The third volume in the GOS series brings forth a new synthesis of ancient and modern initiation inspired by The Most Holy Trinosophia, the Freemasonic initiation wrritten by the Comte de St. Germain, and the spiritual science of Rudolf Steiner who was one of the great modern initiates.

Sophia Christos speaks through the mental and moral training provided in Volumes 1 and 2 as a modern path of self initiation is taught to the reader. The Seven Pillars of Virtue and the Language of the Spirit manifesting in the twelve cosmic directions is at the heart of this new Temple of PanSophia. Each step of the initiation produces results upon the aspirant and required steps in moral development to proceed.  

As the aspirant advances into an initiate the cosmological world view in the soul expands to encompass the surrounding cosmos in a conscious way that interacts directly with Sophia (Wisdom) and Christos (Love). This experience changes the reader who becomes the aspirant knocking at the door of the spiritual world, asking to come in.

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From the Masters and Avatars Series 

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Anonymous Patriots Reveal
Another Dark Aspect of Ahriman 

Ahriman has been busy, folks. In order to walk through fear, doubt, and hatred of the Kali Yuga, we need to be conscious of these matters. 

If you are in despair about the  Pandora box demons all around us, please remember, that Hope was left in the box until Pandora set Her free.   



Are you ready to ASCEND?

Today's problems will not be solved using the same thinking and strategies that put us here in the first place. As we move out of the period of time known as Kali Yuga into a new age of the Satya Yuga, we will need new capacities to awaken us to the Wisdom and Love of Sophia Christos.

If you are ready to leave Kali Yuga and its iron age forces of materialism, it can be as easy as "clicking your red heels" like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Are you ready to begin your journey home?  Then close your eyes, and with full consciousness, click your heels together three times and state your intention.  

Our Spirit offers reading materials to nourish your soul and spirit so that you can step into a world beyond 3D space and 4D time. You begin to perceive higher beings in multi-dimensions as you activate your supersensible organs of perception. You learn how to feed your angels so that they can nourish you with health, ease, abundance, synchronicity, sacred magic, and divine coincidence.

As your personal life vibration increases through study of The Gospel of Sophia and observance of the Ascension Sacraments for Cosmic and Earthly Diet, your outer world begins to mirror your beautiful inner world. You truly understand how your outer world is a reflection of your soul and spirit, a truth that Ahriman is working desperately to keep from you by distracting you with fear, hatred, doubt, and scarcity.

One by one, as we realize this great truth, our personal world begins to become better. As our personal vibration increases, so does our community.  As we share this good news with others, their life vibration begins to increase, and so it goes.  

Our Spirit is a gift of Hope. 

Let Hope out and begin to heal your world.    

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