All hands on deck to welcome spring!

WSOC students cut the mustard that was used for May Faire floral arrangements.

In This Newsletter: May Faire Recap, 8th Grade Project Presentations, 6th Grade Field Trip to the La Brea Tar Pits and Natural History Museum, High School Field Trip to the Getty Villa, and WSOC Vocalists Perform at a College Choral Festival

An Important Note From WSOC Administration

At WSOC, we hold dear the values of respect, equity, and inclusion in nurturing a safe and supportive learning environment for every child. Recently, we encountered an incident that compels us to reaffirm our commitment to addressing discrimination and bullying in all its forms, including the use of racial slurs. We are deeply committed to ensuring that every child feels valued and respected within our school community.

As outlined in our school policies and in alignment with the vision of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA), we denounce all forms of social injustice, including racism, intolerance, bigotry, and discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender identities, or sexual orientations. Our commitment is to foster a culture where the sanctity of childhood is protected, and the unique gifts of each student are celebrated.

We have a commitment to provide age-appropriate discussions and activities to educate students about the importance of respect, empathy, and understanding difference. From these efforts, students will develop proficiencies in the classroom that include personal awareness and responsibility as well as positive personal and cultural identity.

We are immediately instituting a policy wherein any incident of discrimination will result in an Incident Report in the same way that a student physical injury does. If your child or someone you know is being subjected to discriminatory treatment, please contact either your teacher, class sponsor or School Administrator Kevin McDuff.

We will also be reviewing and reinforcing our school policies to ensure clarity and consistency in addressing such incidents, with a clear process and communication guidelines. In addition, the school is committed to faculty and staff training on this topic.

Our goal is to create a school community where every child feels safe, valued, and empowered to thrive. Together, we can work towards building a more inclusive environment for all. Thank you for your partnership in supporting our efforts to uphold our school’s values and foster a culture of acceptance and compassion. 

Kevin McDuff

School Administrator

A Warm Thank You and Fond (June) Farewell to Kindergarten Teacher Terri Webster!

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A Warm Welcome to Our New Rising 1st Grade Teacher, Aleshanee Akin!

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Events You Shouldn't Miss!

UPCOMING EVENT - Just in time for Mother's Day we have ERIC SILVA returning on

         WEDNESDAY, MAY 8TH from 9am - 3:30pm.

If you do not know Eric - he is an LA based designer. "My jewelry is about self-explanation; revealing pieces of myself through artistic creations," he says. "I draw my inspiration from the often overlooked simplicity of beauty found in the ordinary."

NEW VENDOR IN THE STORE - Audrey Jackson of MINDFUL MILLING CO., which is the first stone ground flour mill in Orange County in over 100 years. Audrey is creating flour that is healthier, with both gluten and gluten-free varieties. Local farmers are sourced whenever possible. Einkorn flour contains the lowest gluten content and other wheats. Come in and purchase her flour bags.

The store is restocked with Barrel and Oak - a favorite of our men in the community.

Please do park and spend some time in YOUR store.

– Nona and the Angels

WSOC On-Campus Events

Celebrating the Beauty of May Faire

Months of preparation and exceptional volunteer effort made WSOC's 36th May Faire a success! An estimated 1,000 people attended the festivities. Students performed and danced around the Maypole, families enjoyed hayrides, a cake walk, face painting, games and crafts. The bluegrass band "Wood & Steel" performed before a joyous crowd. Artisans from the WSOC community shared their creations while sixth graders sold their handmade products and generously donated their proceeds to Children's Hospital of Orange County. The famed "Goat Cafe" was up and running, helping 7th graders fundraise for their 8th grade trip!

"For the WSOC community, May Faire is a counterbalance for the Winter Festival, which ushers in a time of dormancy and reflection. May Faire is a symbolic representation of the time of rebirth, hope, and future expectations," said Renee "Mrs. B" Boblett before sharing the anonymously written quote: "The Spring, all clad in gladness, Doth laugh at Winter's sadness."

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8th Grade Innovation and Presentations

8th Grade Projects prove a culmination of grades learning at Waldorf. Each student selected a topic to explore with alacrity and strived to find the best methods to share their research. Students' interests and individuality were able to shine over the three days of presentations.

Mr. Storm's post presentations update: "With the weight of the presentations replaced with the pride of accomplishment, 8th grade took a walk to the park (and the coffee shop) in celebration of all the work put into the wonderful performances... They did it! And to all of you supporting these wonderful young people, a wholehearted 'Well done!'; they could not have come this far without you."

WSOC Parents vs. 8th Grade Co-ed Soccer Match

Parents secured a narrow victory in their match against 8th grade players before a cheering crowd. Some younger fans even made signs to support their chosen team!

WSOC: In the Community

Getty Villa Visit

The 10th graders started their Greco-Roman History block and Odyssey track class with a visit to the Getty Villa. The field trip was an opportunity for the sophomores to get a glimpse into the ancient world by exploring Greek, Roman, and Etruscan antiquities, mosaics, vases, and statues while strolling through the Roman-inspired architecture and surrounded by Roman-style gardens. It was a great full day trip even though some of the students said we should have stayed longer! 

– High School History Teacher Hugh Brennan

Photos courtesy of Kristen Kuczenski

Below, students were "frozen" by Medusa's gaze.

6th Grade Field Trip

Sixth graders enjoyed their field trip to the La Brea Tar Pits and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles! The class was even able to celebrate a classmate's birthday and have lunch on the grass outside of the tar pits!

Photos courtesy of Rebecca Schwarz

Cypress College Choral Festival

WSOC High School's First Year at the Choral Festival!

High school and college choirs gathered on the Cypress College campus to perform, watch other musical groups, and work with esteemed musicians.

WSOC students were able to learn from VJ Rosales, who performed on Pitch Perfect with his a cappella group and William Martinez, who is an award-winning motivational speaker, actor, and singer.

"It was extraordinary. I didn't realize this festival was going to be the top in the nation. They got to see the best of the best. I asked them today and they do want to do it again next year. They're eager to step-up and I'm excited to see what we can accomplish," said WSOC Choir Teacher Lisa Taylor.

A Big Thank You to Marcus Crahan from Power Engineering!

"Marcus generously donated equipment that will increase our capacity at providing meaningful hands-on experiences in the high school sciences," said Physics Teacher Ed Feck, pictured handing Mr. Crahan a thank you card.

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