Revisit Our Zoom Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the JA Staff Alumni Network held via Zoom on Wednesday, July 15th was a big success!

We had 68 attendees. You can see their comments below.
JASAN Administrative Support
Meeting feedback:
  • Brad Kaufmann - Great job on the meeting last night. I thought it went smoothly and the information shared was valuable.
  • Shawn O'Hara - Congratulations! What a good time!
I think it was a big success and with all the smiles on my screen, I’d say
everyone would agree! Nice cocktail party Ken! Great job including so many
  • Jean Richcreek - Thank you and the whole team. Lots of smiles and memories of good times. 
  • Frank McIntosh - Great job everyone.
  • John Weil - Great show folks!
  • Ken Wasoba - A total team effort and we pulled it off. It was a great time.
Hudson Whitenight
JASAN Administrative Support
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