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GFWC Woman's Club of Indio

May 2024 Volume 8, Issue 5



The California Federation of Women’s Clubs (CFWC) is a statewide non-profit service organization with 10,000 members. Its motto, “Strength United in Service,” reminds us that more can be accomplished when we unite our efforts to serve others.

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC) is an international organization dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service. Founded in 1890, and with clubs in every state, Washington, D. C., and more than a dozen countries, GFWC members transform lives every day.

Please direct your questions, suggestions, and compliments to our editor,

Peg Boortz, at pegboortz9@gmail.com.

Leadership: Officer Reports

President's Message

May 2024

And JUST LIKE THAT, the 2022-2024 term of office for our Executive Board will be complete at the end of May. 


We have accomplished much by Serving Others Together over the past two years, and we will have an opportunity to celebrate and see some of the results of our efforts during our Donation Day Brunch on May 18th. This is a new event for us. I hope you will be able to join me as we honor and recognize our scholarship recipients and those organizations receiving our monetary support this year. 


I leave you with a sincere thank you to our Board, Committee Chairs, Project Champions, and every member who contributed to our success. I believe that all any leader can do is create an environment in which others can succeed. All the credit for anything we have accomplished belongs to YOU, our members. Thank you for your support! 


GFWC Woman’s Club of Indio, President # 76

Marlon Carrier


Our Fallen


Let's all turn out to REMEMBER and HONOR our veterans this coming Memorial Day. 


WCI will join other community organizations in laying our wreaths at the Coachella Valley Cemetery Veterans Memorial.


WHEN: Monday, May 27, 2024 at 9:00 AM


WHERE: Coachella Valley Cemetery, 82925 Avenue 52, Coachella, CA 92236


ATTIRE: Woman's Club shirt or royal blue


This is always a lovely event which includes an invocation, and a performance of the National Anthem. Traditional honors will include a Pass and Review by the American Legion Riders, a presentation of wreaths, and a salute (riffle volley) by the Post 739 Honor Guard.

Dean’s Report

Christal Cansino


Did you know that you can submit volunteer hours and donations for the following non-profit organizations we support?


Alzheimer’s Association   

Arbor Day 

City of Indio K-9 Unit 

CV Foster Kids

CV History Museum

CV Rescue Mission 

Desert Best Friends Closet 


Desert Cancer Foundation

Domestic Sexual Violence 

Donation Day Guests      

Easter Baskets  

FIND Food Bank 

Galilee Center  

Girls Love Mail    

Hunter Lopez Foundation

Ophelia Project 

Penny Pines

Read With Me

Rotary Math Day





Anytime you help or donate counts as hours, donations, or in-kind money you can report.


04/2024 Ophelia Project 4 hours $20 donation 

If you have any questions, please send me an email at dean@womansclubofindio.org

Donation Day


Saturday, May 18th

Please make your reservation TODAY to celebrate our students and community non-profits at our Donation Day Brunch on Saturday, May 18th, beginning at 10:00 a.m. at the Heritage Palms Clubhouse. The fabulous Heritage Palms Brunch Buffet is only $29.00.


Bring your friends and guests to meet and recognize our High School and Empowering Women Scholarship recipients along with leaders from each of the non-profit organizations we support with our charitable donations. This event is a great chance to show future members what we are about and the results we achieved this year. 


You will have a unique opportunity to meet our scholarship award recipients, learn about their inspiring plans for the future, and hear from each of the organizations we support. This is a chance to connect with the individuals and causes that your contributions are directly benefiting.


We hope all our members will be able to celebrate our fundraising success this year and see firsthand how we support our local students and community.  

2nd VP, Membership

Marlena Hernandez

New members and members who have yet to attend an Orientation meeting, sign up now. There’s so much more to learn about our amazing club, our district, and the Federation.


We are hosting another New Membership Orientation on Monday, May 13th, at 5:30 p.m. Please see the flyer for additional information. Any questions? Please email Marlena at membership@womansclubofindio.org. I can't wait to see you all! 


