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Dear Families,

What a whirlwind this last month has been! From Pentathlon to Pilot Cup, from class plays and May Faire to spring concerts to Spring Forums...we are as always so thankful to our community for showing up, for volunteering, for being a kind and loving presence on campus, and for supporting us and entrusting us with your beautiful children.

As we move into these last weeks, please mark your calendars for our Senior Play, any remaining class plays, 8th Grade Promotion and High School Graduation. Also, there is still time to sign up for summer camps! We are on the home stretch.

Happy Monday and happy almost summer!


Alyssa Hamilton
Communications Coordinator
Leadership Message
Dear families,

The last few weeks of this school year have been especially hectic and exciting, full of special school events, some of which were delayed from earlier in the year. It is wonderful to be able to gather as a community again, but it wasn’t too surprising that the Spring Community Forum on May 31 was not fully attended with so much else happening.
We are delighted to share highlights of this year and what’s ahead for 2022-23 with those who could make it. For those who couldn’t join us, here are the essentials:
  • In support of the families of Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and of all of us in these challenging times, Eurythmy Teacher Pavel Hanustiak led us all through the Eurythmy Hallelujah movement as a blessing for our world.
  • Games Teacher Brad Holm presented a “Stand up if you are . . . “ game.
  • School Administrator Kevin McDuff provided information about school safety issues.
  1. A security company recently did a walk through and will provide recommendations for increasing security.
  2. The Board is revising and expanding the Board-mandated Health & Safety Committee to include emergency response oversight.
  3. A full school safety drill will be conducted next September 27. We are mindful that these drills should not cause undue worry for the students.
  • Board of Trustee Co-Chairs James Gaor and Amy Rasmussen reviewed the solid financial picture of the school and the plans for emphasizing long-range strategic planning.
  • Incoming College of Teacher chairs Tom Corcoran and Sara Rodelo presented a picture of those elements of the curriculum that were able to be added or brought back this year after pausing due to the pandemic. These included:
  1. Spring Concerts and High School Arts Performances
  2. Renewed integration of the grades (buddies, recess, etc.)
  3. Choir (with Lisa Taylor)
  4. Medieval Games, Pentathlon, Track & Field Day
  5. Pilot Cup (soccer) and middle school basketball
  6. We look forward to even more opportunities next year, including the return of the annual Gala.
  • Outgoing College Chair Brooke Natzke honored faculty who are leaving the school, with a special recognition of Yvette Fabian, who has taken her class all the way through grades 1 to 8 and will be on sabbatical leave next year. Elsewhere in the newsletter, some of the teachers who are leaving will share their thoughts. Brooke also shared some of the known changes for next year:
  1. Middle School/HS Arts curriculum will see changes, with expanded roles for Angie Meier (Handwork) and Andrea Crozier (Fine Arts) and other changes to come.
  2. Lower Grades Spanish and Mandarin continuing next year in Grades 1-5.
  3. Jessica Haddy continuing with the strings program, and Lisa Taylor continuing with choir; the middle school band program will expand to Grade 6.
  4. We are thrilled to welcome Gloria Chang as next year’s Grade 1 teacher.
  • Early Years Teacher Holly Richards reviewed updates for the early years programs, including the 5-day Nursery Program and new Parent & Infant Class next year.
The school year ends with pride in what has been accomplished at WSOC through some challenging years and enthusiastic anticipation for what is to come as Waldorf education continues to instill a love of learning in our children. 

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Fond Farewells and New Beginnings
Joyous Welcomes
It is with great pleasure that we announce Gloria Chang as the First Grade teacher for the Class of 2034. Gloria has been a valued colleague in our community since 2015, serving as a handwork assistant teacher, grades 1-3 assistant teacher, 3rd grade gardening teacher, and reliable substitute teacher. She completed her Waldorf grades training in June 2018, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Ohio State University and a Masters of Education from New York University. Gloria and her husband are the proud parents of two WSOC students, Lauren in rising grade 10 and Katherin in rising grade 5.

