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The Fun And Honor Society
WOOF WOOF! Some words from the Chief!


Deadline: midnight, Eastern time, Sunday June 30th
Help us break the $100,000 mark for the kids, we are over 95,000 now!!!

Go to our Make a Difference Fundraising Campaign and competition here:

The amount shown on the MODD Fundraising Competition page only reflects the donations made on that page, which has only been up for a month or so. The remainder of the $95,000 has come from the efforts of many of you Dogs around the country over the last year via Passport fees and your other fundraising efforts. This is already a new high for the Children’s Hospital Fund, so BIG BARKS to all of you that have done so much to help sick kids! We will present the check during the Supreme Growl & I look forward to many of you being on deck for the presentation!

CDD Alan Sanning

On another note:

There is still time to get your raffle tickets! Time is running out!
As a matter of fact this is the last call to participate in the raffle or the Donation Campaign competition.

Every ticket sale goes to helping The Order continue our mission and do what we do best, helping children.
Please visit the Web site for more information and news and to be kept up to date.
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Red Vest w/ MODD Logo
MODD 2" Rubber Stamp
MODD Passport
We hope everyone is having great weather for all the beach going, pool events, and riding events of the season! Be safe with whatever you are doing!

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Address: 3619 Jefferson Davis Hwy.
Suite 115 Stafford, VA 22554