Thursday, April 27, 2023

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Your Greater Kitsap Chamber wants to know:
Has the lack of service on the Bremerton-Seattle ferry over the last several years impacted
you or your business in any way?
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This is the first of a series of questions the GKC will be running over the next several weeks to gauge the experience our members have had with the Washington State Ferry system. If you have additional comments you would like to share on your experience at any time, please contact us at
*Survey questions are run for at least 2 weeks to capture all of our readers.
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WA Legislature Approves $69.2B, Funding Worker Pay, Climate, Education
From Joseph O'Sullivan, Crosscut, published April 24, 2023
Photo: Karen Ducey/The Seattle Times

Democratic lawmakers in the Washington Legislature on Saturday afternoon unveiled a new, two-year state budget that boosts funding for worker pay, climate projects and special education.

The release of the $69.2 billion state operating budget comes less than 36 hours before the end of this year’s 105-day legislative session, giving the public – and lawmakers themselves – little time to actually read the spending blueprint before it was scheduled to be voted into law on Sunday.

The operating budget deal struck between House and Senate lawmakers in the Democratic majority distributes spending on a range of programs across Washington, from K-12 schools, prisons and the mental-health system, to social services, parks, wildfire response and environmental programs.

How AI is Revolutionizing Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses
Periodically, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gurus come out and tell everyone some <insert noun> is changing SEO forever. Add that to the nearly constant adjustments search engines are making to their algorithms and hitting the moving target of organic ranking success becomes as impossible as winning a giant stuffy at a carnival. Sure, you see it happen on occasion but never to you.
This article is going to tell you that artificial intelligence (AI) will forever change SEO. We know. You’ve heard claims like this before but this time it’s true. Because for once we’re leveraging machine learning against the machine. It’s a war of the alphabet AI versus SEO and here’s why it’s changing the search landscape forever.

This Specific Kind of
Stress Makes Managers Less Effective
Published on, April 24, 2023
Photo: RunPhoto/Getty Images

Our days are filled with microstress that we don’t even recognize. When these microstresses hit, we typically don’t pause long enough to register what they’re doing to us physically and mentally. But microstresses can trigger a chain reaction of other, unrecognized stresses that can stretch for hours, even days. We might work harder and longer to compensate for teammates that just missed the mark, putting strain on our personal relationships in the process. Or we might deliver subpar work because we ran out of time, which in turn causes stress in the professional relationships who were counting on us.

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