As we bid a loving farewell to longtime Practical Arts teacher Ms. Christine, we are pleased to welcome Andrea Crozier to our High School Arts program. Before coming to WSOC as our lower school Spanish teacher, Ms. Crozier most recently worked at The Garden City Waldorf School, teaching Fiber Arts to grades 7- 12 and History through Architecture in the high school. She is happy to get back to her "roots" as an art teacher.
Fond Farewells
Dear Families,

Saying goodbye is never easy, so until we meet again! I arrived in the Waldorf community 23 years ago, and it has been a blessing on so many levels. Watching children grow and blossom into young adults from the beginning of playgroup to graduating high school has been a living dream. Waldorf allowed me to share my handwork craft with students, faculty, staff, and the parent community, and I will be eternally grateful. It is sad to leave, but new adventures await in Venice Beach, Florida. Thank you to all and the many paths we have crossed you will always have a special place tucked away in my heart.

Christine Newell
Dear Community, 

This summer, I and my family will relocate to Atlanta. My wife has accepted a job at Georgia Tech and I will be working as a teacher at a newly established Waldorf school that our two kids will be attending as well. 

I feel so fortunate that, for the past six years, I had the opportunity to get to know your children, to work with them, and to see them grow. I’m also thankful for you trusting me with your children. I hope that I have succeeded in giving them a bit more of a feeling of control of the world that surrounds them and instilled in them the knowledge that everything is possible. They taught me so much and made me a better pedagogue and person. 

I am attaching my personal email and would love to stay in touch.

Matan Tsufim 
Thank you to class of 2026 teacher Yvette Fabian for eight years of nurturing a wonderful class from first to eighth grade. The dedication of a class teacher is unparalleled and our children will continue to reap the benefits of your time, love, and attention. Blessings on your sabbatical!
We wish former high school art teacher Francesco De Benedetto the best of luck on his future endeavors. Our senior students' murals which adorn the entry to our high school are a lasting memory of his mentorship.

Dear Parents,

I would like to personally thank you for allowing me to create some of the most amazing music with your children these past 17 years. During my time here I have had the pleasure and privilege of guiding hundreds of children artistically to grow, develop and reach many milestones. I have also been fortunate enough to have watched numerous children blossom into wonderful young adults. 

In the past six months I’ve experienced many wonderful new opportunities, including being accepted into the National Annenberg Alchemy Leadership program, joining the Orange County Theatre Guild Board, the Philharmonic Society Advisory Board, and more.

As my leave of absence comes to a close, I have made the decision to spend my time exclusively leading the Arts & Learning Conservatory full time as CEO with the added responsibility of bringing music to children in our county who have limited and or no access to the arts. This is a challenge I desire to pursue wholeheartedly and while the decision to leave this amazing community is a difficult one, I am grateful and honored to be able to take all the knowledge and experiences I’ve gained working with all of you to my next venture. You have left an indelible imprint on me, and I am hopeful that you will continue to be a part of this next phase in my journey in any way you can.

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Congratulations, Class of 2022
Congratulations to our 14 graduating Seniors. We are so proud of you!

When Rudolf Steiner addressed the first Waldorf school class, he said to his students, "The memory of your school will accompany you into the life that lies ahead of you, and if, in later life, you come to a point where you are at a loss, at your wits’ end and alone, pondering and searching for help, the spirit of the school will stand behind you, put a hand on your shoulder, and bestow advice and comfort to you."

He shared this verse:

May those things shine again
On the path through life
That in the time of youth
Were planted in the heart
As the seal of true humanity.
May those things be strong
In the depth of memory
Which the soul discovered
Through the heart
Under the spirit guidance
Of the powers that teach for life.

Rudolf Steiner’s verse for the graduates of the Stuttgart Waldorf School, April 1924

We wish the same for all of our students - may the spirit of the school stay with you always.
Grade 12 mural, designed and completed by the entire class, has been added to the High School entry.
Senior Play June 10
You are Invited (Grades 7-up)!
When the locals in a small Russian hamlet learn that an undercover government inspector is coming for a surprise visit, an unfortunate case of mistaken identity sends the whole village spiraling into a world of panic and greed. Witty, smart and wildly satirical, this timely and spirited adaptation of Nikolai Gogol’s classic play exposes the corruption of a provincial town with biting hilarity.

