Watch how easy it is to clone a proximity ID badge using a cloning tool purchased online

or at your local hardware store.

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Security Vulnerabilities Proximity Cards Present

Learn the difference between ID card technologies and why you should

be using more secure access control card stock to prevent security vulnerabilities at the first line of defense. Register: Security Webinar

Card Security Webinar

Learn about the security threats to organizations using

proximity cards vs secure smart chip cards

Webinar Dates Scheduled

in August 2023

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Proximity cards support convenience but are essentially the electronic lock equivalent to a traditional metal key.

> Can be copied at your local hardware store for a small fee.

> Can be copied using a cloning device purchased on Amazon.

> Proximity cards use an open format that stores a number to identify a card/person but doesn't protect that data by encrypting the number.


A plastic ID card with an embedded smart chip used to securely store and protect information through data encryption.

> Card cannot be duplicated.

> Built on either a proprietary or generic platform.

> Encrypts data stored on the card's smart chip.

> Price is only pennies more per card compared to proximity cards providing high security at low cost.


Highest level of card security is using multi-authentication IDs. While smart cards secure data, anyone can use a stolen ID. Multi-factor IDs only operate for the person assigned to using features such as:

> Facial recognition validation.

> PIN number keypad.

> Biometric ID cards requiring fingerprint authentication.

"Security starts with your first line of defense - employee access.

If your ID badges are vulnerable, so is the rest of your building.

With each element of security of employee ID badges,

the fewer security vulnerabilities you will have and

the better protected your employees, data, and facilities will be."

- Josh Dunbar, President

Elliott Data Systems, Inc.

Local Security Technology Solutions Provider

St. Louis, MO - Memphis, TN


Security Vulnerabilities

Proximity Cards Present


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