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Monday, December 6, 2021

The Virginia Daily Education News is a daily update (Monday through Friday) of education news throughout Virginia. Links are created to various media outlets throughout the state. Click the underlined headlines to view the articles.


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12-Year-Old Legislation Has Cost Schools Millions

For the past 12 years, school divisions across Virginia have been handicapped by legislation that was passed during the recession to help curb state spending. A support cap was put into place in 2009 that limited the funding that would go to school divisions for positions such as instructional assistants, mental health specialists and other support positions.

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Virginia Beach public school administrators, staff fill in as substitutes

Virginia Beach City Public Schools is increasing the pay for its subs. Many Central support staff are also answering the call to sub! VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Staffing shortages are hitting Hampton Roads school divisions hard, especially when it comes to finding substitute teachers. Virginia Beach City Public Schools is increasing the pay for its subs.

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Virginia School District Tries Recruiting Teachers to Transport Students Due to Bus Driver Shortage

Public schools across the country are not only facing a staff shortage within school buildings, but school bus drivers are also harder to find. Many say it's a problem that existed before COVID-19 but has only gotten worse. Like many districts Chesapeake is getting creative in trying to fill the driver gap, including recruiting teachers to transport students before and after class.

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Enrollment drops by more than 46K in Virginia public schools since pandemic, report says

A new report shows since the start of the pandemicthat 46,113 fewer students enrolled in Virginia public schools. That’s 3. 6% down from the fall of 2019. According to data released from the Virginia Department of Education, Fairfax County Public Schools saw the largest drop in enrollment.

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Public input sought about FY 2023 budget for Henrico Schools | The Henrico Citizen

Henrico Schools officials are seeking public input about their general fund spending plan for fiscal year 2023, which will begin July 1 and will include the 2022-23 school year. There are two ways to share your views about funding for HCPS programs and initiatives: * through a form available online through Dec.

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Spotsylvania Sheriff's Office responds to book burning event promoted on Facebook

The Spotsylvania Sheriff's Office and fire department will maintain a presence at the next School Board meeting as a response to a book burning event scheduled by a local Facebook group, Sheriff's Office spokesperson Troy Skebo said Wednesday. The anonymously run page Spotsy 411 posted the event Nov.

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In a move to reduce snow days, Prince William County superintendent announces 'Code Orange'

As the season for wintry weather approaches, Superintendent LaTanya McDade has announced a new weather category for Prince William schools that could significantly reduce the number of school days lost to inclement weather: "Code Orange." On Code Orange days, schools will be closed to all students and teachers, just like on Code Red days.

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Progress 'slow, but there' on Charlottesville school bus woes

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - After some difficult months, Charlottesville's school bus problems are slowly getting better. The problem had to do with a shortage of bus drivers, a familiar problem for many schools. Couple that with new social distancing policies that restrict the bus capacity, and the waitlist to board the bus was getting lengthy.

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Albemarle Co. Public Schools recognize special education legislation

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Albemarle County Public Schools is recognizing a day in history that changed their schools for the better. Federal legislation passed December 2, 1975, allowed special education departments in public schools. Now, Albemarle County has robust opportunities for learners of all kinds.

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Martinsville students create museum to learn about history

Sixth-graders in Beverly Woody's Social Studies class at Martinsville Middle School were busy creating a museum of historical figures and events on Monday. "History is so much more than just remembering facts and dates," Woody said in a release. "Projects like the museum are three-dimensional and breathe life into people and places from the past.

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