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Vol. #08, Issue#88
April 6, 2016

When I'm embarrassed about a mistake, a failure or about something that made me look foolish, if I can remember that "I didn't get it wrong, and that's because I'm not done..." I can keep my negative self-talk from taking over and put my focus on what I want or need to do next.

Remembering that I can't get anything wrong because there's always another day and more to come, that I'm not done, none of us are - is a mindset that's emotionally and mentally freeing. 

We tend to look at successful people and, because we don't know the 'real story' about what goes on in their life, day-to-day,  we assume they found their success with great ease and that they don't make the kind of mistakes we make. 

But in truth, mistakes play a part in EVERYONE'S journey.  And going through the 'messiness' of mistakes, and even failure, can serve to sharpen thinking, build greater awareness and clarify direction for an even better outcome - IF we let it!

(Success image by Comedian Demetri Martin.)

If you choose - you can use the 'messiness' of failures and problems to your benefit.  You can decide to not let them break you down by reminding yourself often that: - You Can't Get It Wrong.  - Living Is About Learning, Becoming and Growing.  - Every Day Is a New Day and Can Be a New Start.

I like to read mysteries. One of the key characters in Mystery Writer Robert Crais' books is: Joe Pike.

Pike is a stoic hero and former Marine with a difficult past. Regrets about his past comes up during his investigations, and he has red tattoos on his humongous shoulders to remind himself to let the past go. They help him remember to choose to look ahead and move forward, every day. 

Red arrow tattoos OR having the mindset of 'You can't get it wrong...' both can  remind us of be some of our best "work", that is to use all of our failures, mistakes and feelings of embarrassment to our benefit. Take time to acknowledge how you feel, and maybe even complain and sulk for a little while, just don't get stuck there.
Then, when you can, pick yourself up and let that same inner tension inform and teach you about what you now know about what you want, that you didn't know before the setback. Let past mistakes or problems help you boldly move forward, by:
  • APPRECIATING what you now know as a result of the mistake or failure.
  • REALIZING that when you think you 'should' have success 'all figured out by now' that there's NO 'should' and there's NO timeline.
  • LEARNING from each set back and using that knowledge to move forward.  
  • KNOWING that you're not finished - because you're not done!
This mindset will help you become more resilient, brave and bold.

Now you choose, which will it be: the "I can't get it wrong" mindset or red-tattoos on your shoulders?  Either way is good - just keep moving forward!!  (This article is from my e-book: 120 Stress Management Strategies and Mind, Body and Spirit Tips for Professionals.)

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This Month  - Famous Failures
The 'You can't it wrong" mindset is talked about in my e-book: 120 Stress Management Strategies and Mind, Body and Spirit Tips for Professionals.  This powerful approach can help you recover from mistakes and failures.

In this short and inspiring video we see Seven Famous Failures.  These famous people 'took the hit' from their set-back, picked themselves up and created success.  They had the "I can't get it wrong" mindset.

At the end of the video they share, "If you've never failed, you've never lived.  Life = risk."  Enjoy this Inspiring Video, Now 
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