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“Women in Maritime” Survey
The first joint survey of IMO and WISTA International has been launched. The participation in this survey by all companies in the maritime industry will assist IMO and WiSTA International greatly to fill the existing gap in sufficient data.
Even though there are efforts to raise awareness on gender equality, it is hard to know the true dimensions of the issue. The survey is part of a series of activities to help further discussions on how to build a more diverse workforce.
This initiative follows the 2020 signing of the IMO – WISTA MoU on promoting greater diversity and inclusion in the maritime sector.
Scholarship WISTA Hellas
Alba MBA in Shipping
Recognizing the continuous increase and importance of women working in the maritime sector, WISTA Hellas, in collaboration with Alba Graduate Business School, offers two partial scholarships in the form of financial aid (50% of the tuition fees) to two women working in the maritime sector for the Alba MBA in Shipping Program, for the academic 2021-2022.

Kindly contact WISTA Hellas for more information on the application procedure.
New Year WISTA Hellas Gathering
Given the circumstances, the traditional get-together of members at the beginning of the New Year was substituted with an online gathering on 4th January. Still, the atmosphere was a cheerful one as wishes were exchanged and feelings were shared that 2021 will be a better year for all! The President, Ms. Elpi Petraki reiterated that WISTA Hellas will continue its activities aiming at empowering women in maritime and urged Members to become actively involved in the association’s initiatives. 
As this year there was no pitta cutting, instead of the lucky coin and “Gouria” presents, WISTA Hellas made a donation to the “Medecins Sans Frontieres” (Doctors without Borders), in support of their battle against COVID 19.
WISTA Hellas Industry Panels
“Contractual Considerations in the COVID 19 era” was the subject of the industry panel discussion organized by WISTA Hellas on 7 December. Member Ms. Dorothea Ioannou was the moderator of the panel consisting of distinguished speakers: Ms. Merete L. Greisen, Head of Support & Advice, BIMCO, Ms. Elizabeth Ioannidi, Senior Freight Trader, StarBulk S.A., Ms. Ioanna Vitta, Shipping Law & International Disputes Specialist, Partner at Penningtons Manches Cooper and Mr. Simon Ward, Director of Ship S&P, Ursa Shipbrokers.
The online event was made possible with the kind sponsorship of THE AMERICAN CLUB.

"Innovative Shipping", took place on 1 March 2021 where our member Ms. Marina Papaioannou, Principal Academy Advisor, DNV GL HELLAS S.A. was the moderator of the panel of distinguished guests: Dimitra Marina Giordamli, Corporate Affairs, Prisma Electronics SA, Zacharias Klados, Managing Director SELMA (Ship Electric Marine Control), Mike Konstantinidis, CEO, METIS Cyberspace Technology SA, Katerina A. Mahera, Q88 LLC, Director of Sales Med & Africa.

The Industry Panel discussion was made possible with the kind sponsorship of DNV GL.
WISTA Hellas Leadership Webinar
“Leadership during the pandemic” was the title of the webinar organized by WISTA Hellas and delivered by Ms. Iris Baloglou, Executive Coach, Mentor & Marketing Consultant, on 23 November 2020. Challenges and solutions for self-development, ways for team cooperation and how women in the maritime industry, in particular, can balance professional and personal life, were among the topics presented, offering the opportunity for a vivid discussion between members and Ms. Baloglou.
The webinar was kindly sponsored by MARGETIS MARITIME CONSULTING
Focus on Wellness
Mindful of its members’ wellness during this challenging period, WISTA Hellas thought over its activities, expanding them out of the ordinary and so was pleased to offer the following two online initiatives:
Wellness Month, a free online Yoga Session provided by Member Ms Katerina A. Mahera. Titled "Yoga Gentle Flow", the sessions took place every Tuesday and Thursday evening, between 1st and 22nd of December. Members who followed it, described it as a very relaxing mind and body exercise!
Wellness session on “Hormonal Imbalance - A silent Epidemic in Women's Health Care, Optimise your hormones, optimise your life!” with Dr. Sabine Wünschmann, gynecologist and obstetrician and Founder of Hormone Harmony TM. The presentation took place on 1st February. Members had the opportunity to learn of the signals our bodies send when hormones are out of balance and about healing without medication to optimize health.
This online session was kindly sponsored by THE SWEDISH CLUB
WISTA Hellas Survey
The survey was concluded and results will be presented at the upcoming AGM.  
The initiative launched in November 2020, titled “Who is Who” continues. Since then and until today, 24 members have been presented. As part of the association’s networking and engagement activities, this initiative gives members the opportunity to communicate in brief their talents, experiences, views, and thoughts. So we all get to know each other and professionally connect, especially now that physical gatherings are not possible.
Members wishing to participate, please contact WISTA Hellas.
WISTA Hellas 10 Years Ahead
WISTA 10 years ahead. The primary focus of this action is the younger members of WISTA Hellas. The coordination of this initiative is entrusted to Anna Giatra, substitute member of the BoD.  

Synergy & Collaboration
WISTA Hellas and Gratia Publications MoC
A new collaboration was formally established between WISTA Hellas and Gratia Publications SA and specifically of the initiative, through the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation, on 5th February 2021. The MoC provides the framework for planning and executing joint activities aiming at enhancing and recognizing the role of gender diversity in shipping and providing the best possible information to youth wishing to have a career in the industry, irrespective of gender, on the latest developments and prospects of maritime professions as well as the sector’s distinctive nature.
"From Past to Future: Contemporary Trends in the shipping industry and the role of education and training"

International collaboration among maritime educational institutes and training for the alignment of the requirements of the Industry with academic syllabi was stressed during the online meeting, organised by NIME-EMI program of the UoA. Elpi Petraki, President of WISTA Hellas, endorsed this trend during her participation at the panel of speakers.

Lloyd's List Greek Shipping Awards

WISTA Hellas, represented by President, Elpi Petraki, participated in the panel of judges for the Lloyd's List Greek Shipping Awards.

YES to Shipping Forum Advisory Board

WISTA Hellas is a consistent supporter of activities whereby the voice of the youth is heard. In this framework, the President of WISTA Hellas participated in the YES Forum advisory board.
Published Articles
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WISTA HELLAS Upcoming Events
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Clean Seas - May 12th, 2021
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