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Dear Families,

It was so wonderful to see everyone at our first in-person May Faire in two years! It is community events like these that set our school apart and we are so grateful for these opportunities to share the beauty that is WSOC.

Speaking of events, we have several coming up, beginning with our Spring Community Forum at the end of May, followed by two Spring Concerts (stay tuned for more details in upcoming communications) and culminating in the graduation of the class of 2022. Please mark your calendars for all of the important community gatherings!

Don't forget, no school for students on May 27 and May 30 is Memorial Day. Enjoy your long weekend!

Happy Monday,
Alyssa Hamilton
Communications Coordinator

  • May 31, 5:30 PM - Spring Community Forum
  • June 1, 6 PM - High School Spring Concert
  • June 3, 7 PM - Spring Concert (Grades 4-8)
  • June 10, 7 PM - Senior Play
  • June 17 - 8th Grade Promotion
  • June 18 - 12th Grade Graduation

Detailed information on Parent Square calendar.
Leadership Message
Dear Community,

Our school is accredited in a seven-year cycle by both the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA). The current cycle began in 2018 following a dual visit, with the school receiving separate letters of accreditation from both bodies, each of whom issued recommendations for ongoing goals to improve student learning.
Accreditation by WASC is a voluntary process with two purposes: 1) assuring that the school is worthy of the trust placed in it to provide high-quality learning, and 2) clearly demonstrating continual self-improvement. WASC ensures that an accredited school is focused on its students’ performance, that it accepts objective evaluation from a team of outside peer professionals, that it maintains a qualified faculty within an effectively organized school, and that it collaboratively assesses the quality of its educational programs on a regular basis.
The AWSNA accreditation process for full-member schools is a qualitative assessment of a school’s congruence between its stated mission, the AWSNA Principles for Waldorf Schools, and the AWSNA Policies and Practices for Waldorf Schools. The AWSNA accreditation process includes all aspects of school life, including Waldorf principles, independence and mission, self-reflection, students and families, faculty and staff, community, educational programs, decision-making, resources, health and safety, and legality. In North America, only member schools that successfully complete this process may refer to themselves as a Waldorf school.
At about the midway point of the cycle, WASC requires a mid-cycle report on our progress and then schedules a visiting team to spend time at the school. Last week, a WASC visiting team toured WSOC, then met separately with the Board, the school’s Accreditation Committee, and finally with the full faculty. (AWSNA only participates in the mid-cycle visit if there are special concerns about the school’s performance.)
We are pleased to report that the visiting team was “pleased with everything we’ve seen.” In an email sent this morning, one of the team members said, “Your school and your staff are fantastic, and we do hope that you continue to show how fantastic you are to everyone involved.” But the process is much more than just about proving ourselves capable. We greatly value the insight these educators provide during their visits as we are coming together in service of improving student learning. As someone experiencing the WASC accreditation process for the first time, it has heightened my excitement for what we can accomplish as a school in the coming year.

Kevin McDuff
School Administrator
Upcoming Events - Join us!
The College of Teachers and Board of Trustees look forward to hosting our annual Spring Community Forum. It is an opportunity for the community to celebrate the accomplishments of the school year coming to a close and to share any known changes going into the new school year. Every year, the tides of life lead some faculty and staff onto new adventures as we welcome new faculty and staff into the fold. We like to share these announcements in person and look forward to celebrating with you all soon. We are very fortunate to be able to continue to provide the full Waldorf curriculum for our students!
Art Fundraiser for Ukraine

Thank you to those friends and community members who have so generously supported our fundraiser for Ukraine.

If you'd like to support the students' humanitarian efforts, please consider purchasing a beautiful piece of student or faculty artwork.

100% of your donation will go toward the emergency fund created by the Associated Waldorf Schools of North America.

Summer Camps 2022
Click image for interactive WSOC Summer Camp brochure and to register.

We're excited to see so many summer camp registrants. Register today! Spots are going fast! We have a fun and diverse range of options for Early Childhood through High School. What a great way to meet new friends and enjoy some summer fun.
Foundation Studies
Have you ever said, I wish I was the one going through Waldorf Education! Or perhaps you would like to learn more about why Waldorf teachers bring subjects to their students in a particular way. With Foundation Studies, you can! Waldorf School of Orange County’s two-year program enables participants to experience many of the subjects their child learns, including a study of great literary works such as Parzival, form drawing, wet-on-wet watercolor, projective geometry and more. Additionally, courses include Child Development and the Basics of Waldorf Education, a Biography Workshop, and other fundamentals of Waldorf Education. Faculty members from WSOC support the program, as do several guest teachers from the wider Anthroposophical movement.

