April 5, 2023

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Dear SOS friend and supporter,

Many of you may be voting early this weekend or perhaps waiting until Tuesday. The important message here is to vote. Your vote matters. If you don't vote, you will have no right to complain about the outcome later. VOTE. Our stalwart group of SOS volunteers have put together salient facts for you to consider before you cast your vote. Read on and share with your friends and neighbors.

SOS Steering Committee

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Still doing yeoman's work for our community (stormwater filtration, carbon sequestering, oxygen emitting) in addition to providing us with this beautiful autumn display.

VOTE for trees.

ABOUT SOS (Save Our Street)

Save Our Street is a citizen group that seeks to educate and advocate for the preservation of the historic streetscape of Summit Avenue as a treasured St. Paul destination and a safe, tree-lined, multi-modal corridor for generations to come. SaveSummitAvenue.org

SOS Steering Committee Chair: Gary Todd Grtodd@comcast.net 651-470-4720

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