Detox with Dr. Heidi's Gentle Guidance

Inner Movement's Bio-Detox Program has been improved! The NutriClear metabolic clearing formula has been simplified without sacrificing quality so that we can decrease the price to our patients. By making it more affordable we are hoping that this year even more of you can commit to doing our detox program. We want you achieving the same dramatic health results that we've seen in our patients, year after year, upon detoxing. I have not found a detox program... MORE  

What is the Easy, 3-week Detox at Inner Movement?

It is a low-allergen, real food diet plan complemented by high quality & well-researched detox herbal supplements. There is no calorie restriction, added sugar or artificial flavorings, unlike most detox plans, and the NutriClear nutrient replenishing shakes are delicious. The NutriClear formula includes easily digested protein, medium chain triglycerides and an extensive complement of antioxidants. The result is a gentle but effective detox that nourishes, regenerates, rejuvenates and heals while reducing fat, rebuilding muscle and cleansing the entire system.

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Watch this incredible documentary called Food, Inc.
As the tagline states, you'll never look at dinner the same way.

Are there any cleaning/beauty  products that aren't so toxic?!

Read the ingredients in what you buy and avoid the following:
Parabens, Synthetic Color,
Fragrance, Phthalates, Triclosan, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS or SLES), Formaldehyde, Toluene.

What are 4 toxins known to destroy gut health?

(Found in prescriptions plus non-organic meat, poultry, and dairy)

Artificial Sweeteners
(Always check ingredient lists in foods and beverages you are buying)

(Kills off healthy gut bacteria. Eat organic.)

(Used to bind processed foods. Eat fresh.)

What organ is most important for healthy detoxification?

Your Liver plays the most important function. The liver first breaks down chemicals and toxins and neutralizes them. Then the liver binds these to healthy molecules, creating a non-toxic molecule that can easily be eliminated from your system.

What are some of the benefits of an Inner Movement Detox?

Feeling Better! 

Better concentration, more energy, better sleep, stronger immune system, clearer skin, better absorption of nutrients, improved vitality, improved mood, less bloat, reduced cravings, improved circulation, and dropping weight.

Watch this video: NEW Complete BioDetoxification from Biotics Research

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Who are some leaders in the field of detoxification?
Dr. Abbas Qutab, MBBS, DC, PHD, OMD
Dr. Abbas holds degrees in general Medicine, Chiropractic, and Oriental Medicine as well as a Ph.D. in Ayurvedic Medicine. Dr. Abbas has played an active role in Health Care Reform. He is the scientific formulator of the Biotics 3-week BioDetox program.

Dr. Sharon Norling, MD
Dr. Norling has testified before the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy and is the author of a book called Your Doctor is Wrong.

Dr. Patricia Kane, PhD
Dr. Kane has an international reputation for expertise in detoxification as well as essential fatty acids and their effect on membrane function. She has presented at Harvard, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, MIT and the NIH.
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