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Another Step Closer! Key Design and Pre-Construction Work Approved
A new water supply for East San Diego County is one step closer to becoming a reality with the Oct. 1 approval of the first two major design build agreements by the East County Advanced Water Purification (East County AWP) Joint Powers Authority (JPA). Approval of the agreements authorizes work to begin key design and preconstruction elements for the first two Program “packages.”
Package 1 includes a 16-million-gallons per day (MGD) water recycling facility, an 11.5-MGD advanced water purification facility, a solids handling facility, a product water pump station and a new visitor’s center to be located north of Santee Lakes on Padre Dam Municipal Water District’s property. Package 2 includes a 10mile advanced water purification pipeline, dechlorination facility and inlet to Lake Jennings. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2022.
Progressive design build agreements are advantageous because they provide the JPA with the opportunity to evaluate price options and valueengineering ideas, refine the project design and identify and evaluate project risks.

Updates will be provided to the JPA Board of Directors at their quarterly meetings. Click here for more information.
$86M Received in Grant Funding
The Program received $86 million in funding from the Metropolitan Water District’s Local Resources Program (LRP) for the development of a local supply reliability project that reduces imported water demands.
The East County AWP Program has successfully competed for more than $200 million in low interest loans and grants from the State of California and is committed to meeting operational start dates of early 2025. The Program’s financing plan assures ratepayer affordability through the mix of LRP incentives, grant funding and low interest loans from the state and federal government as well as financing from the municipal bond market.
Sneak Peak at the Future Facility
A new video showing the conceptual rendering of the East County Advanced Water Purification Facility and education center is now available. Take a peak here!
A New Website Look!

The Program website has a new appearance with improved resources at your fingertips. It’s easy to use and now has a navigation menu streamlining access to design/pre-construction information, JPA meetings, Program updates and educational resources. The website is the best way to learn more about the Project and keep up-to-date on news and events. Click here to check it out.
Water Education - It's a Good Thing!
You’re never too old...or young to learn something new and our updated website has you covered! Check out the new section dedicated to education for people of ALL ages. Watch our animated video that follows a waterdrop as it travels down the drain and discovers how advanced technology can purify water so it’s clean and safe to drink. 
The East County Advanced Water Purification Program will create a new, local, sustainable and drought-proof drinking water supply. The Program will use state-of- the-art technology to purify East San Diego County’s recycled water to produce up to 30 percent of East County’s drinking water supply. 
East County Advanced Water Purification
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