Join us!
Senior Play
"The Government Inspector"
Friday, June 10. 7:00 PM
Eurythmy Hall

Recommended for Grades 7 and older
(Adult Themes)
Thank You for A Glorious May Faire
Dear Families,

Thank you to our amazing community for creating a beautiful May Faire with both your joyful presence and your volunteerism. We want to extend a special THANK YOU to Jennifer McNeish and Patrick Ianni, our May Faire Festival co-chairs, for their meticulous weeks of planning and loving attention to every detail, and to everyone on the May Faire committee for their dedication and vision, our Room Reps for keeping their classes in the loop, our musicians and facilities team, and our community partners Nourish Cafe and Fermentation Farm. 

A quick plea: If you happen to have taken home a cake from the cake walk that came with a special plate, or any white May Faire vases, please bring all vases and plates back to the school at your earliest convenience. We still have some cherished items that are unaccounted for. Thank you!
Art Fundraiser for Ukraine

Thank you to those friends and community members who have so generously supported our fundraiser for Ukraine. We have been hugely successful!

If you'd like to support the students' humanitarian efforts, please consider purchasing a beautiful piece of student or faculty artwork.

100% of your donation will go toward the emergency fund created by the Associated Waldorf Schools of North America.

A selection of artwork will be available in the Company of Angels school store for purchase. Stop in to browse!

Summer Camps 2022
Click image for interactive WSOC Summer Camp brochure and to register.

We're excited to see so many summer camp registrants. Register today! Spots are going fast! We have a fun and diverse range of options for Early Childhood through High School.

Nursery Drop-Off Camp - (June 27 - July 22)
Our program with a healthy balance of indoor and outdoor activities awaits your child to splash in the puddles, dig in the mud, and dance in the sunshine.

Beginning Strings Camp - (July 11 - 15)
If you're like us, summer can be an easy time to set down an instrument and forget to practice. For those starting strings in the fall, what a great opportunity to get some of the basics under your belt. Enjoy musical games and practice bow and left hand techniques. New bass players are welcome, too!

Writing Workshop - (August 1 - 5)
Strong writing skills are vital to high school success. For students in grades 6 - 8, don't miss this opportunity to improve your writing skills and learn new tips and tricks all while having fun with friends. High School English teacher Ms. Kuczenski will inspire!

Campus Snapshots
High School Spring Concert
The high school spring concert was so uplifting. It was great to see the student’s hard work pay off and their talent shine through. A shout out to both the students and the teachers for a wonderful evening!
- Joy Gilmer, high school parent
Education rich in music studies will improve the students focus and emotional well being. Neuroscience has studied the musicians brain while playing their instruments, the studies have shown both sides of the brain are activated while endorphins are being released. The students imagination is stimulated also. As their strings teacher, I love to use this creative process to make up stories we can tell through playing music as an ensemble. Students are excited to perform and tell their stories through playing music.
 - Strings teacher Jessica Haddy
Melodies get stuck in our head, rhythm makes us move our body even when we don’t realize we are tapping our foot or walking to the beat, and the tonality (pentatonic, major, minor, and all the Greek modes) colors the harmony to reach our heart/soul bringing out emotions that our spirit recognizes. And not only does music involve the whole body, but when created as an ensemble or shared with another, we are joined together in body, mind, and soul. What a powerful way to build friendships, sharpen our skills, discover our confidence, bring about healing in ourselves and our community, and share in the wonder of music.
- Choir teacher Lisa Taylor
Music should be fun and bring joy to those who play and listen. This concert did just that!
It was so fun to see the band kids just having fun, bringing good vibes and feeling successful. The smiles that I saw from those students after their last note was the highlight of the concert for me. 
- Band teacher Edwin Lovo
There are so many reasons why we choose to perform as musicians. Perhaps we set out to carry a message through time, from composer to audience - to crystallize a certain feeling, mood, or emotion and give it away as a coveted gemstone. Perhaps it is a way for the soul of the artist to link with those in the audience community, through a conduit of sound. Or perhaps it is because it simply makes us better human beings. Just as diamonds are created by means of immense heat and pressure, we find that after the experience of a musical performance, we are that much better equipped to handle life's rigors, and are that much more radiant. 

