Volume 09| May 24, 2018
2018 New Horizons Meeting and Field Day
Thursday, September 6, 2018
Location - TBD

2019 Annual Meeting & Conference

Friday, February 28-March 1, 2019
Wintergreen Resort and Conference Center
May 2nd - Field Day Summary
WAPAC members, NRCS Staff, WI Geologic & Natural History Survey staff and others met for a demonstration of tools to determine depth to bedrock.

SnapPlus 2018 Advisory Group Meeting Results

Earlier this spring, the SnapPlus Advisory group extended an invitation to WAPAC to join their meetings. The goal of the meetings was to get a better idea of how consultants are using the program and where the program should go from there.

WAPAC Congratulates
Sara Walling

Sara Walling is the new UWEX Agriculture Institute Director and WAPAC looks forward to continuing our collaborative efforts supporting
Wisconsin Farmers.
Conventional Corn Planter No-Till Planting into a Barley Cover Crop

You don’t necessarily need a no-till planter to no-till plant.  In this short clip, Robinway Dairy and InDepth Agronomy use a conventional corn planter to no-till plant into a barley cover crop. Using this method allowed them to plant more corn acres earlier than usual because they didn’t need to work up the land prior to planting.

WAPAC Legislative Committee Update

Please see the following update from Jordan Lamb:

I have reviewed the DATCP Board agenda for their May 24 th meeting. (Here is a link: https://datcp.wi.gov/Pages/About_Us/ATCPBoardMaterials.aspx ). I did not see anything of interest or concern for WAPAC. Let me know if there is an issue that I missed.
NR 151 Update: The NR 151 rule was referred to JCRAR on April 4th. The 30 day review period expired on May 4 with no action taken. Progress! The rule now goes back to the agency for final promulgation. I would say that they are on track for the June effective date they were shooting for. (Here is a link to the rule status page for your records: https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/code/chr/all/cr_17_062 .)
Kind regards,
Haily Sand - President
Nathen Nysse - President-Elect
Tom Novak - Recording Secretary
Robert Mickelson - Treasurer

Chuck Bolte
Nathan Casper
Tom Prosser
Andrew Skwor
Bill Stangel
Carrie Laboski - Ex Officio Advisor

2018 Dues and Lobbying Contribution Notice

If you haven't renewed your membership or contributed towards WAPAC's lobbying efforts, please click on the link below to read the letter and send in your dues and contribution!

Welcome New Members!

These new members are from MSA Professional Services Welcome to WAPAC!
Board of Directors - Member Spotlight

Robert Mickelson

Hello WAPAC members,

My name is Robert Mickelson and I have been a WAPAC member since the mid-1990’s. I am on your WAPAC Board of Directors, and have held the Treasurer position for the past 5 years. I previously was on the WAPAC Board in the early 2000’s. I also have been on the Scholarship committee for quite some time.

This is my 25 th season of crop scouting and consulting, currently with my business, Mickelson Agronomics LLC. I am currently working with one of my farmer clients as a participant in the Soil Health Partnership, through the National Corn Growers Association. My involvement has consisted of intensive soil sampling annually, for 5 years, from which many soil tests are run by three different soils labs. Lots of data is being collected, for which future analysis will be required, looking for trends.

I’ve been married to my wife Tracy for almost 10 years (that sure went fast!), and we have three children, Clara (9), Daniel (6), and Jacob (3). We make our home (and office) in Fall River, Wisconsin (and no, that is NOT way up north). When not working, we volunteer our time with our church, have just started the two older kids in 4-H (of which we are both leaders already), and otherwise spend our time shuttling the kids to school and other school activities. As a family, we like to make an annual summer trip up North, a Brewers game, and taking day trips to state parks, or railway museums. 

Currently, my interest in being a WAPAC member, and supporting the new lobbying effort, has a lot to do with effecting positive changes to Nutrient Management Planning. For those who have been writing NMP’s for some time, continual changes to NMP requirements have been a source of aggravation. I think the organization did a commendable job in our first year of working with a lobbyist, and did effect some positive outcomes in regards to new rules for NMP’s over shallow soils.

Thank you for the privilege to serve as a board member.

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