WSOC’s Adult Education program is directed by Chris Bennett, who joined the faculty of WSOC in September 2009 and is the former director of Kula Makua Adult Waldorf Education in Honolulu, and was an instructor at the London Waldorf Teacher Training Seminar (UK) for many years before that. He served as WSOC class teacher from 2009- 2017, when his class completed 8th grade.

What does the Foundation Studies program have to offer WSOC parents? "A deeper understanding of the education their children are receiving and its basis in Anthroposophy, and the reasons we teach what we do when we do, and also why and how we do it," says Chris. "In addition, participants get to try out a lot of the wonderful arts and crafts their children experience throughout the school. It is of great benefit to the school community as a whole to have a group of parents within it who have this comprehensive understanding of Waldorf Education."

Added a graduate of the two-year program, "Being a student in Foundation Studies was a transcendent experience for me. Not only did I get a deeper understanding of how and why subjects are brought to our children, I got to experience so many lessons firsthand. I got to build with clay, immerse in paint, learn how to draw in new ways, study great artists and architects and writers. We sang together with Mr. Bennett around a piano, we shared so much about our lives. I became very close to my group. Additionally, we got to delve into early childhood development, the roots of Anthroposophy, and experience powerful inner work such as biography studies. It gave me new insights into parenting and helped me support what was happening in the classroom. In addition to enrolling your child, this is the best way to get the most out of Waldorf education!"

This is a two-year, part-time adult education study program. A monthly payment option is available. (September-June). Please click here for brochure and registration instructions.
Company of Angels
What a great 2021/2022 school year the store has experienced due to the tremendous support from our community of parents! We are overjoyed with this parent body and the support you have expressed. 

This summer will be a time of regrouping, cleaning, straightening and reordering. Yes...I have already placed a few holiday orders in the hopes goods will arrive in a timely manner. 

We plan to return to baked goods in the morning so look for this request coming at the start of the new school year.

With Love,
Nona and the Angels
Dates and Summer Store Schedule:

SUMMER HOURS: Wednesdays ONLY - 9:00am - 2:00pm
Campus Snapshots
Grade 8 Projects: Click to View
Thursday - May 12, 2022

Geoff: Sports Photography
Theodore: Computer Engineering
Roy: Bladesmithing
Kaili: Dog Behavioral Rehabilitation
Molly: Floral Design
Zak: Bee Keeping
Max: Multi-track Music Recording
Friday - May 13, 2022

Anna Christina: Stable Management
Ayli: Poetry
Cayden: Video Editing
Karin: Hydro Dipping
Rita: Candle Making
Keira: Landscape Photography
Olive: Prosthetic Makeup
Caleb: Physics of Sailing
Saturday - May 14, 2022

Radha: Robotics
Grant: Skateboard Making
Delila: Djembe Drum Making
Lily: Sculpturing
Kaiya: Electric Bike Making
Kika: Recycled Jewelry
Elizabeth: Screenwriting
Jack: Scuba Diving
Jessica: Architecture
Jeffrey: Judo
The 8th grade projects are a rite of passage at the WSOC, providing an opportunity for students to experience the accomplishment of completing a long-term commitment to one topic of research and study. Working with mentors and experts in their areas of interest, the projects foster relationships, develop fortitude and highlight the courage it takes to speak and engage an audience.
WSOC Admin and Faculty Challenges Students to Basketball Game
On May 13, WSOC admin and faculty challenged our students to a game of basketball. It was a close game, but in the end the admin/faculty team prevailed! A great time was had by all.
Grade 6 Performs "Robin Hood" for the WSOC Community
High School Students Examine Native American Literature
Via a Trip to Santa Ana River
I mean river as a verb. A happening. It is moving within me right now. —Natalie Diaz

In our 12th grade Native American Literature course with Ms. Kuczenski - intrigued by Natalie Diaz’s Mojave river ontology in her Pulitzer-Prize-winning book Postcolonial Love Poem - the class decided
to seek out the headwaters of the Santa Ana River while contemplating the intersection of river energetics, history, and untranslatability in Diaz’s writing about the Colorado River. 

