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Hi there,

The intensity and uncertainty of Covid-19 is different from 9/11/2001, but some of the lessons that I learned then, apply to today.

It was a Tuesday and I was scheduled to lead a 4T Prosperity class at my church. Being the leader and facilitator was new to me. I had no idea that that role was about to become my next career.

When the tragedy struck, I thought about cancelling. I went to the church just in case people came. And they did. Over forty people showed up that night, more than were registered. Everyone shared that they needed somewhere to go and to be with other people.

When the world goes sideways - our hearts tend to be more open and any tendency we have toward reservedness, falls away.

Strangers became lifelong connections that night as we shared our fears and cried for those lost. After our sharing I could tell that everyone was ready to do something - so we decided to dive into the class material. It held our attention for the next hour.

Connecting, sharing and then focusing positively on something we could control lifted our spirits. It helped us find feelings of hope and reassurance. And, while disaster had taken place, our time together that night stemmed the tide of despair that we'd been feeling.

It was an unforgettable night, and it's a reminder for today of three things:
1) There's power in connecting with others. Providing an outlet for expression matters.
2) That when the time is right it IS possible to focus and take productive action. If we do, that action can serve as it's own form of healing and comfort.
3) That even when we can't imagine that a better day is possible, that day will come. With it, we will have the opportunity to make new choices with the new insight gained from our experiences.

During the corona virus, one of the ways I've stayed productive and focused is by pulling together complimentary resources to help us all focus and connect with ourselves, our teams and families. Please enjoy...


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"Take care. Stay safe. Be well. Please let us know how we can support
 you and your teams through this pandemic. We are here for you. "
Suzie Price, PPD
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