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Vol. #08, Issue#89
May 2016

I use to avoid feedback.  Even if someone had good intentions, anything they shared with me about areas of improvement, well - I just took it personally.  I felt attacked, even where there was no attack intended.

I'm pretty sure my role-model for this feedback-avoidance and sensitivity started with my 'family culture' where we never really said what we meant and felt. The goal was to not rock the boat. We didn't state the facts, express discontent or tell someone that something they were doing was not working.

This feedback-avoidance approach, stayed with me well into my adult-life. I didn't like to receive feedback and I wasn't very good at giving it.

Early on in my career one of my managers took the time to thoughtfully talk with me about my work and how I was doing. He shared, in specific detail, what was working AND what he thought I could improve upon. His approach was so effective, and what he shared was so helpful, I was amazed. He'd been direct, supportive, honest and didn't hold anything back.  My biggest ah-ha: I didn't die!
It's funny to me now because I get and give feedback all day, every day, in my professional and personal life. But back then, I held the illogical notion that feedback could permanently hurt me, and I avoided it as much as possible.

Today I feel a certain thrill every time I ask a group of people, at the end of a workshop or client engagement, what worked well and what could have gone better. 

As I'm charting their answers for everyone to see, I'm thrilled because I know that I will get insight that will help me see what they see.  I know now that their suggestions are going to help me move closer to the expert status I crave.

Changing my perspective, from: "FEEDBACK, OH NO!" to "FEEDBACK, BRING IT ON!" has helped me grow. It has helped me learn how to have authentic and transparent conversations, creating richer and more meaningful relationships.

Every day I hear and see leaders struggle with how to strike the right balance  between being direct, supportive, honest and not holding anything back. I've created many tools and resources about feedback that I share in Coaching Sessions, on my Podcasts and in my Blog.

There are two powerful (they're kinda' like magic) feedback tools that can help every leader get better at feedback. Find out more about them in my most recent podcasts: Episode #23:  Magic Motivation Tools: Feed Forward and Triad Coaching Calls Explained AND Episode #24: Leader Advice w/ Senior Leader Dennis Wallenta @ Feed Forward and Triad Coaching Calls.    

"You know, it's not bullets - it's not going to
kill you. It's a gift..."
 SVP Dennis Wallenta on the topic of feedback, Podcast #24.

Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast Episodes:
LISTEN TO TWO NEW Wake Up Eager Workforce podcasts, both are focused on feedback.  To get my free Podcast App for your iPhone or to review all episodes, go to: Wake UP Eager Workforce Podcast Directory, here.
 NEW EPISODE:In Episode #23
 More Information about two 'magic' development tools: Feed Forward and Triad Coaching Calls: What they are and why they work; How to use each tool & download step-by-step guides and specific tips to make them even more effective.
 Listen and Read the Show Notes, Now! 
NEW EPISODE: In Episode #24
Learn about Senior Vice President Dennis Wallenta's leadership journey, successes and challenges. Find out how and why he uses the two coaching tools: Feed Forward
and Triad Calls. Great conversation, tips and insights shared...
  Listen and Read the Show Notes, Now! 
This Month  - Amazing Surprise for World's Most Loved CEO
Net-a-Porter CEO Mark Sebba thought he was just turning up to another ordinary day at work. But his colleagues decided to surprise him with this incredible tribute to say "thank you" for 11 years of having him at the helm. 

The theme this month is feedback. I love seeing this CEO's employees giving him feedback through their surprise celebration.  Great music and uplifting to watch!

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