WSOC Seniors gather for a seaside photo in sunny Puerto Rico.

Photo courtesy of Gina Garrison

In This Newsletter: Bauhaus Ball Recap, Another Outdoor Oasis for the Kindergarten, Seniors Return Home, and the 11th Grade Learns Botany in the Field.

An essential component of the school’s student support system is the Care Group. Meeting weekly, the Care Group aims to address the individual needs of students facing academic, social, or emotional challenges that require specialized attention beyond regular classroom instruction by undertaking a multifaceted approach to support students. The members include the educational support teachers, class teachers, specialty teachers and kindergarten teachers.

Meeting weekly, the Care Group aims to address the individual needs of students facing academic, social, or emotional challenges that require specialized attention beyond regular classroom instruction by undertaking a multifaceted approach to support students. This includes observation and study of each child, engaging in meetings with families to better understand their unique circumstances, and providing references to local therapies and community referrals when necessary. Moreover, the Care Group conducts research into different therapeutic modalities, drawing upon a wealth of knowledge to make informed recommendations aimed at fostering a positive learning experience tailored to the specific needs of each student.


Central to the Care Group’s mission is its commitment to collaboration and communication. Decisions and outcomes from their meetings are shared transparently with the wider faculty, ensuring a cohesive approach to student support across the school community. In rare instances where a child's educational evaluation suggests the need for temporary schedule modifications, the Care Group assumes responsibility for assessing these recommendations. Such decisions are made with careful consideration of the child's best interests, coupled with parental cooperation and active participation.


Ultimately, the Care Group exemplifies the school’s dedication to holistic education, recognizing that every child is unique and deserving of individualized support to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Through their collaborative efforts, the Care Group upholds the school's commitment to nurturing the cognitive and artistic growth of each student, embodying the ethos of inclusive and compassionate education.

Kevin McDuff

School Administrator

Events You Shouldn't Miss!

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WSOC On-Campus Events

Bridging Adolescence with Wade Cavin

The transition from middle school to high school can be challenging. Wade Cavin came to the WSOC campus on April 18 and educated parents and faculty on the complexities of this transition and how they can best assist their children during this time.

Great news for those who'd like Wade's wisdom: an audio recording and transcript will soon be available!

Early Childhood Education

Early childhood teachers educated parents about the beautiful philosophy behind Waldorf Education and discussed the necessity of protecting the sanctity of childhood during the Early Childhood Information Evening.

WSOC faculty also introduced 18 families to our early childhood programs during the "Morning in the Kindergarten" held on Saturday, April 20.

Delightful New Outdoor Area for Kindergarten

Miss Michaela and a helper are pictured sweeping the brand new deck created for the kindergarten over Spring Break.

In contradiction to popular culture, Waldorf emphasizes rites of passage, the importance of growth, learning, and reflection at different stages of development.

"At the end of this project, there's this sense of accomplishment. It's a bit like the Hero's Journey: I have to go through these difficult things and encounter failures and successes to get to the end and be able to reflect back on how much I've grown," said Director of Admission Brooke Natzke.

She further noted that the relationship between student and mentor is meant to emulate the values of WSOC, the ability to connect with somebody and continue down a learning journey while also creating relationship.

"I love the 8th grade projects as an assignment because it allows the students to both work hard and enjoy a topic of their choice. This brings out the best in the students because it showcases not only what they can do, but who they are," said 8th Grade Teacher Mr. Storm.

A Warm Welcome to WSOC's New High School Spanish Teacher, Angela Ford!

Angela Ford teaches high school Spanish. She received her BA in Spanish and Psychology from UC San Diego and her teaching credential from San Francisco State University. She has taught all levels of Spanish from kindergarten through 12th grade and taught at OCSA for 15 years. Angela is from San Francisco originally but has lived in Orange County for 22 years now. She loves scuba diving, traveling and hiking and is passionate about building a safe, loving and fun environment for her students. 

