2024 Virtual Church Media
TV Broadcast, Africa Crusades
and Bibles to Prisoners
161,000 accepted Jesus!
161,000 souls were saved in a rural area 130 miles outside of Lagos, Nigeria, named Illuei Uttaih
Thank you for helping send our VCM evangelistic teams!
Evangelist Israel Aggrey and his team of approximately 300 just returned from winning 161,000 souls for Jesus. Click on the above image to see our feeding program in action. The next step is discipleship and establishing the fellowships. Click here to help send our 2024 Discipleship Teams to equip the new converts.

The VCM Ministry Center in Lagos, Nigeria, is fully paid for. Watch the video of our new debt-free VCM Ministry Center in Nigeria, paid for by friends and partners of VirtualChurchMedia.com.
Recent Crusade in November 2023! Watch a Video of Evangelist Israel Aggrey sharing reports of "The man in the white robe," who appeared in dreams to more than 200 people, directing them to attend this event in advance and be saved. Watch the New Video from Israel Aggrey and his plans for 2024 to disciple the new believers in Illuei Uttaih, Nigeria.

Prison Ministry, Mobile App and TV Broadcast
Bibles and Books to Prisoners
In 2023, we sent hundreds of Bibles and resource materials to prisoners! In 2024, we are scheduled to send another 1,000 Bibles. Will you help us pack and ship, or with shipping costs? To ship a 3-5-pound study Bible, it costs about $7 per Bible. We currently have 250 Bibles in hand, ready to pack and ship.
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We broadcast to 100 million homes on satellite in the Middle East on The Cross TV.
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Joanna's new Book ~
7 Mistakes Women Make that Repel Good Men (and How to Reverse Them)!
A Biblical roadmap written in modern language: Finding and Keeping your soul mate. You'll learn how to become a King maker instead of a manbreaker, affair proof your marriage, discover your identity, and much, much more! Pre-order today!
Since the beginning, more than 10,000 first-quality study Bibles have been provided to prisoners on our waiting list through our sister ministry, Heart of America Prison Ministries. To help us raise up 12 disciples behind bars in 2024, you can Give. Change lives, one Bible at a time, for only $30 per month. Or, consider helping with packing and shipping costs, an estimated $7/Bible. We have 250 study Bibles ready to go! Donate

Our weekly TV program is broadcast to more than 100 million homes in the Middle East on The Cross TV Network, CanyonStar.TV, AuthenticTvGlobalmedia.com and VirtualChurchTV.com. To help support video capture, editing, and distribution costs, please consider a monthly partnership for 2024. PartnerNow
Joanna and I want to say Thank YOU for your prayers, support, and love during these last 10 years through Virtual Church Media. Please let us know how we and our intercessory prayer team can pray for you and your loved ones. Email us at Info@virtualchurchmedia.com