wastewater operators closely monitor the types of microorganisms living in the wastewater. A healthy amount of stalked ciliates indicate that everything is going according to plan! 

Toxicity in our wastewater can impact these microbial organisms and disrupt our treatment process. To keep our system balanced, we would like to remind our customers always to think before you flush! Be sure to only flush the three P’s- pee, poo and paper!

For more information, visit our Think Before You Flush webpage.
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