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Vol. #10, Issue#102
Spring 2018
American Idol is back!

I've been a fan of the show since the beginning. I love to see the potential in talented young people as they audition to see if they have the "It" factor needed for a successful show business career.

In one of the early auditions a talented Vocal Coach sang beautifully. It seemed like, at least to me, that she did everything perfectly.

It was obvious that she thought she did well too. But the celebrity judges saw it differently.  They believed that she was "too polished" and that she just didn't have the "thing" they were looking for.

That she didn't have the "It" factor.  In American Idol the "It" factor is star quality, and it's subjectively judged by celebrity and public opinion.  There doesn't seem to be a model or science to who's got "It" and who doesn't.  

There's also an "It" factor in leadership, sometimes referred to as executive presence, gravitas, charisma, influence and being able to command a room. 

As a leader do you have these qualities? Do you have the "It" factor? How do you know, and is it something you can develop?  

Until I became certified in the Executive Presence Index Survey tool,  which is the only validated and research-based Executive Presence model available, I knew that developing presence was possible, but the journey to it - was not as clear as it is now.

With this research, and my certification, I help leaders take the mystery out of how and what they can do, right now, in their current environment - to best engage, align, inspire, drive results, ignite above and beyond performance and get things done. 

This is what"It" factor is in Executive Presence: The qualities of a leader - as seen through the eyes of others - that engage, inspire, align and move people to act.

Don't be like that American Idol Vocal Coach contestant who thought she was an expert, and was surprisingly not successful in moving forward in her career, because she didn't know that anything was missing. 

If you're not sure if you're doing everything you can to engage, inspire, align and move people to act  - if you're wondering if you have the  Executive Presence "It" factor - consider working with us.  We will help you confirm what's working, and determine specific actions you can take to be even more effective. (Note: Newsletter subscribers and current clients receive a 20% discount on our Executive Presence Coaching Process during the Summer of 2018.)

If you want to know more about Executive Presence...  I recently completed a four-part Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast series where I interviewed other experts on Executive Presence:
"Communication is the only tool Senior Leaders have to work with,
if you cannot communicate and get work done through others
you really can't do much of anything."
From Episode #38 - An Executive Presence Expert -
and one of my Trainers - Scott Wieghart

More about our Executive Presence Model and Coaching, Here.
The Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast 
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This Month - A Just For Fun Video - How Terry Tate "Influences" People
terry tae gives feedback If you have the "It" factor of Executive Presence - you are able to influence others to act. 

Here's how Terry Tate does it. Not sure it would work for very long, but it IS entertaining to watch!  Watch and Enjoy!

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