Warmest regards,


Marlena Hernandez

2nd VP, Membership

3rd VP, Fundraising

Sylvia Baran



With the fundraiser concluded and the numbers in, we can all be super proud to have earned so much for our organization and have another spectacular year achieving our budgeted goals. Serving as the 3rd Vice President for two terms has been an honor, and I have learned so much in this role. Everyone approaches their tasks in their own ways, and you all took a leap of faith with me about going in a slightly "Sylvia" direction. I'm so grateful for your patience, encouragement, suggestions, and the appreciated ideas and corrections to our plans.


The Fundraising Committee met last month to review what went right, what went wrong, and what was just fine. Having that kind of close-out meeting helps guide our ideas for the next event. I was super grateful to have Dawn Gummer attend as the incoming third Vice President, and I look forward to what she has in store for us next year.


To that end, thank you, everyone, for placing your confidence in me and electing me as the club's next president. I commit to doing everything I can to uphold our rich traditions and to do what I can to increase the club's visibility and grow our membership. I'm very proud to be a member of GFWC Woman's Club of Indio, and long after my term on the board comes to a close, I plan to stay involved for years to come. (Side note: Of all days to have a doctor's appointment that I couldn't miss, it was the day of our last meeting; please know that I would have never missed such an important day if possible.)


As all incoming presidents must do, I've begun to think about a theme and filling committees and other organizational plans that will need to be in place before the officer installation ceremony occurs in October. I hope to meet with Marlon soon, and I've already begun to hear from members indicating how they would like to help in the coming year. Similarly, I've started to reach out to current chairwomen to get an idea about their desire to continue serving on committees. If I still need to contact you, stay tuned! In the interim, please contact me if you are interested in serving on or chairing a committee. I'd love to hear from you.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at our May meeting. It's beginning to get warmer, so drink lots of water and enjoy the last cool days of spring!


Sylvia Baran 


Also, please enjoy looking at the photos of our event, both from the professional photographer and from the photo booth! When looking at the photo booth photos, please be sure to scroll through them so you can see the pictures with and without the border. Click here to access them.

Meeting Reservation Reminder

We love having ALL our members at our meetings, but plans cannot be made without your Reservation. 


Your Amenities Chair & Financial Team work hard each month to track meal reservations and

YOUR HELP is needed


Reservation/payment options are:

·     Reservation & meal selection from the WCI Web Calendar

·     Payment via Calendar/PayPal or at the door click here

·     Email Amenities Chair Amenities@womansclubofindio.org 

·     Call Amenities Chair @ 760-772-6408

The Short List

April & May Volunteer Opportunities

  • CVRM Meal Prep & Service: Saturday, April 27th
  • Mother’s Day Card Writing Event: Saturday, May 4th
  • First Annual Mother’s Day Party at CVRM: Saturday, May 11th
  • Donation Day Brunch: Saturday, May 18th
  • Memorial Day Ceremony: Monday May 27th 

May Shopping List



School Supplies and Backpack Drive, for CVRM and Galilee Center

Upcoming Events

📌Beginning of May, please report volunteer hours and contributions to Christal Cansino, dean@womansclubofindio.org.  

📌Board Meeting via Zoom: Thursday, April 25th, 5:30 p.m.

📌CVRM Meal Prep & Service: Saturday, April 27th; RSVP to health@womansclubofindio.org.

📌General Meeting: Wednesday, May 1st

  • Social time 11:30 a.m., lunch and meeting 12:00-1:00 p.m.
  • Collection: School Supplies and Backpack Drive, Part 1, for CVRM and Galilee Center

📌Mother’s Day Card Writing Event for Desert Mountain Care Center (DMCC): Saturday, May 4th, 10:00 to 11:30 a.m., Heritage Room at Heritage Palms. Sign up at the May 1st General Meeting or RSVP to health@womansclubofindio.org

📌First Annual Mother’s Day Party at CVRM Woman’s Care Center, Saturday, May 11th, 10:00 -11:30 a.m. Sign up at the May 1st General Meeting or RSVP to health@womansclubofindio.org.

📌New Member Orientation: Monday, May 13th, 5:30 p.m.; RSVP by Friday, May 10th. See flyer for more information.

