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2017 Adjudications schedule

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Adjudications Schedule for Festival 2016/2017

For the latest adjudications schedule  click here.
Festival 2017 Website

For everything that you want to know about Festival 2017 including booking tickets and hotel rooms see the Festival website.

WODL now on Twitter

WODL now has a Twitter account, @WODLtheatre.
Festival 2017 Workshops

By Bobbie Belfry, Workshop Chair Festival 2017
WODL has a long tradition of wonderful workshops during the week of the festival and this year's will be just as exciting!  In fact, with Canada's sesquicentennial upon us, we've pulled out all the stops!
We hope that you will free up some time in the afternoons to come by the Holiday Inn in Guelph and take in some exciting sessions in the Trillium Room.
Monday is Opening Day
We will be having an Opening Reception followed by the first play of the week.
Tuesday is Design Day
Beatrix Quarrie, our festival adjudicator, will be hosting a Costume Workshop. She will take us through a number of well known plays and musicals to show how costumes are designed. We will also have a set design display of Jane Coryell's maquettes.
Wednesday is Acting and Directing Day
Trevor Smith Diggins will lead a workshop titled "What's So Funny?" This will be an active session for 12 actors and 6 directors. Many others are welcome as learning observers as we build comedy skills through open scene work.
Thursday is Canadian Plays Day
Annie Gibson and Monique Renaud from Playwrights Canada Press and Playwrights Guild of Canada respectively, will share the stage and give an informative talk on Canadian plays, the services that these two organizations offer, getting published, and amateur rights - what you need to know.
And...Friday is Playwright's Day
Norm Foster, our newly minted Order of Canada recipient, will be on hand for a reading and to talk about his ideas on writing comedy.
Each session will start at 1:30 pm and run two hours at the Holiday Inn. There will be Q & A time structured in to each workshop AND we will have books on hand for you to purchase from both publishers. We are looking forward to hosting and hope that you will pull up a chair and bring a notebook for these wonderful sessions! 

Thank you to all the presenters - we are so excited that you have made time for us!
Dining in Guelph

By Marni Jutzi, Festival 2017 Hospitality Room Hostess
Hello from your Happy Holiday Inn Hospitality Room Hostess! We look forward to welcoming you during the week of March 13-18 in the Wellington Room at The Holiday Inn, 601 Scottsdale Drive, with coffee, treats, surprises and helpful hints regarding where to eat and what to do while in Guelph.
Beyond the fine dining available in the Holiday Inn itself, Guelph boasts many praiseworthy eateries. We assume your preferred choices during your stay here may be (1) in or near the hotel, (2) near the theatre, (3) en route from hotel to theatre.
There are highly acclaimed establishments in downtown Guelph as well, which we can lead you to, but parking may be more of a challenge with this choice.
In the Hospitality Room we will furnish maps, directions and menus. For now, here's a sampling.
Near The Hotel:
You may want to step across the street to Stone Road Mall where THAI EXPRESS/CULTURES is a popular spot for health-and-flavor-conscious shoppers. CULTURES offers a variety of fresh healthy bowls, salads, sandwiches, wraps, quiches. THAI EXPRESS has an extensive menu of soups, rolls, stir fries, Pad Thai and more. You can check out their mouth-watering website at www.thaiexpress.ca
Near The Theatre:
If you are chocolate-obsessed (and who isn't?) you may be drawn to the YORK RD KITCHEN & CHOCOLATE BAR, a unique spot just minutes from Guelph Little Theatre. Here, they are proud of their "chocolate-infused menu", but you will also find a tasty selection of lunches and dinners, moderately priced. Look for them at www.yorkrd.ca. York Road Kitchen is on board as our official RESTAURANT SPONSOR for Festival 2017.
En Route:
Travelling between hotel and theatre, you may want to sample the goodies at EARTH TO TABLE BREAD BAR, a newer addition to Guelph cuisine in a pretty location beside Royal City Park. Here their mantra is fresh, quality, in-season ingredients in their delicious breads, pizzas, salads and so much more. Check their menus at www.breadbar.ca.
We will have a full complement of restaurant listings and fast food locations when you drop in to the Hospitality Room. And some guidance re what to do in Guelph, if you have free time.
Meanwhile, if you have questions ahead of time, please send them to wodl2017@guelphlittletheatre.com.
Looking forward to a whole week of breaking legs!!
Your hostess, Marnie Jutzi
(In my most recent theatre engagement, I was a Prop Tart. Looka me now - I'm a Hostess Twinkie! The sky's the limit!)
Festival 2017 Restaurant Sponsor:

Festival FAQ

By Dennis Johnson, Festival 2017 Co-chair, dennis@wodl.on.ca
What do I do if I have difficulty ordering tickets?

