Vital Congregations
by Linda Bobbitt
A New Report from Faith Communities Today
What does a congregation mean when they describe themselves as spiritually vital? How does a congregation become vital? What is the relationship between vitality and sustainability? Does the answer depend on the faith tradition?

This study asked leaders from 10 different faith traditions to answer these questions. We found remarkable similarities across all traditions, while also discovering the unique perspectives of each. Their answers illustrate distinct understandings about the way people interact with God and different perspectives of God’s promise of hope for the world.

One of the most interesting findings of this study was the degree of agreement, across faith traditions, about what it means to be spiritually vital and what things contribute to promote or damage that vitality. Spiritually vital congregations are those that come together for a divine common purpose in ways that are transformative to the people within them and to their communities.
Additional Vitality Reflections
This report is a summary of all the findings of this study, but in upcoming editions, we will focus specifically on findings from individual religious traditions, beginning with a reflection on Orthodox vitality next month.
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