Whatever the reason for performing, one thing is very clear: during the concert Wednesday evening, all of the students were successful in each of these endeavors... and many more. The energy in the hall was both electric and sublime, everyone there was connected in togetherness, and all of the performers deservedly stood just a little bit taller at their final bows. It was a beautiful gift to receive after so many years without. 
- Piano teacher David Zedaker
Grades 4-8 Spring Concert
On Friday, June 3, Grades 4-8 performed at the WSOC Annual Spring Concert at St. Andrews Church in Newport Beach. Students performed several works across four categories (choir, piano, strings and band) ranging from "Somewhere" (West Side Story) sung by our choir, to "Scheherazade" with our strings students and guest appearances from our high school orchestra.

It was a joyous night full of heartfelt music and we are so grateful to welcome this concert back to St. Andrews after a two year pandemic hiatus! Thank you to strings teacher Jessica Haddy, band teacher Edwin Lovo and piano accompanist David Zedaker for leading our students in this beautiful event.
Grade 4 Animal Projects
Science is introduced in the 4th grade with zoology. Children, at this age, are fascinated with animals and want to learn more scientific facts about them. We combined this eagerness to learn with their developing writing skills by way of "the animal project". This year, the students wrote a research report on their assigned animal and created a diorama representing their animal and its habitat. Each child was expected to display their work for their parents and the school community, and be ready to answer all questions about their animal. They also presented their individual projects to their classmates by reading their report out loud and answering even more questions! I am so proud of each child for persevering through a new experience that may have seemed daunting at times...there were many rough drafts! They were incredibly artistic and clever with their presentations and they are all on their way to becoming good public speakers.
- Ms. Schwarz, Grade 4 class teacher
Grade 11 Botany Field Trip to Idyllwild
Grade 5 Play- Prometheus: The Fire-Bringer
Grades 2 and 6 Beach Day in Huntington
Pilot Cup Girls' and Boys' Teams Triumph
On Saturday, June 3, both of our Pilot Cup teams won their games: the girls (2 to 0) and boys (5 to 1)! Both made it to the playoffs on Sunday, June 4. We are so proud of our WSOC teams, and thank you to Coaches Wil Eijpen (boys) and Brent Botes (girls) and assistant coaches WSOC 11th grader Jamie Eijpen and 10th grader Thomas McKenney, and WSOC parents Andy Witham and Troy Laing, for sharing their time, skills, and dedication to help our kids excel!
WSOC Pentathlon
On Thursday May 26, our Grade 5 class welcomed the Grade 5 from Sycamore Creek to join in a Greek Olympiad Pentathlon. The students were assigned a city state from ancient Greece that they would represent for the day and participate in five athletic events. They all began the day with a 40 meter sprint running event. They split into city states for their next three events, javelin, discus and wrestling. They finished the day together in a full field relay event. Each event allows the athlete to perform to the best of their ability with beauty, style and grace (human movement that is pleasing to the gods) which is most apparent in the fifth grade development. Another wonderful day spent on the field at the Waldorf School Orange County.
- Games teacher Mr. Brad
High School Spirit Week
Spirit Week was a rousing, fun-filled success. Shown here: Teachers dress as students and students dress as teachers day.
Company of Angels
SUMMER STORE HOURS: Wednesdays ONLY - 9:00am - 2:00pm

Scrip of the Month: Chipotle
If you're like us, Chipotle is an easy, go-to stop for a quick bite to eat when we're rushing through a busy day and can't find time to prepare a meal for the family. We've run in to LOTS of our families at Chipotle after an event!

"Chipotle was born of the radical belief that there is a connection between how food is raised and prepared, and how it tastes. Real is better. Better for You, Better for People, Better for Our Planet. It may be the hard way to do things, but it’s the right way."

Take advantage of Scrip from Chipotle and earn 10-13% for WSOC. It's a speedy way to meet your family scrip total.