Phone the River Run Centre Box Office at (519) 763-3000 or (877) 520-2408. DO NOT phone the Guelph Little Theatre. We are not handling ticket sales for this festival. The RRC can solve your every problem.

What if I live out-of-town and want to pick up my tickets?

You can pick up your pre-ordered pre-paid tickets at any of the following:
  • At the WODL General Meeting in Guelph on February 19 (if you have ordered them by February 18). Call the River Run Box Office to order.
  • At the Hospitality Room in the Guelph Holiday Inn on Monday afternoon March 13, just before the Opening Reception. Pre-ordered tickets only.
  • The River Run Centre Box Office at 35 Woolwich Street.
  • Any show night at the Guelph Little Theatre from 7 to 8 pm.
Can I buy tickets at the door?

Probably not. In 2013, when GLT last hosted the WODL Festival, all performances were sold out several days in advance. There are only 250 seats available per performance. Order now.

Why can't I book my hotel room on line?

You can, until February 12. The appropriate link is on the GLT website www.guelphlittletheatre.com
After February 12, you must phone the Holiday Inn Guelph desk at (519) 836-0231. Be sure to give them the booking code WDL to get the special Festival rate of $109.99 which includes breakfast buffet for two. If you try to book using Expedia, Trivago or any other Hotel site, you will not be able to access the Festival rate.

Where's the party?

The after-hours party room in the hotel is the Priory Suite on the 4th floor. If you want to be near the party room, phone the Holiday Inn and request a 4th floor room when you book. If you want to avoid all party noise, ask for a different floor, and ask for an outside room, not an atrium room. The Priory Suite is three interconnected atrium rooms. The atrium rooms all open to the interior of the hotel. Sound carries.

What if I have a special menu request?

The Opening Reception will have a variety of foods available so if you areg luten-free, vegetarian or lactose intolerant, you will still be able to munch.

If you have a special request for your meal at the Awards Gala, you can:
  • send us an e-mail at wodl2017@guelphlittletheatre.com
  • phone us at (519) 835-0063 and leave a message
  • tell us in person at the Hotel Hospitality room before March 15

Where will I be seated at the Gala?

When you order your Awards Gala ticket at the River Run Box Office, you will be asked for your Company Name when it's time to check out or pay. This will provide us with information about who to seat you with. (If you enter WODL, you will be seated with the WODL Board.) 

A preliminary seating plan will be available during Festival week in the Hotel Hospitality Room. Gala sales end on March 14 but we could be sold out before that. The limit is 218 diners.
Join the WODL Board

By Gina Paradis, WODL Past President, gina@wodl.on.ca 
As the person in charge of Nominations for positions on the WODL Board, I thought it might be of assistance to you to know just what those of us on the board actually do. We 're looking for some new blood as a few of our current members are looking to step down. In particular, we are currently looking for people to fill the positions of Vice President for Oxford and Bruce-Grey-Huron.

What is the WODL Board?
The WODL Board is a group of elected and appointed people representing over 30 community theatres in Southwestern Ontario. We meet approximately 9 times a year in a member group's home venue - which gives us an opportunity to compare notes on our theatre facilities! During these meetings, we discuss what is happening in our home companies as well as new and old policies that affect community theatre productions, for example SOCAN, Re:Sound, vendors, publishing companies, etc. We liaise with other groups - QUONTA, ACT-CO, EODL, NODL, and Theatre Ontario - to name a few.
Who is elected?

The positions of Chair, 1st Vice-Chair, 2nd Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Past President, as well as 7 Area Vice Presidents.
Who is appointed?
The positions of Adjudications Chair, Awards Chair, Communications Chair, Constitution and Policies, Minifest, Website, Theatre Ontario Rep, Membership and Development, current Festival Chairs.
Who else is on the board?
There is also a Life member representative.
How long is a term?

It is usually a two-year term - however, once you reach the position of 2nd Vice-Chair, you are encouraged/expected to move up to 1st Vice, then Chair and eventually Past Chair. All of the other positions could be as little as 2 years. In one case, we have the position of Area Vice-Chair shared by 2 people. Of course, we welcome anyone to stay with us as long as they feel they can contribute to the organization. Each board member is asked each year if they are willing to stay in their current position for another term but ALL of them MUST complete a nomination form first.
What does it cost to be a board member?

There is no actual cost except that you MUST be an active/current member of a member group. All costs involved in being on the board are tax deductible - you pay for everything up front, submit your receipts twice a year and receive a receipt for a charitable donation for the entire amount - meals, tickets, mileage and motels.
How do I become a board member?
First of all, talk to someone currently on the board - ask questions, express an interest to any one of them and someone will contact you directly.
Is it difficult?
By all means, we work hard but we have fun! Everyone on the board is truly committed to the success of community theatre - and should maybe BE committed!

