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Volume 3 | February 2021
Did You Know?
Welcome to the Lunar New Year!
This year, the Lunar New Year(LNY) began on Friday, February 12, 2021.
The Lunar New Year is also known as the Spring Festival, or the Chinese New Year. It is the celebration of the beginning of spring, good fortune, and of course a new year. The festival is the time of the year that brings families together.
The Chinese annual calendar follows the lunar (moon) cycle. While those of us in the U.S. follow the Gregorian calendar, which follows the solar (sun) cycle. LNY begins annually the day after the first new moon typically between January 21 and February 20. The celebration begins on New Year’s Eve, which is the evening before the new moon, and ends on the evening of the full moon, which is The Lantern Festival.
Annual traditions for the Lunar New Year celebration begin by thoroughly cleaning your home before the New Year begins, to start the year off by bringing in prosperity. On New Year’s Eve, many eat dumplings for good fortune, similar to how in Western culture many people eat black eyed peas and cabbage for good luck. Festivities during the celebration include decorating, gathering with family for a large meal, giving gifts, making offerings to ancestors, playing games, visiting temples, and so much more.
2021 is the year of the Ox. The ox symbolizes positivity and hard work, at a slow and steady pace. People born in the year of the ox are believed to be determined, patient, reliable, and strong.
The current zodiac cycle is:
2021 Ox
2022 Tiger
2023 Rabbit
2024 Dragon
2025 Snake
2026 Horse
2027 Goat
2028 Monkey
2029 Rooster
2030 Dog
2031 Pig
2032 Rat
February Self-Care
With Valentine’s Day earlier this month, it is a friendly reminder to not only love others, but to love yourself!
2020 was a year of precaution, mindfulness, and trying times. This year, show yourself some gratitude and make some time for self-care.
Self-care is an important method of de-stressing, relaxing, and taking time to love yourself. You deserve some time for pampering. It doesn’t have to only be getting your nails done or taking a bubble bath. There are a wide variety of ways to show yourself some appreciation.
Below are some fun things you can do for yourself this month.
·        Buy yourself flowers. You can order some online and have them delivered to your doorstep. Or you can buy a bouquet from your local florist or grocery store. It doesn’t have to be something over-the-top like a lush floral arrangement. Even something as simple as a bundle of daisies or tulips will help add a touch of color to the room and a smile to your face. A lovely purple orchid can help liven up your home office.
·        Dining solo or with a friend? Get some carry-out with Chick-Fil-A. They are now offering heart shaped trays in either 30-count Chick-Fil-A Nuggets or a 10-count Chick-n-Minis tray.
·        Krispy Kreme is also selling heart shaped doughnuts that are a fun way to fulfill your sweet tooth!
·        Get a massage! Places like Massage Envy are offering specials during the holiday for gift cards purchased, or even introductory specials for first time customers. A 60 minute massage can help relax you and loosen those tense muscles, so you’ll have a well-deserved, good night’s rest.
·        Feeling crafty? Michaels is currently offering free online classes available via Zoom. There are a variety of classes including jewelry making, paper crafts, painting, knitting, circuit crafts, resin, and so much more!
Adapting to Working Remotely
Being remote, working from home, and digital meetings are a part of our normal day to day now.

Here are some tips and resources on adapting to remote working and being virtual with school, work and business.

The Balance Small Business: Basic Tips to Adjust to Working from Home
WICT Online Learning Library and Free Online Learning Opportunities
During this uncertain time, many of us are facing new challenges such as working remotely or having to self-quarantine. Just like this Forbes article reminds us, while we cannot completely control what is happening during this pandemic, we can look for opportunities to engage our communities in positive ways. 

To help you with this effort, WICT’s Online Learning Library is open to members. Not a member? Join today and access this benefit and more!
There are many different ways you can continue to increase your knowledge and learning.

There are many different ways you can continue to increase your knowledge and learning.

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