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As the leaves burst into fiery hues and the November air crisps, West Virginia Bankers Title gathers ‘round to celebrate this season of gratitude.

During this season of turkey feasts and cozy gatherings, our hearts brim with thanks. And who's at the heart of our thankfulness? It's all of you—our incredible partners in lending, banking, real estate and law. You've been the cornerstone of our journey, and for that, we're truly grateful.

As you navigate this holiday season’s path, know that we stand by your side, ready to serve and ensure your continued success. Let’s make this a month to remember!

Rachel Showalter, Agency Manager of West Virginia Bankers Title

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Meet Bob Wisman, Our New Business Development Officer!

We’re thrilled to introduce Robert "Bob" Wisman, our new Business Development Officer, a proud West Virginian with deep roots. A graduate of WVU with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration, Bob brings 25+ years of experience in financial services, real estate, project management and marketing. With a deep commitment to excellence and a passion for our state, Bob, a devoted family man, resides in Morgantown and enjoys cheering on WVU sports and the great outdoors. Welcome aboard, Bob!

Affordability Crunch: Where Middle-Class Buyers Can Afford the Most (and the Least)

In the challenging landscape of affordable homes for middle-class buyers, West Virginia emerges as a beacon of hope. Over half of recent West Virginian homes for sale were priced within reach of middle-income buyers. In contrast, expensive metropolitan areas like San Jose, CA, featured just one home listing in the entire area for such buyers. West Virginia offers an affordable refuge to many amidst the affordability crisis.

Current Administration Encourages Converting Empty Offices to Affordable Housing

The Biden administration is launching an effort to convert vacant office buildings into affordable housing units, addressing the shortage of affordable housing and utilizing empty office spaces. The initiative involves multiple government departments and allocates over $35 billion in lending capacity for new housing construction and office conversions. The program aims to make housing more accessible and cost-effective while repurposing underused properties.


AI is the new buzz in real estate, and it's not just for predicting property values. AI tools, including the likes of ChatGPT, have been reshaping the industry, making tasks like improving presentations and transforming listing photos into immersive property walkthrough videos a breeze. However, while AI is adding a fresh coat of tech brilliance to real estate, it's crucial to be mindful of potential hiccups, such as AI-generated content occasionally missing the fine details or even crossing lines that could lead to misrepresentation.

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Mortgage Trends

Mortgage leaders are adopting special-purpose credit programs (SPCPs) to address racial wealth disparities in homeownership. These initiatives aim to close the homeownership gap, particularly impacting Black communities. SPCPs come with specific income and geographic eligibility requirements, offering credits for down payment reduction and home buyer education. While intended to diversify homeownership, navigating the intricacies of SPCPs presents challenges for lenders.

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Professional Development

This season's women's basketball and softball games have seen unprecedented success and viewership, fueled by inspiring team leaders who bring passion, precision and a strong sense of self to the game. Discover leadership lessons from women's college sports. Learn how celebrating small successes can lead to big achievements, emphasizing the importance of passion and persistence in reaching your goals. Follow their example and unlock your leadership potential.

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Market Highlights

In a ray of hope for the U.S. housing market, September saw an increase in new home completions and housing starts, although new building permits declined, amidst concerns about higher mortgage rates and homebuilder sentiment, according to experts. Despite these hurdles, elevated housing completions offer potential opportunities for buyers, especially with accompanying incentives, shedding light on the ongoing complexities of the market as it grapples with soaring borrowing costs.

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Discover Cozy Autumn Hideaways in West Virginia

Embrace the autumnal charm of West Virginia this month! Enjoy the vibrant foliage in cozy mountain towns, with a range of accommodations, from secluded cabins to luxurious resorts. The beautiful autumn colors and the refreshing fall air gracing our mountains provide the perfect backdrop for romantic moments, fun family excursions and Instagram-worthy scenery. Find your perfect fall hideaway in the Mountain State. Explore cabins, resorts and more with this guide from our Department of Tourism.