June 18
 Violent Revival

And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.
Matthew 11:12

Your salvation was won by the violence of the Cross. Jesus came, lived a perfect life and died a violent death. He was bruised; He was crushed; He was punctured; He was whipped; He was ridiculed; He was spat upon; He was scorned; He was abused; His hands and feet were pierced; He was subjected to the most violent death of His day—crucifixion. He has done His part.

Your salvation depends on your waging violent warfare against sin. It is time to do your part. Friend, if you are sick of sin and how it has laid waste to your life, then you must wage war. War is public. The violent man goes to war with his sins. He doesn’t make excuses for them, he annihilates them. He slays them with the sword; burns them without mercy. They are the enemy. He will not settle for compromise or negotiate a treaty. No dealing with the devil. The violent man submits to God, resists the devil and the devil flees.

The salvation of your family and friends depends on your waging violent warfare on their behalf. Call it storming the gates of hell! You must be in a violent fight for the souls of lost loved ones. Be in violent intercessory prayer. Get violent against the strongholds of the enemy when it comes to taking your friends and your nation back for God! And remember, stay alert. Warfare is characterized by activity. Never look for peace while you proclaim war.

Deuteronomy 23; Psalms 112-113
Isaiah 50; Revelation 20

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