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As we enter the month of May, the warmth of spring is in full bloom in our beautiful state! 

Despite a turbulent housing market these past few years, we are proud that our state remains one of the most affordable and picturesque places to live. With the market constantly evolving, West Virginia Bankers Title is committed to doing everything we can to help our lender, banker and real estate attorney friends along the way.

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Rachel Showalter, Agency Manager of West Virginia Bankers Title
Spring Adventure in Almost Heaven
Explore the West Virginia waterfall trail, take in the beauty of New Gorge National Park or celebrate spring with various upcoming events and festivals. Spring adventures abound in this picturesque state we call home. Whether it’s our rich mountain culture, breathtaking landscapes or unlimited outdoor adventure, this spring guide from our state’s Department of Tourism boasts something for everyone. 
Strategies Available For First-Time Homebuyers
Establish yourself as an industry expert by serving as a resource for first-time homebuyers. First-time homebuyers may need help entering the market due to the limited housing inventory and higher mortgage rates. Despite these obstacles, this article shows various strategies for purchasing a first home, such as state loan programs. After all, rising rates often force the mortgage industry to find strategic ways to make mortgages more affordable. 
Seller Imposter Fraud is S.I.M.P.L.E. (Seller’s Identity Must Precede Literally Everything)
Most of us are warned of stranger danger from an early age. Over time, we become less suspicious of people we don't know while still acknowledging certain risks. Even though it's common knowledge not to give money to strangers, seller imposter scams are on the rise. This informational guide from Investors Title contains precautions, red flags and questions to ask before proceeding with real estate transactions. Protect your clients and protect yourself from falling victim.    
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Where to Post Your Videos on Social For Maximum Exposure
According to real estate coach Chelsea Peitz, don’t put so much time into social media posts; it’s unnecessary. Instead, she recommends learning how social media algorithms work and leveraging videos like Instagram Stories and Reels to foster more meaningful connections. The heart of social media is video, regardless of the platform. This article highlights Peitz’s valuable tips for creating original short-form videos that will help you extend your reach.