📌Donation Day Brunch: Saturday, May 18th, 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Scholarships and Community Service Donations; $29

📌 Memorial Day Wreath-Laying Ceremony: Monday, May 27th, 9:00 a.m.; Coachella Valley Cemetery, 82925 Avenue 52, Coachella, CA 92236. Wear our Woman's Club shirt or royal blue.

📌Fly the Flag: Monday, May 27th, for Memorial Day. Counts as two hours.                            .

📌WCI Delivers June Newsletter to be published Tuesday, May 28th

📌Galilee Center: May volunteer opportunities: Contact ltorres@galileecenter.org



📌ESO: Tuesday June 18th, 6:00 p.m. at Sloan’s. Reading assignment: Self-help book of your choice.

📌CVRM Meal Prep & Service: Saturday, June 22nd, sign up at the General Meeting or RSVP to health@womansclubofindio.org.

📌June Collection of diapers, pull-up pants, and bulk hygiene items. Location and date TBD.

📌July Collection of backpacks and school supplies, Part 2. Location and date TBD.

📌August Backpacks and School Supplies Giveaway at CVRM and Galilee Center. Dates TBD

Meetings and Programs for 2023-2024

2023 - 2024 Calendar

Leadership: Chair Reports

Community Action

Marcia Daniels, Chair

MOTHER'S DAY is just around the corner on May 12th. This year, we will give flowers and balloons to mothers at the Desert Mountain Care Center (DMCC). We will also gather to create cards for these special ladies. Our MOTHER'S DAY CARD WRITING EVENT will be on Saturday, May 4th, from 10:00–11:30 a.m. at Heritage Palms in the Heritage Room. We provide supplies and snacks free of charge. Come have fun while creating lovely cards. Please sign up at the May 1st General Meeting or health@womansclubofindio.org.

Our May 1st collection at our meeting is dedicated to our SUMMER BACKPACK AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES DRIVE. In the past, this drive was held over the summer. However, last year, we moved it to the May meeting to make it more convenient for our members to donate while the weather is still pleasant. We welcome all supplies, but the most needed items are new backpacks, crayons, pencil pouches, colored pencils, colored washable markers, calculators, safety scissors, pink rectangular erasers, safety scissors, lined paper, lined notebooks, and 1" sized three-ring binders. You may also send supplies and donations to Marcia Daniels, 39575 Calle Zavala, Indio, CA 92203. Monetary donations are also appreciated (click here). Please indicate that the donations are for school supplies, and we will handle the shopping for you. The supplies and backpacks will be stored and distributed to children at the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission(CVRM) and the Galilee Center(GC) during their Annual Giveaways in August. Please check our summer newsletters for opportunities to help stuff and distribute these backpacks at CVRM and GC in August. And for those who prefer to donate supplies in the summer, please contact our committee at health@womansclubofindio.organd we will be glad to arrange to receive those donations in June and July.

Our 1st Annual MOTHERS' DAY PARTY AT THE WOMEN'S LIFE CENTER will take place at the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission on May 11th from 10:00–11:30 a.m. This event is a unique opportunity to help the kids make presents for their moms and celebrate with them all. We assure you this will be a fun and rewarding event. All supplies and snacks are provided without charge. To volunteer, you must sign up at the WCI May monthly meeting or at health@womansclubofindio.org.

LOOKING AHEAD, please check our summer newsletters for opportunities to donate diapers and pull-up pants for kids in the Coachella Valley and bulk-sized hygiene items for adults. Please continue to collect travel-size hygiene items for our Fall Hygiene Drive. 

Galilee Center

Thank you to all our members who donated items to the Galilee Center at our April 3rd luncheon. All donations were taken to the Galilee Center Thrift Store in Coachella. This thrift store accepts gently used clothing, furniture, shoes, household, and kitchen items. To arrange for a pickup, please call the office at (760)396-9100


Coachella Thrift Store

1030 6th Street, Suite 6

Coachella, Ca 92236


Phone: (760)-398-2100


Open Monday-Saturday 

9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Closed on Sunday  

Martha Olvera, assistant director of operations at the Galilee Center, was delighted to receive our WCI Easter baskets just in time for the Easter food distribution day.

