Volume 53 | February 26, 2022
Topics today: St. Patrick's Day and
International Women's Day.
Erin go bragh!

March is a month of awakenings and reflection. Daylight Saving Time begins on March 13, bringing longer days and the sun’s heat to warm the soil. March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day, remembering the Irish patron saint, who brought Christianity to Ireland and died on this date in 461 A.D. The entire month of March is dedicated to remembering and celebrating the achievements and contributions of women around the world, both past and present. 
"Keeping in Touch" will now be sent to you once each month, rather than semi-monthly. Thank you for your invaluable service to Literacy DuPage. We simply would not be able to accomplish our mission without your dedication, hard work, and support, helping students achieve their life skills goals. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions or need help with tutoring strategies. Be well and take care.
With gratitude and hope,

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Peer Tutor Mentoring Sessions

These sessions are designed for tutors to share their instructional successes with each other and to ask for guidance from one another.

The two PTM Zoom calls last week were well attended, and the conversation topics included: Student engagement, nuances of English, sequencing, verbs, homework, pronunciation, conversation strategies, and time management.

Join the group next time. Pose questions to your peers, plus reveal your insights with them!

Tutor Engagement

We are so pleased that many tutors have participated in one or more of the "101" technology classes. Literacy DuPage will continue to offer these classes monthly, as long as there is a need among tutors. 
Q3 Hours Due Soon – In March, watch for an important email request to report your tutoring hours and provide an update regarding tutoring status. 

·   Our third quarter closes March 31st, and your highly-valued data is needed for staff to complete the reports required by our funders.
·   As a learner is post-tested, the tutor will be asked to update an Achievement/Goals Form. Literacy DuPage is required to report to its funders aggregated learner testing data, achievements/goals, and tutoring hours.  
Your attention to these requests is critical to compliance with grants. Thank you in advance for your responsiveness!  
Resources for Your Student
English Conversation Groups
Conversation Groups offer informal and friendly environments for adults at an ESL intermediate or above level to practice their English listening and speaking skills.
Literacy DuPage currently offers seven virtual (Zoom) ESL Conversation Groups. Click here for schedules. Sessions are open to any adult in DuPage County.
We are excited to announce that a new partnership with Roselle Public Library will launch our 8th group. This weekly, one-hour offering begins Thursday, March 3rd at 11:00 a.m. 
Community Resources
Learn more about Loaves & Fishes food and nutrition programs available to residents of DuPage, Kane, Kendall, and Will Counties: https://www.loaves-fishes.org/programs/food-nutrition/

DuPage County Department of Community Services provides information about food pantries, financial assistance, and other basic needs: https://www.dupageco.org/foodpantries/

To order a supply of free COVID-19 home test kits provided by the U.S. Government, click here for simple-to-follow directions in English and Spanish.

Reminder: For tutors using News For You Online, there is a new numeric password to access this resource: 7965641.
Activities for Your Lessons
Pick a few of these resources to use with your student.



Lesson Plans

Need help? Reach out to Carol Garcia, your Tutor Support Specialist!