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Vol. #07, Issue#80
July, 2015

There's one skill coaches and leaders have mastered, and Actor David Duchovny (of t.v. shows X-Files and Californication fame) talks about this skill in a Wall Street Journal Article, titled: What a Good Coach Does.  Here's an excerpt where Duchovny shares how his middle school basketball coach, Coach Byrne, used "magic" with him:

 "...here was a man who respected me by demanding that I respect myself and the game. I never knew if he liked me, that wasn't so important. He saw potential in me, and I began to respect myself."

"That is what a good coach does. He fills you with a belief that may or may not be justified. As you make the dangerous crossing from unproven belief to actual accomplishment, from potential to reality, a good coach holds your hand so expertly that you don't
even know your hand is being held."

"I got better cause Coach Bryne told me I was already better. It was that simple --- a magic trick. And every success I've ever had since, has had some of this same magic in it, either at the hands of other skilled teachers or by the generous trickery of the voice inside me, they instilled."

He goes on to share that Coach Byrne's approach moved him from a reserved, scared, outwardly blasé 14 year old, to a team player who began to care and who became fully engaged in the game.

Duchovny is famous and has been all over the world, and he's now 50+ years old, but he still remembers the impact his middle school basketball coach had on him!

Find out more about the skill that influences others to higher performance, and how bosses and coaches can master it. 

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This Month's Video...

In this month's article, What a Good Coach and Leader Does, we cover one skill all great leaders have mastered.


This two minute video is a challenge and reminder to every coach and leader to SHOW the way through  example. Words don't teach because we need to experience something for ourselves to really get it, but your action and example can demonstrate the way.  

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." Mahatma Ghandi


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