I've learned many lessons during my three-year tenure as the Executive Director of WCAC, but one in particular is to always expect the unexpected. Six months into my tenure at WCAC, the COVID pandemic hit resulting in not only a dramatic uptick in need for WCAC's services, but the need for a dramatic shift in the way the agency delivers our services. Some eighteen months later, just as we began planning for a return to in-person services, our office headquarters suffered a catastrophic power failure. We were forced to rework and readjust our means of serving the community once again.

I’m beyond proud of the way our team has rallied together maintaining our commitment to support our communities. I’m beyond grateful to our many community partners who stepped in with offers of office space and technology assistance to ensure our continuity of service, especially Fallon Health and the facilities team there who have been welcoming and gracious by offering use of their space as a temporary solution while we finalize construction of our new office. In the coming months, we'll at long last be moving into new office space at 18 Chestnut Street. Our move-in day cannot come soon enough, and we are planning to announce our official move date in the coming weeks. While we can't be certain what the future holds, we approach the last quarter of the year optimistic, hopeful and ready to respond to our community, and always steadfast in our mission to break the cycle of poverty one neighbor at a time.