Regnart Creek Trail Update

In late August, city staff will be finalizing and presenting to council its recommendations and plans for the off-street Regnart Creek Bike Trail. It will:
·      Create ~ 1 mile of safe off-street bike/ped lanes for over 225 CHS and 150 Lawson and 400 Eaton students who live in the neighborhood getting to/from school;
·          It is a key segment for the planned East/West protected bikeway from Cupertino High School to the library and on to Monta Vista High School.
·          Connect 3 parks : the soccer fields at the Cupertino Library to Wilson Park to Creekside Park; (read more)
Cupertino's Bike/Ped Safety Record:

Check out the series of articles written by our own Emma Shearin . She has reviewed accident data reported by the Santa Clara County Sheriff and compiled great reviews and analysis. Start your review at this link: Cupertino Safety Articles Find valuable safety tips, graphics and videos at this link: Walk-Bike Cupertino Safety Library