Arts & Culture

Victoria Rutherford, Chair

What says arts and culture better than a library? Today, I'm taking you on a virtual tour of the magnificent Rancho Mirage Library as I experienced it. My first stop was the Aspen Farms Bakery (yes, inside the library) for a cup of French roast coffee and a walnut-filled brownie. I carried my goodies through the library's center, out a side door, onto a terrace lined with enormous California Palms. For a lovely, sunny few minutes, I enjoyed my coffee and set up my iPad to write this note to you.


In the center hall is a Dale Chihuly installation titled "The Persian Tower," which took my breath away. Nearly ten feet tall, 18 pieces of blown glass are attached to a steel base, with another 13 pieces mounted on the wall. Along another wall is an homage to Rancho Mirage's former resident, President Gerald Ford. A bronze bust that doesn't look a bit like him, a sampling of books from his private library, and other memorabilia are on display.


Fiction and non-fiction comprise the entire length of the rear wall. Study desks and comfy seating are spread out among windows that bring the landscape indoors. A children's wing is large, colorful, and inviting. The audio-visual section is immense, as is the computer lab.


Adjacent to the main library is an Observatory, which opened in 2018 and quickly became a favorite destination for local families and school classes. Here, you can use the Plane Wave Instruments CDK700 telescope, enjoy virtual programming, and stargaze. On Thursdays and Saturdays, OPENight star gazing is from 9:00 to 10:30 p.m. Observatory tours are offered at no cost at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.


RML's offerings are phenomenal. In addition to the library and Observatory being featured on Rancho Mirage Television, their YouTube Channel has over 200 videos you can access for free. Many of their upcoming programs will be live-streamed, as well as past lectures, author appearances, and concerts. Visit YouTube.com/ranchomiragelibraryobservatory.


There are so many more exciting events - so little space to tell you about them. Go to ranchomiragelibrary.org to see what's in store at the Rancho Mirage Library. All California residents may apply for a library card. Here is a sampling of events for May:

May 7th–Beauties and the Beasts: Desert Cacti of California, 2:00–3:00 p.m.

May 8th–Steinway Society's 2024 Awards Festival Winners Concert, 7:00–8:00 p.m.

May 10th–Book Discussion Group: People of the Book, 10:00–11:00 a.m.

May 23rd–OPENight, 9:00-10:30 p.m.


71-100 Highway 111, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270


Email: programming@ranchomiragelibrary.org

Hours: Mon.—Sat. 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

WCI Contest Winners


Arts and Crafts Contest


Mixed Media: Lorraine Velona's The Roseanne Handbag won 1st PlaceIt's a sophisticated, large handbag crafted from cork fabric (made from the bark of cork oak trees) and cowhide, and lined with soft cotton fabric. It's for sale, ladies!


Embroidery & Needlepoint: 2nd Place - Bonnie Tucker's rendition of her dog Biff, the first dog she and Bob had. The needlepoint version of Biff, taken from a photograph, recently found a new home in their living room.


General Crafts: 1st Place - Peg Boortz's Send in the Clowns, a gourd with whimsical fish painted in metallic ink. Sorry, ladies, this is not for sale.


Short Story Writing Contest


1st Place: In a surprising turn of events, Peg Boortz's essay, written for therapeutic reasons, took the top spot. The story delves into her emotional turmoil over three days when her street was closed for resurfacing, preventing her from attending one of our meetings. She's still in therapy.


Click here and laugh your way through Mickie Reed’s Short Story, Cake Wars.

1st Place Handbag

Lorraine Velona


On April 6th, I participated in the De Anza District Convention’s arts and crafts competition and entered my handmade handbag into the Mixed Media category. After much anticipation, the results were announced, and I was ecstatic to find out that I had taken home 1st place! It was an incredible experience to be surrounded by so many gifted individuals, and I am honored to have been recognized for my hard work and dedication. Thanks to all who voted for me!

