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Join us every Sunday

for meditation, chanting, and study

in-person at MABA

(299 Heger Lane, Augusta, MO)

MABA is open to the public

on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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Sunday Morning at MABA schedule:

09.30 - 10.00 Sitting meditation

10.00 - 10.10 Walking meditation

10.00 - 10.45 Dhamma talk

10.45 - 11.00 Chanting

11.00 - 11.45 Study Group

11.45 Vegetarian Lunch

July schedule:

  • July 2nd: Sunday Morning, talk by Master Jì Rú
  • July 7-9: Beginners Retreat
  • July 9th: Sunday Morning, talk by Master Jì Rú
  • July 15th: Children's Program
  • July 16th: Sunday Morning, talk by Venerable Kōngjǐn
  • July 23rd: Sunday Morning, talk by Xiǎnzé Jeff
  • July 30th: Sunday Morning, talk by Xiǎnchū Cory

Event Calendar

Buddha's Teaching of the Month

The wise man through earnestness, virtue,

and purity makes himself an island which no flood can submerge. 

Udānavarga 5.25




The spring season is here. Our monastery is happy to receive any help in cleaning the Chan Hall, yard work and gardening. Join us on Saturdays, with vegetarian lunch provided. Please let us know you are willing to come and help.


July 15th

Children's program

MABA will host second children's program this summer on July 15th.

The event features fun outdoor activities, art&crafts, Dhamma sharing & story time, as well as meditation and mindfulness activities.

Activities start at 9.45 a.m.,

with lunch at 11.30,

ending mid-afternoon (around 2).

This program work to inspire community and friendship among MABA's youth, as well as provide fun opportunities for youth Buddhist engagement.

Parents are asked to bring a dish to share at lunch. During activities they are welcome to help, or they may feel free to enjoy MABA facilities.

Space is limited to 20 children.

The thirds and the last program is scheduled for August the 5th.

July 7-9

Beginner's retreat

Starting from June 16th

Master Jiru will be giving talks in Cantonese

MABA invites young people to experience monastic life. If you always wanted to know if becoming a monk or a nun is a good decision for you, give it a try. Learn more about the Buddha's teaching and how to live according to this practice.

Chicago IBFA temple

will be hosting weekend mindful retreats once a month.


is the virtue of giving. Monastic community is fully dependent on the lay community support. As for now MABA almost fully relies on the support of traditional Asian community. It is very important for us to help Western community to develop six paramitas (perfection), first of which is the virtue of giving. The importance of practicing Dana is known through it's benefit for overcoming lower fetters, such as greed and ignorance, and the way to accumulate merits, that will support the practice of meditation. Without preliminary effort to establish virtuous actions, the practice of meditation often become fruitless. Do not hesitate and seize any opportunity to develop this virtue.

Thank you for your outgoing support!

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Dharma Talks
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MABA accepts invitations from schools, educational institutes and other religious organizations to introduce Buddhism and mindfulness practice, as well as to join interfaith dialogues that promote mutual understanding between practices. 

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For our Dharma friends and supporters who wish to make a dedicated lantern offering, we will engrave a tablet in your name (or any name you wish) and place it at the pavilion.

Lantern offerings

Funeral services

Reservation of the niches, ordering the urns, placing the urns, relocating the urns, chanting service for transference of merits, funeral services, placement of name tablet of ancestors, and visiting dying patients.

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