Summer is coming! Stock up on all your summer vendors.
WSOC Calendar
Mon 6/6 Coffee Chat • 3:00p - 4:00p- Company of Angels garden
Tue 6/7 - Fri 6/10 • Grade 7 Catalina Field Trip
Tue 6/7 - Wed 6/15 • Grade 8 Trip to Alaska
Tue 6/7, 8:45a - 9:45a • Room Rep Meeting
Wed 6/8, 6:30p - 7:30p • Grade 3 Parent Evening
Thu 6/9, 8:45a - 9:45a • Parent Enrichment for Early Years parents
Fri 6/10, Last Day of Playgroup/Bridge Session #3
Fri 6/10, Grade 1 play "Stone Soup"
Fri 6/10, 7:00p - 8:00p • Senior Play
Thu 6/16, Last day of school for Early Childhood 1:00p dismissal
Thu 6/16, 8:45a - 9:45a • Parent Enrichment for Early Years parents
Thu 6/16, 5:00p - 8:00p • Board Meeting
Thu 6/16, 3:30p Grade 4 • Grade 4 Play
Thu 6/16, 7:00p - 8:00p • Marionette Play Eurythmy Hall
Fri 6/17, Last day of school high school • early dismissal at 12:45p
Fri 6/17, Last day of school grades 1 - 8 • early dismissal at 1:00p
Fri 6/17, 5:00p - 6:30p • Grade 8 Promotion
Sat 6/18, 2:00p - 4:00p • High School Graduation

Adult Education
Tue 6/7, 6:30p - 9:00p • Adult Education Program (Foundation Studies: 7:30pm - 9pm)
Fri 6/10, 5:00p - 9:00p • Adult Education Program Grades (Foundation Studies: 7pm-9pm)
Sat 6/11, 8:30a - 4:30p • Adult Education Program (all)
Mon 6/20 - Sat 6/25 • Adult Education Intensive (Grades) in Meadows Hall

Little Aftercare June 2022
Big Aftercare June 2022
News & Announcements

WSOC 9th Grader Linden A. is rowing for the US Rowing National Championships in Sarasota, FL. Congratulations, Linden! What an accomplishment!
Debora Wondercheck is OC's
2022 Woman of Distinction
On April 21st, our former Director of Music Debora Wondercheck was nominated to the CA Legislature Assembly to be considered as Orange County's 2022 Woman of Distinction- and she won! Assembly woman Cottie-Petire Norris (74th District), on behalf of her accomplishments with the Arts & Learning Conservatory, presented her with a beautiful plaque and honor. A few weeks later she was recognized by the mayor of Costa Mesa, John Stephens, with the Costa Mesa Woman of the Year award. Both awards were both based on a 17-year rich history of demonstrating excellent leadership and community engagement skills in creating culturally sensitive and inclusive afterschool artistic training and education for children in over 40 schools in Orange County and beyond.
Waldorf Alum Connections
Did you know that AWSNA offered a continental New Year happy hour for alums across the continent? Seventy-five alums attended and it was a blast! Quarterly social events are now on the schedule.
Need an architect, an artist, an accountant? Support alum businesses and share with your community the alum business directory.
As we journey through a second year of our Continental Alum Connect program and the accompanying online networking platform, we would like to remind you to share an invitation with alums and alum parents. Here is a direct link to join:
For more information on the above activities, or to join the monthly alum networking calls, connect with Nita June at

  • The Continental Waldorf Alum Business Directory
  • currently listing 125 businesses
  • sharing alums' successes and endeavors far and wide
  • Mentorship and Mentee Opportunities
  • with 100s of alum registrants offering themselves up as mentors, the potential support for young alums is truly boundless.
  • Alum Parent Registration
  • the platform welcomes not only alums, but alum parents as well, with the hopes of parents sharing job postings and internship offerings
  • School Community Pages*
  • fully manage events and registration in one place
  • integrated Zoom for events
  • full fundraising capabilities offered directly through the WAC platform
  • * offered for an additional annual fee
  • Internship and Employment Postings
  • Searchable Alum Map by location, industry, class year, school affiliation and more.
Click here for WSOC College of Teachers, Board Members and Administrative Rotation
Waldorf School of Orange County
2350 Canyon Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92627-3948
(949) 574-7775

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