Excited to Announce the Launch of
My New Website & New Services

Has perfectionism ever stopped or blocked you? Well up until the other night, perfectionism had unknowingly paralyzed me from launching my new website & services. I kept revising it and unconsciously needing it to be perfect & well, that was setting myself up to lose & never launch it.

Of course, I was unaware of all this until I suddenly realized that I had delayed the launch date of my website for the umpteenth time.

So last Sunday evening in the wee hours, way past my bedtime, I decided to use my tried & trusted Belief Re-patterning tool to shift that perfectionism to something that served me better & allowed me to move forward. The Universe gave me ' in process '. I am always growing & so is my business & therefore my website will always be evolving too.

What would you like to transform from having to be perfect to allowing 'in process'? I invite you to use my Belief Re-patterning steps below. If you would like some guidance, follow along with my video in which I lead you thru these powerful steps, developed by Suze Casey, the founder & author of Belief Re-patterning, who I am blessed to be trained by in this powerful amazing technique.

Voila my website ~
"perfect in it's imperfections".
I realize it will always be 'in process'!
Gratitude to my amazing webmaster & friend Michele Marik, Ready?Aim.Succeed!
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Re-pattern 'perfectionism' to 'in process' (video)
I forgive myself for believing...
~ that I need to stay in this state of perfectionism, of needing to be 'perfect'. It doesn't serve me. It keeps me stuck. I don't like it.
I am so grateful for that perfectionism because it is allowing me to move toward allowing myself to be 'in process'.
I give myself permission to let go of perfectionism & move toward 'in process' I can choose to focus on being perfect... OR I can choose to allow myself to be 'in process'. I can't do both....So I chose to expand in allowing myself to be ' in process'.
I am free to allow myself to be 'in process' today when I input the names and email addresses of new connections to my contact list (replace with your own).
I know what it feels like to allow myself to be 'in process', it happened when I decided to become a Belief Re-patterning Practitioner on July 8, 2017. (Replace with your own).
I am in process & I love it! ( I am allowing in process & I love it!)
BEing 'in process' allows me to be who I really am.
Did this BElief Re-patterning serve you?
Absolutely it was just what I needed (were you reading my mind?)!
I'm not sure, yet... (processing, integrating).
Reflections & What Others Have to Say:
"Over two days I had two Belief Re-patterning sessions with Vireo. They were both really powerful. I can FEEL the impact through my being, emotional, physical, spiritual, immediately.    I feel aligned, grounded, expanded, and heartful rather than stressed, doubtful, and lost. What beauty! 

Vireo exudes a lightness, healing, and compassionate vibration but still holds my highest intention, and Soul Self making it easy to forgive myself, and give myself permission to change what is no longer working for me anymore. She creates a safe and easy space for Belief Re-patterning to work right in the moment. Yay!"

Thank you, Vireo!!!
Annaliese Koltermann
Life Coach & Cranial Sacral Therapist
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