January 2024

California Vine Lines is a bimonthly publication of the California Association of Winegrape Growers (CAWG) to offer policymakers a snapshot of what is occurring in the grape-growing and wine industry.  

Unified Wine and Grape Symposium

The Unified Wine & Grape Symposium has become the largest wine and grape conference in the nation. The Unified Symposium provides outstanding, current, and breaking wine industry news. Offering a vital platform to focus on the issues shaping today, the Unified Symposium interfaces the topics and trends shaping the future of grapegrowing and winemaking. Contact Jenny at CAWG if you'd like a free pass to the show.  

January 23-25 | SAFE Credit Union Convention Center, Sacramento. 

Invasive Fruit Flies

The California Department of Food and Agriculture is currently dealing with a series of invasive fruit fly infestations in northern and southern California, including the first-ever quarantines in the Western Hemisphere for two flies — the Queensland Fruit Fly and the Tau Fruit Fly. This creates a significant threat to winegrapes and other produce grown in California.  

Need for Wine & Grape Research

Recent efforts from the wine industry and others have resulted in public funding dedicated to wildfire smoke exposure research. Scientists and others have repeatedly said millions more in funding dollars are needed to support this vital research. The stakes are high. The 2020 wildfires alone cost the wine industry about $3.7 billion in losses.

2024 California Green Medal Award

Since the California Green Medal Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership Awards launched in 2015, the program has featured an impressive judging panel of wine and sustainability experts with 2024 being no different. Winners will be announced in April 2024, receive a California Green Medal at an awards recognition event, and be recognized in widely distributed communications. Learn more at greenmedal.org.

Challenges in Play for 2024

What does 2024 have in store for the world of wine? Over the years, we have encountered countless changes and causes. Looking at trends has been a part of the January wine scene for the longest time, and there have been many. That brings us to 2024 and the imminent end of wine if you believe all the noise on the internet.

Pierce’s Disease Devastates Vines

Since the late 19th century, Pierce’s disease has been a source of heartbreak and great expense for viticulturists in coastal and riparian zones across the United States. The affliction is a grapevine-killer, delivered by insects from the sharpshooter family. In California alone, Pierce’s disease costs the wine industry more than $100 million annually. It’s also hit vineyards spanning from Florida to South Carolina and all along the Gulf Coast.

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