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May 2023

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Virginia Title Center and the Courthouses will be closed on Monday, May 29th in observance of Memorial Day

5 Ways To Be a Manager That People Don't Want to Quit

by Stephanie Vozza

It’s long been said that people don’t quit their jobs, they quit their managers. To boost retention, companies need people who can effectively inspire and lead others. In fact, LinkedIn’s 2023 Most In-Demand Skills list puts management at the top of the most needed skills. People who make good managers often create dedicated teams that work hard for the collective success of the team and the organization. Click HERE for five traits of manager that employees won’t want to quit.

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How Do I Stop Fraud From Happening to Me?

S.I.M.P.L.E. - Seller Identity Must Precede Literally Everything

When we are small children, we are warned about talking to strangers. As adults, we become less suspicious of strangers but still acknowledge the risks of unknown individuals. For example, before giving anyone money, we want to know who they are. Before proceeding with any real estate transaction – the same rules apply. It is S.I.M.P.L.E. Know the client. Know the customer. Identify the seller.

Real Estate Fraud is becoming increasingly more prevalent. Here's the how it works:

  1. An imposter seller pretends to be someone they are not.
  2. Imposter seller lists and/or sells property they do not own.
  3. Documents are executed remotely and without supervision or verification.
  4. Title is good. Everyone relies on the fake and forged documents
  5. Imposter seller disappears with the money.
  6. Leaves the rightful owner and the "would-be" buyer to fight it out.

Know the red flags, take precautions, ask questions to avoid falling victim to this scheme!

Click HERE for a detailed brochure outlining red flags at every step in the process.

NEW! Virginia Title Center Keeps You Safe From Wire Fraud with CertifID

Digital banking makes moving money easier for everyone — including cyber criminals, who are getting more cunning every day. Every wire transfer you send or receive is at risk. Yet many ask if wire fraud is really that serious? Wire transfers continue to be the most frequently reported payment method for fraud with a reported aggregate loss of $2.4 Billion and an average loss of $120k per victim. And, did you know that one out of every three real estate transactions are targeted for wire fraud?

At Virginia Title Center, we take the safety of your money and your client's money seriously and now offer wire fraud protection through a partnership with CertifID. This offers end-to-end protection to keep customer information secured and insured at all times through a suite of services. CertifID makes it easy for us to securely send our wire instructions to clients and lenders; allows us to safely collect bank details from home sellers and other partners; verifies the bank details that have been provided are accurate and not tampered with; and, offers PayoffProtect to validate the authenticity of wiring instructions to ensure loan payoff payments aren't sent to fraudsters. All wire transactions are backed by Lloyd's of London and insured up to $1 million. Click HERE for a flyer you can share with your clients, and talk to your settlement processor to learn how using CertifID can protect you and your clients.

How Your Physical Surroundings Shape Your Work Life

by Brianna Barker Caza, Alyson Meister, and Blake E. Ashforth


The past few years have encouraged us to revisit many assumptions about our lives, including the state and function of our workplaces. More than ever, it’s clear that our workplaces both shape and reflect important parts of ourselves, impacting our performance and well-being. While there are clearly limits to the places we have available to us for work (and our ability in making them “ours”), there are always at least small opportunities to engage in placemaking. Click HERE to gain insights into how you might consider to shape the physical landscape of the workplaces you have available to you in ways that can help you become your best self at work.

What Technologies Will Move From Hype to Reality in Banking?

By Jim Marous

Before the pandemic, many financial institutions were either initiating, or making major progress with, digital banking transformation. Since the pandemic, banks have had to accelerate their digital transformation efforts to respond to accelerating consumer expectations. The most progressive financial institutions are using modern technologies that augment, and sometimes replace, employees to create efficiencies and differentiate through new products and services. Even in a time of economic uncertainty, banks must look forward at what is possible with finite resources. Click HERE to learn more.

11 Proven Ways to Build Rapport in Your Negotiations

by Cindy Watson

If you want better outcomes in your negotiations, you’ll want to master the skill of rapport-building. Rapport is all about relationships: finding ways to make (rather than break) connections and build (rather than tear down) bridges. Building rapport diffuses potential tension as it creates a perceived shared frame of reference. Rapport-building can be instantaneous, or it can take time to develop. It can grow naturally, or you can build it with intention. Click HERE for 11 simple tips on how to do it.

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6 Frustrating Reasons You Aren't Becoming a Better Leader

5 Key Social Media Questions Answered to Help Guide Banks' Strategy

by Garret Reich

While four-fifths of the total US population is active on social media, most financial marketers struggle to maximize the value of social media. Strategies must be tailored to your financial institution, who its customers and employees are, and how you’d like to engage with the community. But no more product promotions please. Click HERE for answers to five key questions to help determine how your bank should go about trying to engage with social media users — from the choice of platform to the type of content.

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Title Monitoring Services vs. Owner Title Insurance

There has been much in the media about the use of title monitoring services versus purchasing an owner's title policy. When purchasing a property you want to make sure that your client has the best coverage to protect their interest in the property. While title monitoring monitors for fraud scenarios and notifies the customer of recording events affecting the property, a title policy insures against loss or damage resulting from failure of unknown title defects and acts as an indemnity against covered risks.

Click HERE to gain more insights for the best coverage for your clients.

The Equation to Success for New Real Estate Agents

from RealTrends

With a record number of real estate agents joining the industry in the past few years, it can be difficult for newer agents to stand out and find success. recently surveyed more than 2,000 agents to gain insight into their top challenges and discover the top tips to help new agents succeed and make it past year five. As part of its goal to help new agents succeed, the #ThrivePastFive study identified four parts to the “equation for success” for new agents. When defining a successful new agent as one that completes at least seven transactions a year, these factors are working full time, finding a mentor, using backup funds when getting started and investing in marketing. Click HERE to learn more about implementing these factors to create a successful career in real estate.

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What Color is Replacing Grey?
Study: Homeowner Wealth is 40 Times Higher Than Renters
Boost the Value of Your Real Estate Brokerage
Study: Real Estate Agents Stay for Culture, Tech Tools
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Important Information Regarding Receipt of Closing Packages
Virginia Title Center appreciates your support and cooperation in submitting your closing packages with clear to close no less than 24 hours before the scheduled date and time of closing.

It is the practice of our settlement processing team to review the documents submitted for accuracy prior to providing them to our closers. Often, our mobile closers need to travel up to an hour to the closing destination and also choose to review documents for questions prior to closing.

This 24 hour standard allows us to keep the client the top priority, and assure a smooth closing. A positive experience reflects favorably on you, your company, and Virginia Title Center. If your closing department is unable to meet this 24 hour prior to closing target, we will request that the closing be rescheduled.

Please share this with your team members as appropriate. Thank you for your understanding.
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Owner's Policy Comparison Chart
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