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May 2024 Menorah Light Mission Report

Dear Friend,

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Was Pentecost,June 21-22-2024 (Leviticus 23:9, 15-21) like Passover, Unleavened Bread, and Firstfruits,

also prophetic?

The New Testament is abundantly clear that it was.

xxxOur Lord Jesus Christ, having fulfilled the type of the Passover lamb at Calvary, when the corn of wheat was planted in the ground, rose from the dead and became the "firstfruits," fulfilling the type of the wave sheaf on the "day after the Sabbath." Then fifty days were counted, and when the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting (Acts 2: 1-2). If Jewish tradition connected the "feast of firstfruits" with the "mount that might be touched," and the "voice of words which they that heard entreated that the word should not be spoken to them anymore," we have in this respect also "come unto Mount Zion," and to the better things of the new covenant. To us the Day of Pentecost is, indeed, the "feast of firstfruits," and that of the giving of the better law, "written not in tables of stone, but on the fleshy tables of the heart," "with the Spirit of the living God." For, as the worshipers were in the Temple, probably just as they were offering the wave lambs and the wave bread, the multitude heard that "sound from heaven, as of a mighty rushing wind," which drew them to the house where the apostles were gathered, there to hear "every man in his own language" [proclaiming] "the wonderful works of God."

xxxAnd on that Pentecost day, from the harvest of firstfruits, not less than three thousand souls added to the Church were presented as a wave offering to the Lord. The cloven tongues of fire and the apostolic gifts of that day of firstfruits have, indeed, long since disappeared. But the mighty rushing sound of the Presence and Power of the Holy Ghost has gone forth into all the world. 'Edersheim, Alfred, The Temple, Its Ministry and Services, P: 231


God bless you our friends in missions,

Pastor Re’uben and Donna Drebenstedt-directors and staff

Shalom friends, 

xxxOur mission was founded in 1986 per a vision to me upon returning the first time from living in Israel in 1985.

xxxOur logo above at the top of the page is very special and unique ….

The M e n o r a h and S h e e p …. as it represents the lost sheep of Israel and all nations making tishuvah (repentance from one's own ways, path, sin) and turning to follow God's way! The 7 branch Biblical Menorah is the type/symbol of that correct way. 

The Menorah

xxxThe Tabernacle's golden Lampstand, the Menorah (Sh’mot/Exodus 25:31-40) was a constant testimony to the priests that they must not walk in the light of man's wisdom or human nature but that they could fulfill the service of God only as they walk in the light provided by Him. The seven post menorah was both a light and a light bearer, a symbol of faith and hope.

xxxThe Menorah is a type/symbol of the Church (the Body of Messiah/Christ as a light bearer in the world. Our Lord Yeshua/Jesus said: You are light for the world.  Mattityahu/Matthew 5:14

Be dressed for action and have your lamps lit. Luke 12:35

… among whom (the world) you shine like stars in the sky - Philippians 2 :15

xxxBelievers in Jesus the Messiah are to reflect His light, even as He was and is the Light. The Menorah is a perfect, fitting and divine symbol of our Lord.

This was the true light, which gives light to everyone entering the world. Yochanan/John 1:9

xxxDavid in Tehillah/Psalm 36:9 says, For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light. Whether direct light from Jesus, or diffused light through the Christian, all light is given to us for perception. In Jesus’ Light, we shall truly see light!

xxxMenorah Ministries is a witness for God's salvation and the light of Jesus Christ. We are called to be a true and faithful witness for Him... to the Jew especially, but equally to the Gentile. Romans 1:16-17a As Jewish and Gentile Believers in Yeshua we have the joy of celebrating our Salvation and Jewish roots in our Savior. With a servant's heart, we strive to proclaim God's love, redemption and salvation in Messiah Yeshua Jesus. 

xxxLooking over the last year with still some of it to come, I am so thankful for the Lord’s blessing and provision! We know that our ministry cannot please God by the limited capabilities of human beings but only through the miracle working power of God fulfilling His promise.  Thanks again for your prayers and support because we can do all things only through Christ Jesus who gives us wisdom and strength.... we have not because we often do not ask our Abba/Father and come to Him with our needs.

xxxI frequently pray as Yeshua taught His talmidim/disciples given in Luke 11:2-4. It has 5 requests of God:


May your Name be kept holy.

May your Kingdom come.

Give us each day the food we need.

Forgive us our sins, for we too forgive everyone

who has wronged us.

And do not lead us to hard testing. CJB

xxxAs I write please know that we are everyday busy at work to boldly proclaim the true Gospel of the Real God and True Savior Jesus. We seriously strive to contend earnestly for the faith which was once and for all passed on to God’s people. Y’hudah/Jude 1:3 Refer to resources at Who Is Yeshua-Jesus?  

xxxWould you please consider supporting and praying for our missionary labors? I am grateful to all who have, some for 30+ years! You can use the Donate Button at the top of our web page or at the bottom of this Mission Report if you like. Thank you.

xxxMay God bless and keep you till His soon ‘immanent’ return for His waiting faithful people. 

Don’t let yourselves be disturbed. Trust in God and trust in me.

In my Father’s house are many places to live. If there weren’t, I would have told you;

because I am going there to prepare a place for you. Since I am going and preparing a place

for you, I will return to take you with me; so that where I am, you may be also. John 14:1-3 CJB

Also, John 21:20-23 Romans 13:11-12 1 Corinthians 15:52 1 Thessalonians 1:9-10; 5:1-10

James 5:7-9 Revelation 3:10, 22:20  

xxxAlways be joyful. Pray regularly. In everything give thanks, for this is what God wants from you who are united with Messiah Jesus.  I Thessalonians 5:16-17

xxxI greatly appreciate your prayers and support!

Messianic Pastor Reuben Drebenstedt reuben@menorah.org

You will know that I am with Isra’el and that I am Adonai your God,

and that there is no other. Then my people will never again be shamed. Joel 2:27 CJB

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xxxGod’s Faithfulness, two of the most comforting words I know! Who wouldn’t want to put their life in God’s hands! What grieves me is that I meet people who are so confused by the world’s misconceptions of His character. Only a few are willing to look at the truth of His Word. I pray for these hearts and that I will be faithful in my witness when God brings them across my path.

 What encourages me is God’s promise that He will reveal His truth to every heart

that is honesty seeking Him. Jere. 29:13 & Heb. 11:6.

xxxEach day I trust God will continue to show me step by step how He desires us to be a light in this Jewish ‘Hill Top’ community that surrounds our Mission/home. The Lord has provided many interesting opportunities to meet our neighbors and begin building relationships with them; even hopefully being able to soon begin a Bible Study with one neighbor! To my surprise God has used our garden and my love for flowers to encourage neighbors to stop and visit. 

xxxThere is always lots of activity in our home we call “THE IVY HOUSE” "MENORAH HOUSE". I’m excited that God is answering our prayers to be a Light on this ‘our hill‘! Pray for us that everything we do here will honor Him.

xxxPlease Pray for the seeds that have been planted and our witness. All adventures from God! We pray He keeps us faithful!

 xxxShalom in Yesuha's love and faithfulness! Thanks too for Your prayers! The attacks are numerous and varied but God faithfully continues to sustain and use us! Pray for Reuben and I here in the East Side Jewish Community along with others who faithfully volunteer, partnering at various Menorah Ministry outreaches.

xxxIn His service, unashamed, from the Menorah House,

xxxxxxDonna, director donna@menorah.org

  Great to daily witness our Lords message to a needy dark world!

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