November 2019
Recent conversations with patients and friends have reminded me how stressful Thanksgiving can be for many of us. Travel headaches and complex family dynamics would be enough on their own to cause anxiety, but on top of that we have the holiday's focus on food, with which many of us have fraught relationships.

Remember that no matter what happens with your eating over the Thanksgiving weekend, nothing you do in this short window of time is going to make or break your relationship with food, which is a work in progress for so many of us. We have enough to focus on without fretting over our holiday consumption. So, have a piece of pie, or three, or zero; any way is cool.

No matter how you eat and what you do to celebrate, Joanne and I hope you have a great holiday.


The message board outside Needham’s Mitchell Elementary School read, “WHETHER U BELIEVE U CAN OR CAN’T YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!” What are we teaching the children in this town, I questioned, and I am not even referencing the problematic grammar that seems to acquiesce to the texting generation. Read More
Practice News
MEDA Conference

The folks at the Multi-Service Eating Disorders Association (MEDA) asked Jonah to help evaluate the speaking proposals for their 2020 conference. Earlier this month, he and approximately 10 of his colleagues and MEDA staff attended a meeting at which they selected the proposals for inclusion. The 2020 conference looks to be another good one!
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