WSOC: In the Community


Parents and supporters of WSOC headed to the Westside Museum and partied like it was 1929. In all, 160 parents and supporters attended the festive evening full of music, laughter, dancing, connection, and fundraising in celebration of what WSOC has done and will do for students and what the students have done, and will do, for the world.

The Paddle Raise alone raised $51,000. Also, the Bauhaus Boutique and online auction remain open until Friday!

Photos courtesy of Shima Behrend

Senior Trip to Puerto Rico

WSOC seniors enjoyed zip-lining, snorkeling, a tropical island, history and architecture, and some of the most delicious cuisine they'd ever had. The trip solidified their bond as they navigated flight delays and a brand new place over 3,300 miles from home.

Yet what they didn't expect was that a brief visit to a Puerto Rican K-4 Waldorf School would be the highlight of their experience. For many, the visit to the kindergarten and tasting the bread prepared in the classroom transported them back in time to their earliest WSOC experiences. The seniors noted that although thousands of miles away from Orange County, they felt a sense of familiarity, of comfort, and of home thanks to Waldorf. High School Coordinator Gina Garrison summed it up nicely: "It was magic."

Photos courtesy of Gina Garrison

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Race Recap

WSOC High School's Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell Car Racing Team brought home the 1st Place Team Spirit Award from the California Finals Race for "the pride and determination they displayed," according to the team coach Cameron Weiss. The team spent hours patching up their best car (on pace for 3rd) after it suffered major technical problems from a battery mishap that fried the entire system.

"I'm very proud of how they didn't give up and spent the time to fix everything on the car and get it up and running," said Weiss.

Photo Courtesy of Coach Cameron Weiss

11th Grade Botany Trip

Kim Eijpen's Notes From the Field

*written during the April 8-12 excursion

All is well in Lake Arrowhead. The snow and cooler temperatures are lovely to experience up here in the mountains but it does hamper our ability to see some of the plants we're looking for! 

We hiked yesterday and were able to find ample mosses and pine trees to examine and study. Today we've been examining pigments in plant leaves and photosynthesis - this afternoon we're heading out to look at the High Desert to have a look at the chaparral vegetation there. Tomorrow we'll head down into Palm Springs and look at low Desert vegetation which will contrast nicely with what we've seen so far.

Orchestra Performance at Vivante Senior Home

Smiles were in abundance at Vivante Senior Home as WSOC Middle and High School Orchestra students entertained residents with an assortment of songs.

Orchestra Teacher Jessica Haddy said it was heartwarming to see the joy generated from the event. Residents were quick to inform her that they can't wait until the next performance!

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Never Stop Learning!

Foundation Studies Sept. 2024-June 2026

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June 24-27

Educators, administrators, and parents are invited to this immersive event.

Baba the Storyteller will be hosting The Bantaba each morning of the conference!

Support the Waldorf Community!

UPCOMING EVENT - Just in time for Mother's Day we have ERIC SILVA returning on

         WEDNESDAY, MAY 8TH from 9am - 3:30pm.

If you do not know Eric - he is an LA based designer. "My jewelry is about self-explanation; revealing pieces of myself through artistic creations," he says. "I draw my inspiration from the often overlooked simplicity of beauty found in the ordinary."

NEW VENDOR IN THE STORE - Audrey Jackson of MINDFUL MILLING CO., which is the first stone ground flour mill in Orange County in over 100 years. Audrey is creating flour that is healthier, with both gluten and gluten-free varieties. Local farmers are sourced whenever possible. Einkorn flour contains the lowest gluten content and other wheats. Come in and purchase her flour bags.

The store is restocked with Barrel and Oak - a favorite of our men in the community.

Please do park and spend some time in YOUR store.

– Nona and the Angels

*Eric won't be at May Faire, but you can seen him at the Company of Angels the following week!

Show your WSOC pride with a sweatshirt designed by the class of 2024! Proceeds support the senior class trip. They're going fast, so make sure to contact Gina Garrison to order: 

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