LEGISLATIVE ACTION ALERT:  Contact Virginia Governor Northam today to stop small cell (5G) legislation that would remove your ability to voice concerns at public hearings about installations of 5G antennas and gut local zoning control!
The wireless infrastructure (5G) zoning bill, House Bill 1258, passed on a close vote in the Virginia General Assembly.  This bill and the Senate's identical bill, SB 405, are opposed by the Center for Safer Wireless and numerous Virginia localities, as well as environmental and scenic preservation groups. New antennas up to 50 feet above ground level would be erected in neighborhoods without the public notice and input provided by the current zoning process. The bill thwarts a locality's ability to ask questions, negotiate, and act on community concerns.  Among other undesirable outcomes, local oversight over antenna co-location on any existing structure that's not considered a "small cell facility" would also be curtailed. 

If either bill becomes law, telecommunication companies will have the right to place cell antennas on every utility pole.  Right now they are installed on cell towers or building roofs.  The result is your home will likely be subjected to wireless radiation day and night, and the antenna could be right outside your bedroom window. Your ability to escape wireless radiation will disappear in Virginia.
Governor Northam may act on these bills any time up until a midnight April 9 deadline.  Call 804-786-2211. Say your name and city, and ask that he veto the two bills. Or write him ASAP and urge him to VETO these wireless bills!   How to contact Governor Northam
The wireless industry is a powerful lobby, so citizens and communities need to speak loud and strong.  See the text and voting history for these bills on Virginia's Legislative Information System .  Consider contacting General Assembly representatives also so they are better informed if these bills return to the House and Senate floor for consideration in April.  
C all today to reduce the expansion of 5G infrastructure and protect the health of Virginia residents.

Best Regards,

Desiree Jaworski
Executive Director

Center for Safer Wireless,  P.O. Box 166  Haymarket, VA  20168