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July 2017 

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July 10-13
Beach BVCA 

July 12-16 
Beach AAU Junior Natls

July 18-22
Beach AAU Junior Olympics

July 20-25
USAV JBT Championships 

College Commits
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Julia Kallen 2018

Katie Lougeay 2019 University Colorado Boulder

Recruiting Tip #7

Have questions of your own and potential answers for theirs ready for college coaches that show why you are interested in their university/college.  Do your research on the school!

Welcome to the WAVE Report! 

The place to find current conditions and the future forecast for all things WAVE. 

Just like that, you blink and the indoor season is over.  Thank you to the players, coaches, and parents for an amazing journey.  

Use the free time to join in or cheer on the beach athletes as they compete in a number of championship tournaments this month.

Current Conditions
Hot Spots
Summer Programs are filling up fast
Summer is here! Make sure to register for the variety of summer programs available indoor and out for BOYS & GIRLS of all ages and levels of play. 

Summer Programs Indoor  (K-12th grade)

Beach Camps (3rd - 12th grade)

Boys Beach Mini Season (6th -12th grade)

WASP Summer Program - 1 month options!

ADULTS TOO!   Cross-fit style workout with WASP.

Alumni Workouts
For past WAVE athletes that are home for the summer, keep up on your workouts and touches for your sport by attending Indoor open gyms OR College Beach Workouts.

Indoor Girls  - Every Tuesday/Thursday 6-8pm

Fall Programs
Fall is right around the corner.  Check out what WAVE has to offer both indoor and out.  The program information will be posted soon and included in the next WAVE Report.

ISPE Programs 
WAVE offers two ISPE programs - Beach Volleyball or the Sport Injury Prevention Program through WASP.  Check them out for further details and information. 

Junior Olympic Championship Results

14 Rachel (7-3, 17th)
15 Brennan (5-5, 22nd)
16 Brent (7-3, 11th)
17 Kevin (7-4, 9th)

12 Juliana (6-3, 5th) 
13 Tammy (11-0, 1st)

14 Jimmy (8-3, 13th)
14 Heather (9-2, 37th)
15 Dave (9-1, 3rd)
15 Savage (4-5, 47th)   
16 Kyle (9-1, 5th)
16 Sean (6-4, 17th)
17 Nate (7-4, 11th)

Volleyball Festival National Championships Results

12 Madie (8-4, 6th)
12 Morgan (5-6, 27th)
13 Janna (10-2, 17th)
13 Jessica (7-5, 36th)
13 Kaja (6-6, 58th)
14 Sarah (3-8, 47th)
15 Madie (7-5, 26th)
16 Grey (6-5, 22nd)

SCVA Tournament Results

12s Finals
12 Juliana (3-0 D1, 1-1 Playoffs, 2nd)
12 Madie (3-0 D4)
12 Morgan (2-1 D3)
12 Jackie (0-3 D11)
11 Jeana (1-2 D12)
11 Heather (0-3 D15)
11 Ali (0-3 D17)

13s Finals
13 Tammy (2-1 D1,  0-1 Playoffs, 3rd)
13 Janna (1-2 D4)
13 Jessica (3-0 D7)
13 Kaja (2-1 D10)
13 Nicki (3-0 D16)

14s Finals 
14 Rachel (2-1 D1,  0-1 Playoffs, 11th)
14 Jimmy (2-1 D2,  1-1 Playoffs, 22nd)
14 Heather (2-1 D2, 0-1 Playoffs, 27th)
14 Sarah (0-3 D6)
14 Morgan (3-0 D11)

15s Finals
15 Brennan (2-1 D1, 0-1 Playoffs, 3rd)
15 Dave (0-3 D1, 1-1 Playoffs, 14th)
15 Savage (1-2 D2, 0-1 Playoffs, 31st)
15 Madie (3-0 D5)
15 Chris (1-2 D8)
15 Anna (3-0 D13)

16s Finals
16 Sean (0-3 D3, 0-1 Playoffs, 39th)
16 Grey (1-2 D5)

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Junior Olympic Championship Results
Open                                                Club
14 Skyler  (6-4, 15th)                        17 Kevin (7-3, 5th)
15 Chris (2-7, 23rd)                           18 Jed (5-5, 20th)
16 Brennan (5-4, 17th)

SCVA Tournament Results 

Points #6  (18/16) 
18 Jed (1-2 D1, Playoffs)
18 Jake (0-3 D4, 0-1 Playoffs)
17 Kevin (0-3 D2, 0-1 Playoffs)
16 Brennan (3-0 D1, 2-0 Playoffs)
16 Nate (0-3 D5, 0-1 Playoffs)
16 Dave (3-0 D6, 2-0 Playoffs)
15 Chris (2-1 D3, 0-1 Playoffs)
15 Nick (0-3 D6, 2-0 Playoffs)

It's getting hot at the beach . . 
Beach Club and Beach Camp have been enjoying the cooler morning sand. Now that indoor season is over, come cross train to start your day! See below for times and offerings.  Visit the beach club page for more information and register today.

WAVE Sand Tour
Compete locally in a variety of tournaments for all ages.
Check out the competition schedule and register today!

WAVE Beach on the Sand

WAVE Athletes are going strong as they head into the various BVCA, AAU, USAV Championships, and CBVA Tour Stop Season.  Best of luck this month!

Check out the updated list of tournaments  if you are interested in playing or just want to spend a day at the beach watching some great volleyball. 

The ISPE program is a great way to learn the beach game, while also earning physical education credit.  Information for registration can be found here.

Adult Beach 4x4 Leagues
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening leagues have been busy at the sand facility. 
Sign up today at  
VAVI Adult League

Got Beach Questions? Contact matt@wavevb.com

Agility & Strength Program 
Movement of the Month
Contrast Vert Med Ball Throws

This movement is a vertical training tool that focuses on developing power and speed in the hips.  The contrast training helps the athlete develop not only strength, but speed in the movement generating more explosive power overall. 

The Leader Board Update

Athlete of the Month
GiGi Mudwilder

WAVE Sport Injury Prevention ISPE
"Improving your Mobility and Recovery, Means Improving Control over your Game and Minimizing Risk for Injury" - Amber Walker, Director WAVE Agility & Strength

Work towards this by being a part of the Sport Injury Prevention ISPE beginning next fall! 

Please click  here for more info and to sign up! 


if you are just wanting to get some training in, the  Agility and Strength training program athletes focus on improving their performance on the court while decreasing their risk of injury.   

If you are interested in signing up for the program, please fill out the form online .
WAVE Shout Outs
Coach Kelly movin' and groovin' at the AVP

After starting the season with two top 5 finishes, Kelly and partner Jen Fopma have battled to a 9th in NYC, and back to back 3rds in Seattle and San Francisco.

The tour finds its way to the beaches of LA - Hermosa on July 20-23 and the grand daddy of it all at Manhattan Beach on August 17-20.  Go cheer her on and watch some amazing world class volleyball being played in some of the deepest sand around!

Game, Set, Match

Congratulations to Coach Janna (Left) on her engagement and big move to the Midwest with fiance Ryan.  We are excited for your new adventure, although we'll miss you dearly!

Parabéns pelo seu noivado Julianna! (Right).  Excited for you and Brian on this next chapter.
Countdown is on . . . 

to Baby Dean's arrival.  Enjoy your last month or so of being just two.

Any guesses on her name WAVE family??
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