Students also researched the histories of other rivers across the North American continent, including the Santa Ana here in Orange County. 

The name of the Tongva people for the Santa Ana River is Wanaawna, and its banks have been inhabited for many thousands of years.

The trip was offered in collaboration with Ms. Eijpen‘s 12 grade Sustainability main lesson happening concurrently.
Grade 10 Spanish Immersion Week
Grade 10 immersed themselves in the culture and language of the Spanish speaking world last week, with Spanish teacher Sra. Rey, through art, cinema, street murals, cooking, shopping, dancing and trying new foods in Costa Mesa, Santa Ana and Los Angeles.

Although they were not able to participate in WSOC's traditional week-long exchange program with Mexico, they met with students from CETYS University (The Center for Technical and Higher Education, a private educational institution in Baja) over Zoom for a mix of all Spanish and all English conversation.
High School Arts Festival

The High School students' practical art work and Eurythmy presentations last weekend were a tremendous expression of skill and hard work. Parents were inspired by the breadth of skills that the students possess. Congratulations to all, including the dedicated high school teachers whose mentorship guided them.
Grade 8 Burrito Fridays Going Strong!
WSOC student Sequoia B. shared some gorgeous original guitar compositions as the musical accompaniment to our Grade 8 Burrito Fridays fundraiser.

Thank you for supporting our Burrito Friday fundraiser for Grade 8! We'll continue to sell every Friday through the end of the school year. Proceeds go toward the 8th grade trip to Alaska.
WSOC Calendar
Mon 5/23 - Thu 5/26 • Gr 11 Botany Field Trip
Mon 5/23, 6:00p - 9:00p • Board Meeting
Thu 5/26, 8:45a - 9:45a • Parent Enrichment for Early Years parents
Fri 5/27 • No School - In Service Day
Mon 5/30 • Memorial Day - No School
Tue 5/31, 5:30p - 7:00p • Spring Community Forum

June 2022 (see school calendar for all June dates)
Wed 6/1, 6:00p - 7:00p • High School Spring Concert
Thu 6/2, 8:45a - 9:45a • Parent Enrichment for Early Years parents
Thu 6/2, 6pm • Grade 5 Play
Fri 6/3, 7:00p - 9:30p • Grades 4-8 Spring Concert
Sat 6/4 • High School Prom
Mon 6/6 • Newsletter
Mon 6/6, 3:00p - 4:00p • Coffee Chat at Company of Angels garden
Tues 6/7 - Wed 6/15, Grade 8 trip to Alaska

Adult Education
Tue 5/24, 6:30p - 9:30p • Adult Education Program (Foundation Studies: 7:30pm - 9pm)

Little Aftercare June 2022
Big Aftercare June 2022
News & Announcements
Waldorf Alum Connections
Did you know that AWSNA offered a continental New Year happy hour for alums across the continent? Seventy-five alums attended and it was a blast! Quarterly social events are now on the schedule.
Need an architect, an artist, an accountant? Support alum businesses and share with your community the alum business directory.
As we journey through a second year of our Continental Alum Connect program and the accompanying online networking platform, we would like to remind you to share an invitation with alums and alum parents. Here is a direct link to join:
For more information on the above activities, or to join the monthly alum networking calls, connect with Nita June at

  • The Continental Waldorf Alum Business Directory
  • currently listing 125 businesses
  • sharing alums' successes and endeavors far and wide
  • Mentorship and Mentee Opportunities
  • with 100s of alum registrants offering themselves up as mentors, the potential support for young alums is truly boundless.
  • Alum Parent Registration
  • the platform welcomes not only alums, but alum parents as well, with the hopes of parents sharing job postings and internship offerings
  • School Community Pages*
  • fully manage events and registration in one place
  • integrated Zoom for events
  • full fundraising capabilities offered directly through the WAC platform
  • * offered for an additional annual fee
  • Internship and Employment Postings
  • Searchable Alum Map by location, industry, class year, school affiliation and more.
Click here for WSOC College of Teachers, Board Members and Administrative Rotation
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