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Issue 9 / August 2022

PEP Summer Updates

During the summer months of 2022 we PEP welcomed 8 new teens from Cabell and Wayne counties to the PEP youth leadership team. Three youth leaders from last year renewed their commitment to the team, bringing the team to a total of 11 youth leaders. On top of our 11 youth leaders PEP welcomed 6 youth trainees, 3 high school 3 collage, to the team. Two youth trainees, Hamzeh Al-Qawasmi and Brooklyn Johnson are experienced PEP youth leaders who transitioned into the trainee position. They will both be attending Marshall this fall and work closely with PEP staff as not only trainees but also mentors for all our new youth leaders and trainees.  Click here to meet PEP's Youth Leadership Team and Trainees

PEP has been busy with many events these past few months, check out these articles to learn more about PEP's youth events.

Youth Leadership and Trainee

Youth Leaders and Trainee Updates

Community Outreach Summer Activities

Last Laughs

Saying no to drugs and alcohol is a hard decision to make against what society does today. Saying no can help keep you safe and healthier. Live a stronger life by saying no. Enjoy these prevention-based memes focused on saying no!

-BrookeHayden Carey


Prevention Backpack

It’s back to school time and teens need a checklist on how to stay substance free. A prevention backpack can help. It gives tips and tricks to stay substance free. It can be used at any time throughout the summer or school year.

-Scout Ashworth


PEP in the Past and Future

The image above was taken at a What’s Up Wednesday Event and includes many of our new youth leaders and trainees. If you are interested in what this group has been up to and what they have coming up in the next quarter, check out this article!

-Brooklyn Johnson


Why Scare Tactics Don't Work in Drug Use Prevention

Scare tactics don’t work in drug use prevention. Teens' brains are not fully developed, so they use a different part of the brain than adults to process information.

-Becca Hull


The Chronic Effects of Addiction on the Brain

Drugs and alcohol can hijack the brain's reward system and affect the way the human brain makes and receives dopamine. This can cause the brain to become addicted to the consumed substance. Click here to understand the effects of addiction on the brain!

-Alli Chapman



Have Substance Questions? Ask, and PEP will respond!

As our teens are going through life they are sure to have questions about substance use and misuse, we remain committed to educating and have open conversations about the issue our teens are facing today. 

Read more concerning teen questions and PEP's Answers!

-Candace Chapman

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