New Board Members

Meet the new board members of the Westchester Independent Living Center (WILC)! Join us in welcoming Lonna Kelly, Linda Straubinger, Victor Pena, and Nanette Saturn as they bring their expertise and passion to our mission of empowering individuals with disabilities.

Social Security Video Connect

Introducing Social Security Video Connect!

Now, you can use your personal devices to conduct business with Social Security via video. Meet with a Social Security representative for services such as Medicare, benefit applications, overpayments, redeterminations, U.S. citizen no-change replacement Social Security cards, and U.S. citizen date of birth changes. All you need is a Microsoft Teams compatible device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with a web camera).

Request a video appointment by contacting your local Social Security office or calling 1-800-772-1213 between 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Michael’s Monthly Fun Facts

Every June, we spread awareness of Scoliosis, a physical disability that affects the spinal area of the body. The major symptom of Scoliosis, is that it causes a sideways curve of the backbone, which is the spine, to develop that can affect infants, children, and adults. Some cases can be mild, while other cases can be more serve, to the point where moment can become affected. It is important to be aware of any sources of spinal issues developing so that treatment can be sought out as soon as possible.  


For those who development such disabilities, WILC can provide resources to help individuals with their needs to lead independent lives, as well as help them navigate how to best approach those issues ahead on.  

Click the link below to read our blog:

Scoliosis Awareness: FAQs & Independent Living

Read Our Blog

NY Connects!

NY Connects!  NY Connects assists individuals with linkage to long term services and supports in their community. NY Connects can work with anyone who needs information on long term services and supports.


Do you, a family member, or friend need information or support linking to:

        *Personal Care Services

           *Education and counseling services

           *Behavioral health/developmental supports and services

           *Health and wellness services

Let NY Connects be your link to long term supports and services! 

        *Find care and support

           *Remain independent

           *Understand care options

           *Find transportation

           *Find supported employment programs

           *Get answers about benefits and entitlements

           *Apply for Medicaid and other benefits

To connect with a local specialist

Call 1-866-715-4700 or email aparks@wilc.org

NY Connects - Success Story!

Fran is hard working young woman who immigrated to the US some years back. Fran had been supporting herself and toddler as a hairstylist here in the states while her husband works on immigrating to the US. This situation was stressful as is but then Fran became severely disabled due to spinal issues and now uses a wheelchair to ambulate and has limited mobility in her hands which has left her unable to perform her job as a hair stylist.


Fran has dedicated her days to working on her PT sessions and at home exercises in the hopes she will one day regain the ability to walk and use her hands and go back to her profession. Through Medicaid, Fran has the assistance of an aide who comes in a few times a week to do housekeeping and help with things around the home but Fran mostly cares for her daughter herself which has been a challenge but is something she is very proud of.


Fran had some savings she was able to live off of during the initial time of being unable to work but is still awaiting her SSDI Determination. Fran reached out to NY Connects through the toll free hotline and with the assistance and advocacy of NY Connects staff Joan O’Brien Fran was able to apply for TANF as well as SNAP and this helps tremendously with the financial aspects and challenges of her new disability and her inability to go back to work at this time.


On top of all the stress from not being able to work and the financial challenges that come along with that Fran was also having difficulty with Medicaid Transportation that she utilizes to travel to and from her many medical appointments. Fran once again reached out to NY Connects to get assistance with working with Medicaid Transportation to send the appropriate vehicle to transport her due to her physical needs and she is once again on track with her medical appointments and therapies.


Fran is able to concentrate on regaining her physical mobility and care for her daughter while her SSDI application is being reviewed and is living comfortably with her basic needs met. Joan and Fran keep in regular communication and work on some long-term goals together and problem solve new obstacles that may arise from time to time.


If you or someone you know needs assistance linking to long term supports and services NY Connects can help. Our Toll-Free number is 1-866-715-4700

Know Your Rights: Domestic Violence

Join Us for a Free Live Webinar: an Informative Presentation on Domestic Violence Rights!

Learn about crucial topics such as housing laws, discrimination, the Violence Against Women’s Act, and more!

📅 June 20

🕛 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

RSVP by email to sibrahimtejada@wilc.org or call Sarah Ibrahim-Tejada at (914) 682-3926, ext. 2112.

A Zoom link will be provided upon registration. Don't miss this important event!

Summer Camps 2024


Camp Ramapo Sleepaway Camp 

Location: Rhinebeck 

Dates: June 23- August 16 

Ages: Elementary age to teens 

Contact: Lenora Sealey Senior Program Director 845.876.8403 office@ramapoforchildren.org  

  • 1:1 staff to camper ratio  
  • Campers live in rustic bunks with an average of six peers   



Abilities First, Inc. - Summer Break Day Camp  

Location: Rhinebeck 

Dates: May 20-August 9 

Ages: 5-21 

Contact: Gina Carminucci 845-475-3217 x385 ginacarminucci@abilitiesfirstny.org 

  • This camp has no fee for students that have been found eligible for OPWDD services. 
  • 1 M-F from 8-4:30pm 



Camp Sunrise (Christian Sleepaway Camp) 

