BGCS Newsletter Vol. II #12, September 10, 2019
"All Things Bluegrass Country Soul:
Past, Present & Future"
It’s early September, which can mean only one thing: the IBMA’s World of Bluegrass convention is just weeks away! If you're going, look for the exhibit of photos from Bluegrass Country Soul when you enter the lobby. And please stop by to say hello when you visit the Exhibit Hall. We’ll be there, at a table in the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum's booth. And Albert is moderating a panel on filming bluegrass during the business conference! More about that below.
Our old film is looking really great. The restoration is almost complete. While you're waiting, we’ve put together a 60-second Coming Attractions preview. We hope that you will enjoy it! Once you have viewed the trailer, please post and share with friends, relatives, co-workers; anyone who loves bluegrass. You can click on the button below or go directly to the YouTube link.
We asked Robert White aka Quail, who played bass for The New Deal String Band at the 1971 Labor Day festival, to be our narrator, and he generously agreed. You will be able to hear Quail's memories of the festival on the Special Features in the DVD combo pack. He also wrote the Foreword to our companion book.

If you still haven't purchased your copy of the Golden Anniversary, Legacy Edition yet, we are offering the box-set at a special, advance sale price of $124.95 through our website. The price will be going up once the box sets are complete, so buy your copy now and save!

As always, please let us know if you have any questions about anything Bluegrass Country Soul.

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Albert Ihde              Ellen Pasternack
Producer/Director   Executive Director
Bill Emerson shares the stage with Earl Scruggs, J.D. Crowe and others
as seen in the famous “Banjo Finale” from Bluegrass Country Soul.
For us, one of the highlights for this year’s “World of Bluegrass” in Raleigh will be watching the induction of Bill Emerson into the IBMA Hall of Fame during the awards show. As most of you know, Bill is one of the founders of the trail-blazing Country Gentlemen and a long-time banjo player in the Washington, DC, area. We thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Bill and his lovely wife, Lola, for the multi-media box-set. You will find their fascinating comments about the legendary festival in our 168-page coffee table book and in the DVD’s Special Features.
Albert Ihde filming scenes for Bluegrass Country Soul in 1971 at Camp Springs, NC.
BGCS Producer/Director Albert Ihde will head a panel during the World of Bluegrass' business conference titled “Filming Bluegrass – Best Practices for Bringing Bluegrass Music to the Screen.” There will be lots of time for questions from the audience, so if you're going to the conference we'd love to see you there on Wednesday at 9 am. Topics under discussion will include how best to portray this musical style through music videos, documentaries, and feature films. The other panelists are Prof. Dan Boner, Russ Farmer and Stephen Mougin. 
The Osborne Brothers and Ronnie Reno sing “Rocky Top” in a clip
from Bluegrass Country Soul used in Big Family .
If you haven’t seen the PBS Special, Big Family , we highly recommend that you do. This documentary from Kentucky Educational Television packs decades of bluegrass history into a two-hour time slot. You’ll see clips from Bluegrass Country Soul showing The Osborne Brothers (“Rocky Top”) and The Bluegrass 45 (“Mocking Banjo”) during the 1971 Camp Springs festival.

Many of the performers in Bluegrass Country Soul are interviewed, including Bobby Osborne, J.D. Crowe, Ricky Skaggs, Sam Bush, Del McCoury and Akira Otsuka. The award-winning bassist, Missy Raines, who is seen in Bluegrass Country Soul during the rain sequence, is also interviewed.

You can watch Big Family until September 26 right here. Don’t delay, because after that it's going away.

Later this month, PBS will air noted documentarian Ken Burns’ most recent opus, Country Music . These two programs can only help to expand the audience for bluegrass music!
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