Peg's winning gourd

Send in the Clowns

Bonnie's winning needlepoint

And the photo

Civic Engagement

Margaret Nieto, Chair

Visit our Website
Volunteer Opportunities

Domestic Violence

Barbara Fairbairn, Chair


Barbara Fairbairn delivered supplies requested by Angelina Coe, Executive Director of Shelter from the Storm. The donation included see-through plastic bins for the safe house, and various toiletries, such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotion, shampoo, rinse, and sewing kits.

Education and Libraries

Appreciation Luncheon

By Marlon Carrier


On Tuesday, April 16, I was honored to represent WCI at the annual Read With Me Appreciation Luncheon. 


The event, attended by over 300 volunteers and supporters, began with a presentation of music and dancing by the Cesar Chavez Elementary Folklorico Dancers and Mariachi Band. The students presented several numbers attired in their authentic dress and were a GENUINE delight. 


The program included introductions and presentations by Sean Webb, RWM Executive Director, who will be joining us for our Donation Day Brunch. The speaker for the day was Dr. Edwin Gomez, Riverside County Superintendent of Schools. 


For the Award Presentations to each school’s Volunteer of the Year, I was flattered to be asked to escort Stephanie Wernig from the Mountain Vista After School program. 


Great day, great entertainment, great speakers and lunch in honor of an outstanding organization! 

Peggy Mathieson, Chair


Epsilon Sigma Omicron Literary Society

Ellen Cafferata, Chair

"Enlighten Your Own Pathway" is the motto of the ESO Altrurian Society book club. On Tuesday, April 16, 2024, members did just that as we met at Shelley Diemer's house for a potluck dinner and discussion with local author Peter Bedard, MA C.Ht. We had nine attendees, including new WCI member Janice Bowman. After our guest author gave a background on his journey through healing, attendees enjoyed a "read-around" of his book, Billy and the Anxiety Monster: How to Love Your Anxiety and Heal. After we discussed the book and the basis for anxiety, we drew our anxiety monsters if we wished. Members had many thoughtful and insightful ideas and thoughts to share. We ended the evening with generous portions of lemon meringue cheesecake and suggestions for our next meeting in June. After considering the many requests and recommendations from those in attendance, we decided to hold the Tuesday, June 18, 2024, meeting at Sloan's on HWY 111 in Indio at 6:00 p.m. As we have chosen "self-help" as our present category, we ask that members bring suggestions of self-help books that they found inspiring, helpful, or just outright interesting. Hope to see you in June!


Yard of the Month

Bernadette Subia-Martinez

Recognition Chair

80712 Dartmouth Avenue - Ontiveros Family


Congratulations, Ontiveros Family! The Ontiveros family has lived in Indio for 11 years and are the owners of Bellas Gardening. 


Thank you, Mickie, for nominating this yard.

2022-2024 Officer and Chair Contact Information

Click Here


Care & Concern

Bonnie Tucker


Get your cards and cheerful get-well wishes ready to send to WCI Past President Bonnie Tucker, who had total knee replacement surgery on April 22nd. We wish her a speedy and thorough recovery.


81429 Corte Trigo 

Indio, CA 92203



Do You Know a Member 

Who Needs to be Featured in Care & Concern?


Please send information about yourself or a friend

who could use some get-well cards and cheering up.

Volunteer Spirit

District Convention


At the De Anza District Convention in Corina, we were well represented by Marlon Carrier, Mickie Reed, Gloria Franz, Elaine Holmes, Claire Whitney, Shelley Diemer, Peg Boortz, Barb Fairbairn, Gloria Beauregard, Arlene Handler-Smith, Natalie Keller, Rosalind Miller, Alice Quiroz-Burns, Alora Reed-Garcia, Avi Rodriguez, and Pamela Smyth, all wearing polka dots in honor of Mickie's presidential theme, Connecting the Dots. Wish you were there to join in the fun.

Moment in Time

Women’s History 

Woman’s Club of Indio and Young People

Part 1


From the very start, the women of the Woman's Club of Indio developed diverse programs to address their concern for the well-being of our valley youth. Later this month, we will award scholarships to some deserving students, reminding us of our commitment to encourage and assist young people in our valley. Here are a few examples of our selfless support.


