WASH Rotary Action Group Newsletter - January 2021
EDITOR'S NOTE: Last year, we completed a review of how we provide our WASH information through the website, emails, and the newsletter. In this issue, we are incorporating some of the suggested changes from that review.

We are also establishing a Newsletter Advisory Group to provide input on the content and format of the newsletter and the Stories page on the website. If you have any comments or suggestions please contact info@wasrag.org
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Missing WASH in Healthcare Facility Story
In the December 2020 issue of this newsletter, we had a story about a project of the Rotary Club of Naperville to provide WASH to a Hospital Facility in Nigeria.

Interview with Peter Staermose
Last fall, Peter Staermose, a member of the Rotary Club of Horsholm was named the new Chair of the Ambassador and Membership Team.

We had an interview with Peter so readers, especially WASH Rotary Action Group Ambassadors, could learn who he is and his goals for the upcoming year.

WASH in Healthcare Facilities
In the 1950s an old First Aid Station, in Ghana, was turned into a maternity midwife station. The facility did not have a bathroom or onsite running water.

In 2016, the Rotary Club of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, received a Global Grant for $97,000 to renovate this facility to bring it up to standards as a maternity delivery and health care centre. A condition of the grant was that they also had to provide training for regional and local staff.

Rotarian Dr Elaine Bunick has led the effort to bring medical care to this area. She has provided some excellent before and after photographs on WASH in Healthcare Facilities (WASH in HCF) that will be submitted to the 2021 People of WASH Photograph and Video competition.

Many of Dr Bunick's photographs have been used by Ron Denham, Chair Emeritus, for a PowerPoint presentation on the need for Rotarians to get involved in this critical need to bring WASH to healthcare facilities in communities around the world.
Three Virtual Roundtables on WASH in HCF
Global Water 2020 is hosting a series of three dynamic virtual roundtable discussions focused on advocating for WASH in healthcare facilities. Advocates will share best practices, challenges, and lessons learned.

The discussions will be held February 7, March 3 and March 17. All starting at 7 am Eastern. Simultaneous French and Spanish translations will be provided.

To be involved fill out this interest form.
Clean Water from the Air
The Rotary Club of Bogota Santa Barbara is raising funds to bring clean water to Providencia and Santa Catalina, which are islands off the coast of Colombia. They will use the Ayudagua technology that condenses water from the air using solar energy.

Contact the club if you are interested in helping with this innovative project.
Tackling the World's Most Polluted Rivers
Recently, the newsletter New Atlas had an article on the cleaning the world's most polluted rivers.

The non-profit Ocean Cleanup has been removing tons of plastics from the oceans and now has set its sights on cleaning up rivers. Interceptors are already scooping up plastic from rivers in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Dominican Republic.

Plastic gathered is turned into consumer products.
Raising Money in Challenging Times
The pandemic is challenging many clubs on ways to raise money to support their projects. Here are three innovative fundraisers used to raise money for WASH projects. Check to make sure these ideas are legal in your area.

> George "WaterMan" Lewis has been working with Rotary clubs to sell portraits of pets for $150, of which $100 goes towards the club's projects. Recently, the Rotary Club of Massena, N.Y. held a Zoom meeting with George, sold nine portraits and raised $1,800 for their water project in Peru.
WASH Rotary Action Group Projects
The WASH Rotary Action Group Project Page continues to grow with a variety of projects from around the globe. The project list provides Rotary members with a place to get expert advice and obtain financial support from other clubs for major project grants. Future newsletters will include a featured project and a few additional projects from the WASH Rotary Action Group Project page.
Highlighted Project
This Honduras Clean Water project (G-2636) will use $66,000 to provide potable water to all households, schools, and churches in the community of Juticalpa, Honduras. The host Rotary Club of Roatan, Honduras and the International Partner the Rotary Club of Fair Lawn-Sunrise, New Jersey, are seeking partners for this project.

The project will drill a well, install a solar system and pump, clean and repair an existing 15,000 gallon water storage tank (shown here), build a new PVC water distribution system, and provide WASH training to the community. There will be opportunities for hands-on work in Honduras for those who might be interested in travel.
Recently Added Project
Host Club - Beira International Club - Punta Gorda
Total Project - $50,000 Needed: $20,000

NOTE: Information for both of these projects are taken from the EXCELLENT Rotary Global Grants website page maintained by District 5340.
Calendar of Events
Feb 17, 2021 - 7 am Eastern - Advocating for WASH in Healthcare Facilities
NOTE: Simultaneous French and Spanish translation will be available.

Mar 3, 2021 - 7 am Eastern - Advocating for WASH in Healthcare Facilities
NOTE: Simultaneous French and Spanish translation will be available.

Mar 11 and 12, 2021 - Colarado WASH 2021 Virtual Symposium

Mar 17, 2021 - 7 am Eastern - Advocating for WASH in Healthcare Facilities
NOTE: Simultaneous French and Spanish translation will be available.

´╗┐Mar 22, 2021 - WORLD WATER DAY

May 5, 2021 - HAND HYGIENE DAY



Oct 24, 2021 - World Polio Day

Nov 19, 2021 - WORLD TOILET DAY
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The WASH Rotary Action Group is pleased to consider partnerships with any corporate supporter. Due to the unique attributes of water sources and water provision, acceptance of corporate support does not imply an endorsement of any particular water technology. Rotarians, Rotary Clubs, and Rotary partners must evaluate any technology to determine if it is the best solution for the conditions where the program will be implemented. The WASH Rotary Action Group can provide guidance about where different technologies work best, but Rotarians and Rotary clubs must make the final decision about how to implement their programs.