To contact a board member click here.
News from Around the WODL Region

By Janice Lundy, WODL Area VP Oxford Region, janice@wodl.on.ca

Theatre Kent has great news! They have a new home. They will be renting space from Living Faith Community Church. They will have a rehearsal space as well as space for storage. Their show Proof runs from February 2-11. 


The whole month is a busy one for openings:

February 2-9: Ghost Light Players of Windsor Better Living

February 3-18: Theatre Burlington Papers

                        The Players' Guild of Hamilton It's Only a Play

February 9-19:    London Community PlayersA Raisin in the Sun

Simcoe Little Theatre Jake's Women

Theatre Tillsonburg Guys in a Garage

February 10-18: Theatre Woodstock The Black Bonspiel of Wullie MacCrimmon

February 10-19: Ingersoll Theatre of the Performing Arts (ITOPA) Always a Bridesmaid

February 10-25: Kincardine Theatre Guild Office Politics 

February 16-25: London Community Players at Procunier Hall Cherry Docs

February 17-26: Paris Performer's Theatre Harvest

February 23-March 5: Elgin Theatre Guild Caught in the Net 

February 24- March 6: Elora Community Theatre The Sting

March 1-11: London Community Players at Procunier Hall Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?


Kitchener-Waterloo Little Theatre is hosting a series of Round Tables, where people who love theatre get together and talk about theatre! The first round table was held on January 29th, focusing on auditioning and casting. The remaining round tables will take place February 26th, March 26th, May 7th and June 25th. Contact the theatre if you're interested in attending!

10 More Years of Elsie Trophy

By Brandon Moore, Community Theatre and Communications Manager at Theatre Ontario, brandon@theatreontario.org
Elsie Elizabeth Thomson
We are pleased to announce that the Theatre Ontario Festival's Elsie Trophy will be presented for another ten years to the Outstanding Festival Production, through the generosity of the Western Ontario Drama League.

The Elsie Award trophy was first presented in 1985 and is named after Elsie Elizabeth Thomson (1914-1984). Elsie Thomson made an outstanding contribution to the growth and development of theatre across Canada, involving a lifetime commitment to the enrichment of our cultural life and heritage. Her personal courage, tireless service and unyielding insistence upon the highest performance and production standards from every production or project with which she was associated, set an example to us all. Elsie joined the Hamilton Players Guild in 1945, and became the Secretary. Before long she was doing many things: running workshops, acting, producing, properties, set painting, and President. She was a President of both the Western Ontario Drama League and Theatre Ontario.

The award's sculpture is named Nice Company, representing a group of co-operating, communicating and supportive people with a leader close by like a friend. Designed by Dundas sculptor Richard Kramer, the sculpture is made of steel from Hamilton, and is hand-forged using the tools and methods of the ancient blacksmith.
Tickets and Accommodation for Theatre Ontario Festival 2017 Now Available

By Brandon Moore, Community Theatre and Communications Manager at Theatre Ontario, brandon@theatreontario.org
Tickets and accommodations are now available for Theatre Ontario Festival 2017 in Ottawa. Opening May 17, and running until May 21, our annual Festival is a celebration of community theatre featuring performances and workshops, and bringing together theatre lovers from across the province. Early-bird passes at a discounted rate are available until January 31.
Click here to book tickets and to get more information on the Festival. 
If you are Producing Canadian Plays this Season - Check This Out

The Playwrights Guild of Canada publicises productions of Canadian-written plays through its website, www.playwrightsguild.ca.

If you want a play included on the Canadian Play Map of Canada, click here to obtain an application form.

PGC also publishes a list of theatre companies that have an all-Canadian season. Click here to obtain a nomination form for this list.
Canadian Play Map of Canada

Each month the Playwrights Guild of Canada publishes a map showing which Canadian plays are being produced and where. To see the map for February  click here.
ONstage Theatre Listings

Theatre Ontario publishes an online list of current and upcoming productions by its member groups. To see what is on  click here.
Is your WODL Membership Information Up-to-date?

Are you on the board of a theatre group that belongs to WODL? If your group has:
  • A new President
  • New WODL delegates
  • A new Treasurer
Please let our membership chair, Sue Perkins, know at  membership@wodl.on.ca
Dates for your Diary

19 February 2017
GM, Guelph. Finalists and out-of-Festival awards announced

13 to 18 March 2017 WODL Festival 2017, Guelph

17 to 21 May 2017 Theatre Ontario Festival 2017, Ottawa
23 July 2017 AGM, place to be decided
12 to 17 March 2018 WODL Festival 2018, Sarnia
16  to 20 May 2018 Theatre Ontario Festival 2018, London
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