Early years

  • High school girls were employed to look after members' children during club meetings. A member compiled a roster of dependable girls, enabling members to hire sitters for other occasions. This was a practical solution that benefited all parties involved. Mothers had peace of mind, children were not in places where they could cause a disturbance, and the high school girls earned a little income.
  • Members planted twelve roses by the school's front door and presented framed pictures of all the presidents to hang on classroom walls.


  • The club adopted a French "orphan" under the direction of the Society for Fatherless Children of France. For three years, the club sent money and Christmas presents to the girl and her mother, who earned only pennies a day.
  • The club donated playground equipment to the Indio Elementary School.
  • Members campaigned for a full-time nurse for the school district and raised $555 for the nurse's salary.


To be continued in next month’s newsletter.

Birthdays & Anniversaries

May Birthdays

Betsy Eisenman - 1st

Pamela Smyth - 2nd

Julia Vasquez - 2nd

Susan Everett - 4th

Rosemary Rios - 5th

Gloria Franz - 6th

Lorraine Velona - 7th

Janet Hartzler-Braslow - 9th

Marlon Carrier - 14th

Gail Fisher - 14th

Marcia Meakim -14th

Barbara Schadlow - 15th 

Donna Weiss - 20th

Martha Sung - 22nd

Pat Davis - 23rd

Betty Sassano - 25th

Dawn Gummer - 26th

May Anniversaries

Gloria Beauregard -17 years

Elaine Holmes - 17 years

Irene Ramos - 17 years

Irene Calderon - 11 years

Grete Cox - 11 years

Roz Watkins - 10 years

Sylvia Rios - 8 years

Bobbi Morris - 7 years

Lisa Francis -6 years

Margaret Nieto - 6 years

Alice Quiroz-Burns - 5 years

Sophia Franz - 4 years

Mary Martin-Akhigbe - 3 years 

Pamela Smyth - 2 years

Karen Acker - 1 year

Photo Galleries

April Meeting Gallery
De Anza Convention Gallery


De Anza District 

67th Annual Convention


April 6, 2024

Over 80 district members, brimming with enthusiasm, gathered at the 2024 Convention held in the Woman's Improvement Club of Corona's craftsman-style clubhouse. The presence of the HOPE teenagers was met with cheers and applause, a testament to the unwavering support they enjoy.


On the agenda were officer reports, a very lengthy discussion about a proposed bylaws change, and a One Day Project in which members made small blankets to donate to Animal Friends of the Valley.


After guest speaker and CFWC President Barbara Briley Beard spoke, the District Awards and Arts and Crafts Awards were presented. Barbara Briley Beard installed the new Board of Directors, with Mickie Reed taking on the duties of the 2024-2026 district president. The Holtville Ladies Singers had us laughing with a song Deborah Thornburg wrote about the tribulations of growing older. The convention concluded with a champagne celebration, during which the toasts were many to everyone's delight.


Participating in a convention is not just an event; it's an opportunity to gain a broader perspective of the De Anza District and its thirteen clubs. We have yet to decide where next year's convention will be held, but wherever it is, make sure to sign up and be part of this enriching experience!

121st Annual 

California Federation of Women’s Clubs Convention

May 11-18, 2024

San Jose-Silicon Valley, California


Members should refer to the Call (agenda) for registration information. They are responsible for completing their Credential and Meal Reservation Form, submitting it directly with payment to arrive no later than April 30th.  

Convention Call

De Anza District 

Club Awards

Large Clubs


GFWC Special Programs


2nd Place – Domestic & Sexual Violence Awareness & Prevention

2nd Place – Advocates for Children


GFWC Community Service Programs


3rd Place – Arts and Culture

3rd Place – Civic Engagement and Outreach


GFWC Advancement Areas


1st Place – Communications and Public Relations

2nd Place – Leadership

3rd Place – Membership

2nd Place – Fundraising & Development

2nd Place – Women’s History & Resource Center

1st Place – Epsilon Sigma Omicron 

What’s happening in other clubs?

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Heritage Palms Map
Heritage Palms Clubhouse Map

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