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Happy Women's History Month! Let us recognize and celebrate the incredible women who have come before us. From trailblazing leaders to groundbreaking innovators, so many have made immense contributions to our society. Let’s continue to honor their legacies and support the amazing achievements of all women…especially those in real estate!

As we look ahead to spring, our West Virginia Bankers Title team is happy to continue collaborating with our lending, banking, attorney and real estate partners. Whenever you need us, we are here to help!

Happy March!

Rachel Showalter, Agency Manager of West Virginia Bankers Title
Trailblazing West Virginia Women
Strong women have made their mark throughout history, and trailblazing women from the land of Appalachia are no exception. This article pays tribute to women of West Virginia who stood up when they were expected to stay seated, spoke out when they were expected to remain silent and fought for what they believed in, no matter the consequences.
First-Time Homebuyer Programs in West Virginia
With a rich history, beautiful landscape and so much opportunity for adventure, West Virginia is a fantastic place to buy a home. In addition, West Virginia offers a lower cost of living than much of the country, which appeals to many first-time homebuyers. This article outlines state and local programs that could save buyers tens of thousands of dollars.
2023 Real Estate Trends: What You Need to Know
With all the changes happening across the country and the cost of everything on the rise, you might wonder how the real estate market will be impacted as 2023 moves forward. Will mortgage rates continue to climb? Will housing sales decline? What will happen to home prices? Whether you’re selling, buying or staying put, this article highlights 2023 real estate trends to watch out for.
Mortgage Trends
Professional Development
Market Highlights
Adding Facebook Ads to Your Social Media Advertising

Did you know you can take advantage of different types of Facebook ads? Growth ads, traffic ads, promo posts, conversion ads and retargeting ads can help redirect your clients to take specific actions. This article explains the differences and will help you determine which ads you should incorporate into your advertising.