Location:  Warwick 

Ages: 18-55 years old  

Dates: 6/30-7/5, 7/7-7/12, 7/14-7/19, 7/21-7/26, 7/29-8/2 

Contact: (845) 986-1164   

  • campers are assigned 1-2 roommates in our dorm-style lodging with a shared bathroom 



KidsConnect Summer Camp 

Location: Jewish Family service of Orange County (Middletown) 

Ages: 5-19 

Dates: not specified – two-week day camp end of summer 

Contact: children@jfsorange. Call 845-341-1173, x 301 



Mainstreaming at Camp Program (Sleepaway)  

Location: Frost Valley 

Ages: not specified 

Dates: June 30 – August 23 

Contact: Chloe Dunnell, Director of the MAC Program Chloe.Dunnell@yai.org 212-273-6100 x 6718 

  • Integrate with the entire camp throughout the day 
  • Reside in their own village with trained staff at night. 



Frost Valley YMCA Day Camp Inclusion Program 

Location: Claryville  

Contact: 845-985-2291 x321 https://frostvalley.org/camp/day-camps / 

  • Provides children with physical and developmental disabilities the opportunity to experience outdoor summer day camp programs with non-disabled peers 
  • Children must be toilet trained 
  • Scholarships and financial aid available call to apply: 845-985-2291 x321 



Mid-Hudson Valley Camp 

Location: Marist Brothers Center at Esopus 

Dates:  Special Kids 1: 7/1-7/6 ages 4-15 Young Adult: 7/14-7/20 Special Kids 2: 8/11-8/17 ages 15-30 Deaf Camp: 8/18- 8/24 

Ages: see above 

Contact: 845-384-6620 

  • week-long getaways to enjoy nature, tailored activities, and a safe and comfortable environment. 



YMCA Summer Day Camps 

Location: Shokan (Seewackamano) 

Ages: K-11 

Dates: July 1-August 30 

Location: Kingston (Starfish) 

Ages: K-5 

Dates: July 1 – August 9 

Location: New Paltz (Wiltmeet) 

Ages: K-11 

Dates: July 1-August 16 

Contact: Cailin Rooney, Youth Dev. Director for Camps: 845-338-3810 x 110 crooney@ymcaulster.org 

  • Welcome children & their OPWDD certified staff 




Double H Ranch (Sleepaway) 

Location: Lake Luzerne 

Ages: 6-16  

Dates: June 20 – July 5 

Contact: Main Office – 518-696-5676 

  • For children and their families dealing with Life threatening illnesses or a wide variety of other conditions including Genetic, Neurological, Neuromuscular disorders and other Rare Diseases. 
  • All programs are free of charge. •  
  • Open to children with ASD as well as children with medical needs.  


More information on summer camps for children with disabilities: 


Tips For Parents Worried About Summer Regression

Worried about regression? 

Most students take 20 to 40 days (4-8 weeks) to catch up on skills/knowledge lost over the summer months. Schools account for this. If there is documented evidence that the student takes more than 8 weeks to catch up, they may be eligible for Extended School Year services (summer supports), the following year. Schools usually test students to determine possible regression before and after the winter break. You can also gather your own evidence during the summer, here’s how: 

Prior to the summer vacation, ask for: 

  • Your child’s current reading level 
  • A list of key vocabulary mastered over the year 
  • A copy of the most recent extended writing assignment 
  • A list of key math skills/concepts mastered over the year 

If you are concerned about reading 

Get 2 leveled books (at your child’s reported reading level) from the same series, record your child reading one book or chapter at the beginning of the vacation and one at the end. Note the following and compare: 

  • Time required 
  • Any hesitation 
  • Words not attempted 
  • Words misread 
  • Substitutions 
  • How your child feels about the reading 


If you are concerned about spelling 

Use your ‘words mastered’ list. If you do not have one, look online for a grade appropriate list of key vocabulary. Ask your child to spell the words at the beginning & end of the vacation. Note the following and compare: 

  • Required time 
  • Words that cause frustration 
  • Words not attempted 
  • Words misspelt 
  • Reversals 
  • How your child feels about the spelling 

If you are concerned about writing 

Conduct timed writing examples at the beginning & end of the vacation. 

Print out this sentence: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog 

Provide your child with a pen or pencil, and lined paper and ask them to: 

  • copy the sentence in their best handwriting, repeatedly for 1 minute 
  • copy the sentence in their fastest handwriting, repeatedly for 1 minute 
  • Free write about something simple, such as their day so far, stop them after 5 minutes 
  • Free write a response to an age-appropriate NYS State test question, you may have to read out the comprehension piece first, stop them after 5 minutes Past ELA questions 


If you are concerned about math 

Use your ‘mastered math skills’ list. If you do not have one, look online for grade-appropriate printable worksheets. Ask your child to tackle 3 problems for each skill at the beginning & end of the vacation. 

Note the following and compare: 

  • Required time 
  • Problems that cause frustration 
  • Math facts that are not firm 
  • Number reversals or misinterpreted symbols 
  • How your child feels about the math 

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