March, 2024

WCVC Pet Health Monthly

Meet Tully, Tully was presented to the clinic for an emergency pyometra surgery. Her mom wanted to share just how special Tully is :]

"We adopted Tully and her brother Ernie on September 9, 23, and it was the happiest day ever. I had never owned an English Mastiff before, and I was in for a lot. She is quiet, shy but very loveable. She watches everything from a distance, but is quick to step in if her brother needs help saving us from squirrels. When she got sick, we got scared. But thanks to you, she's as healthy and happy as can be. " -Tully's Mom

Dr. Attiq is one

of our

amazing surgeons!

Hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Pakistan, Dr. Attiq embarked on his journey at WCVC just ten months ago, bringing his expertise as a passionate spay/neuter veterinarian. With a degree from the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences in Lahore, Dr. Attiq is working towards licensure in the US through a program of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Known for his love of feline friends, particularly those adorned in striking orange hues, Dr. Attiq infuses each surgery with boundless compassion, handpicking a "cat of the day" to receive special attention and care. Beyond the confines of the operating room, Dr. Attiq finds his thrill in the breathtaking landscapes of Wisconsin, where he explores the winding roads and hidden treasures from the saddle of his bicycle.

March Madness Neuter Special!

We are offering this special for all Indoor Male Cats and Male Dogs in the month of March.

For the price of the Basic package you will automatically be upgraded to the essential package. This special will also include a Free distemper vaccine!

Basic package for cats-$80

Basic package for dogs-$150

The essential package will include:


-Take home pain medicine


-IV Catheter

Please call 608-224-1400 to schedule this appointment to ensure you will receive this neuter special!

Did you know?

-Unneutered male cats often roam over large areas in search of females to impregnate. Unneutered male cats exhibit unwanted behaviors such as spraying to mark their territory and fighting with other male cats. 

-Unneutered male dogs are at an increased risk of developing prostatic disease and hernias. They may experience territorial and sexual aggression and inappropriate urination.

Last week during our vaccine clinic our staff administered 171 vaccinations!

We couldn't more proud of our staff and community for getting together to get our furry friends up to date on these vaccines!

Check out our Vaccine Bundles and Book online today!

Vaccine Clinic Appointment



Heartworm Protection

As the weather gets warmer we will all want to head outdoors and soak up some much-needed sunshine with our furry friends.

If your pets are not on a yearly preventative, utilize our online pharmacy or come in during a vaccine clinic appointment to get them setup for the year with flea/tick and heartworm prevention.

Preventatives will protect your fur-babies from parasites and diseases.

These preventatives are cost effective in comparison to the illnesses that they may contract without them.

WCVC's clients can utilize our online pharmacy to purchase preventatives.

Online Pharmacy
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