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A Focus on Quality, Reliability, and Speed

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Innovation. Reliability. Fast Turnaround.

Offering quality products doesn't matter if you can't get them to your customers on time. That's why we are working hard to ensure we offer quality products with the best lead times and rush availability in the industry.

Have questions or a special circumstance? We're here to help!

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NEW Video: United Enertech Product Research and Development

If you'd like to learn more about how United Enertech researches and develops products, watch our new video, featured below.

Our top 20 products include louvers, dampers, and life safety damper products. Learn more about two of our top 20 louver products below and view our complete list of top 20 on our resources page on the website.

Top 20 Product Features


Dade County Hurricane Louver

  • 6" Deep Dade County Louver
  • 54% Free Area
  • 922 FPM Max Velocity
  • .09" WG Pressure Drop
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Combination Louver/Damper

  • 6" Deep Combination Louver/Damper
  • 47% Free Area
  • 1250 FPM Max Velocity
  • .11" WG Pressure Drop
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NEW Video:

United Enertech Product Research & Development

United Enertech designs, develops, and manufactures hundreds of products ranging from UL listed dampers to Miami-Dade County approved louvers. In this brief video, Curtis Jackson, Engineering Manager, United Enertech, shares information about United Enertech's market research, industry standards committee presence and membership, design tools, product testing, and more.

To see the entire video and other webinars, visit the resources page on our website.

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